Posted by: granny1947 | April 5, 2012

Granny and the Eagles

Hello All.

So I went to the Eagles concert last night.
It was held in the Greenpoint Stadium.
A stadium that was built for the Soccer World Cup.
Quite quickly.
With quite a bit of controversy.

Look at the above photo.
Squint if you have to.
I used my little camera.
And I used the zoom.
Really….I used the zoom.
The figure on the left is on the Tv screen.
I don’t have zoom.
I could barely see the guys.

We were on the fourth level.
Thank heavens I did not pay for the tickets.
They were REALLY expensive.
And I discovered just how much I can multitask.
I can think four thoughts all at the same time.

I was thinking….
Where the hell are they?(the Eagles)
How well did they build this stadium?
Who opened the frigging windows?(there was a hellish south easter blowing)
What am I doing here?
Gee…they are old.
Gosh…they can still play a mean guitar.
Damn…I am hungry?
I wonder how clean the toilets are?
That is more than four thoughts.
My brain was in overdrive.

It was my first visit to the stadium.
Even if I was not leaving Cape Town, it would be my last.
Parking is almost impossible.
We had to walk miles.
I tried to cheer myself up by saying it was replacing the beach walk I had missed.
It didn’t work.
We had to queue to be searched.
The woman who searched in my bag didn’t have a torch.
She wouldn’t have found a thing.
If I had known it was going to be so cold I would have smuggled in a hipflask.
On second thoughts that would have been a very bad idea.
Take a tumble from that height and you are going to do yourself some serious damage.

We had to queue to get into the actual stadium.
I reckon there were at least 40000 people there.
You had to queue for food.
So I didn’t.
There weren’t very long lines at the bar.
I am not surprised.
R20 for a small glass of cheap wine.

So, I can cross a visit to the stadium off my wish list.
Not that it was actually there.
If anyone ever invites me to another rock concert I shall decline.
And buy the DVD.
I might make an exception if the Beatles had to appear.
But, as some of them are dead, that would be a bit creepy.

Just to keep things more or less normal.
A beach picture.
Gee…what a surprise.

Eleven more working days here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I remember the Eagles, a long time ago.

    Soccer, soccer !! it’s football granny πŸ™‚

    Lovely beach.

  2. Love the beach pic Granny – I never get tired of them. Each one is unique in its own way.

    I’d have loved to see the Eagles! I had 2nd row seats to a Rolling Stones concert several years ago – I could see every line on Mick’s and Keith’s faces (and that’s a LOT of lines!! LOL). I might have lost some hearing that night but it was damn well worth it!! πŸ˜€

  3. Mixed blessings that night, eh, Gran? I loved this post and will NEVER get enough of your humour! Do you have a job yet – in PE? The time has flown by since you first mentioned relocating! I pray it will all work out for the best.

  4. Wow Granny you do get around. I was driving out of the city at 6.45 pm last night and the wind was pushing the car all over the place. Did you enjoy the concert though?

  5. oh dear, we are going on Sunday (at the stadium up here)

  6. I think a few of those soccer…sorry…football stadia have been controversial.
    The Moses Thingamabob stadium in Durbs is also a bit of a white elephant.

    Hopefully the music was audible and you still enjoyed the concert.
    Have a happy long weekend!
    (aka Twolips)

  7. I used to like the Eagles. Shame the concert was disappointing on so many levels.
    Lovelly beach photo as always – I’m going to miss them.

  8. Oh no that sounds like a wasted night. Sounds like the time my son went to see Bruce Springsteen and didn’t invite me. Later he said be glad, very very glad. He knows that I am deathly afraid of heights. The stadium seats go almost straight up with several hanging sections for lack of a better way to describe it. He said they were practically on the roof.

  9. I once went to a Bob Dylan concert in Toronto and had the same experience as you. I figure it’s nuts to pay a small fortune, become a herd animal and not be able to even see the reason for going.

    The Eagles still turn out a fine tune, I suspect, but I’m happy watching them on You Tube.

    Guess that’s what we get for getting older, Granny – Sensible! And let youth think we don’t have fun anymore. Hah! πŸ˜€

  10. I wonder how clean the toilets are? LOL you forgot one!
    I would have been obsessing how long the queue was for the toilets and I wished I’d have bought the shewee I’d seen advertised because I aint gonna make it through the rest of the concert because I’ve got to go NOW. and OMG there is gonna be such a big puddle, no if we are on a slope 4 stories oh no! If I leave my seat to “Go” will I find my way back to the seats?

    No, concerts of this size are not for me either! Loved your photos. Binoculars would have been good πŸ™‚

  11. cannot believe how quickly time is flying! I gave you an award πŸ™‚

  12. Have to agree with you, Granny, concerts in such huge venues makes for less visuals than the DVD. I went to see Celine Dion when she was in SA once, and although she is one of my favorite artists, I didn’t see much. Then again, I guess I can say that I was there (even though I was not impressed with her live concert; I suppose I expected more). Still, I was there πŸ˜‰

    Wow! 11 working days… I can’t believe we’re in April already! Can someone PLEASE just stop blinking or next thing it will be Christmas 2012! πŸ˜€

  13. The Eagles! I’m so jealous!

    • Don’t be Maire…I really couldn’t see them!

  14. I’ve been to many many rock concerts over the years, and I’m not inclined to see any more. Too much time, effort, and $’s without nearly enough return on the investment.

    Glad you lived to tell the tale.

    • I agree NR….think that was my last one too.

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  16. The last rock concert that I went to was at least ten years ago. Like you… I’d rather just buy the DVD. πŸ˜‰
    The beach photo is beautiful!

    • Thank you Third….I only have a few thousand photos of the same beach!!!!

  17. Yeah, what a shame that is Granny! I never go to big concerts like this and would either watch them in the privacy of my own home with my own wine without lots of people around. I love the Eagle’s music. Quite a great band in their time. πŸ™‚

    Oh, such a great pic of the beach again! Love that! Thanks Granny!
    *big hugs to you and Jasmine*

    • Thanks Sonel…am actually going to get the CD from a friend….I had forgotten how good they were.

  18. I laughed at this because I never go to The Isle Of Wight Festival (which is held about a mile away from where we live, each June) I watch it on T.V., from the comfort of my sofa. I save myself a wodge of cash, see the artists close up, can fix a snack whenever I’m hungry and use my own clean bathroom. And if it’s boring, I can switch off. Am I sensible – or just getting old! πŸ™‚

    • You are definitely sensible Wight….I had to go to know what I don’t want to do next time!!!

  19. I LOVE The Eagles! Rock on, Granny!

    • Hi Hook…their music was great….still don’t know what they look like!

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