Posted by: granny1947 | April 3, 2012

Granny has a giggle

Hello All.

Yes, I think it is time for a change in scenery.
Even I am getting bored with the same shots every day.

The giggle?
First a bit of background.
Bear with me here.
ML has a son who owns a local snake park.
They feed live chickens to some of the snakes.
Yeah I know…not a nice thought.
If a chicken survives the night without getting eaten it is reprieved.
ML is now the proud owner of three such chickens.
Who can’t believe their luck.

On Sunday, while ML’s partner was in the bath,Β  she got an egg out of the fridge.
And put it in the garden.
When Dave came out of the bathroom she said one of the chickens had been making a terrible noise.
That he should go and check it out.
He came back very excited.
Egg shell in hand(it had rolled and broken)
Their FIRST egg.
And so soon.
Phoned her son to tell him.
Her son was surprised.
The chickens are still very young.

ML and I were having coffee when Dave and her son S got home.
Dave,very excitedly, told me about their first egg.
I can’t keep a straight face.
Fortunately he told me the chicken had made such a noise.
Being it’s first egg it was probably alarmed.
I was able to burst out laughing and say the same thing had happened to me when I laid my first kid.
ML and her son were able to keep completely straight faces.
They must be excellent poker players.

Eventually S asked David if he had looked at the egg properly.
Did it have a Woolworth’s stamp on it?
It took a moment.
And the penny dropped.
And ML shouted April Fool.
He wasn’t very happy.
Though he pretended he was.
He is already plotting his revenge for next year.

I have started the deleting process.
Very liberating.
Should have done this years ago.
I also have a few thousand photos on my work computer.
But I will probably delete them all.
Most of them are the home pc as well.
Maybe I will put them on my memory stick and put them onto a cd at home.
Just in case the home pc packs up.
I should do that anyway.
I have photos on various computers all over the place.
You might have noticed.
I am not organised.

Now it is time to hit the road.
Go and queue for petrol.
Our gas is going up a whacking 68c a litre tomorrow.
Then pick up grandson.
Then go to beach.
Then cook supper.
Damn…think I will just go straight home and get into bed.



  1. Thanks for the reminder I must go and fill up later

  2. Smart April Fool’s joke, that one!
    I filled up petrol as much as I could afford yesterday.
    We’ll have to grin and bear (or bare) it once again.

  3. This is really excellent, wish I had thought of it!!

  4. K, lost your e mail address in my frequent moves, please e mail me at

  5. Good April fool joke!
    I don’t envy you all the deleting of files etc and saving of photos – it’s something I know I should be doing too but keep putting off.

  6. That was a good April Fool’s joke, granny. I’m surprised it went on for so long. πŸ˜‰ Petrol price hike is shocking, but so are the food prices. ;( Hugs xx

  7. Oh, I love the egg story … Happy easter by the way, granny47 … So enjoy your blog posts … They have kept me sane many a time. Love, cat.

  8. lol! loved the egg story too!

  9. LOL Granny! You and ML are so naughty! Imagine laying your own kid as well too! hehehehehe! I am sure the revenge is going to be sweet! Muwhahahaha!

    Talking about photo’s. I must backup mine again. My hard drive is getting full. LOL!

    Have a great evening and a good rest hon!
    Lovely photo once again. So peaceful. I want to go and lie down on the beach and just chill! πŸ™‚
    *big hugs and smooches to you and Jasmine*

  10. I’ll never tire of those photos!
    That was a great trick with the egg!

  11. Love your April fool gag… brilliant πŸ™‚

  12. LOL Great April Fool gag! I’ll bet next year ML will be looking over her shoulder every second, just waiting for the retaliatory joke! πŸ˜‰

  13. Granny, I used to mess around with memory sticks and cds, but then invested in an External Hard Drive. Best move I could have made. There’s so much memory that it holds all my photos, my computer back-up and a myriad of movies I watch and then delete.

    Just in case you might like one great place for storage.

    Have cds improved or does quality still diminish with age? The one thing I have to do regularly is delete all the dumb photos…no need for 16 shots of one lion in the exact same position.

    • I took your advice and ordered one this morning…should be here on Tuesday…then I am just going to copy all my private stuff from work onto it.

  14. Back up all your favourite stuff on external hd as souldipper suggests. all these sticks and cd and dvd are getting a bit much now πŸ™‚

  15. Loved the April Fool’s joke! I’m so glad the chickens get reprieved. Maybe to be roasted one fine day…? But, at least, not eaten alive, lol!

    • Hi Adee…oh no…these will never be cooked…they will die of old age…or eaten by a baboon!

  16. I’ve solved my photo storage issues.

    All my photos are stored on the computer.
    Eventually, the computer crashes.
    All the photos are lost.
    Gone into the cyber wasteland.

    At that point, I start over from scratch.
    And that’s not chicken scratch.

    No fooling!

    • I can’t bear the thought of losing some of them…I ordered an external hard drive this morning.

  17. Eggsellent fun! πŸ™‚

  18. They say petrol is going up again next month too 😦
    Great April Fool’s post πŸ˜‰

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