Posted by: granny1947 | April 2, 2012

Granny has a hair raising moment

Hello All.

I should be purging and deleting.
However, I would rather sit and chat to all of you.

Oh yes….first the title.
About a week ago I found a big clump of hair in the shower.
This weekend I found another.
I knew it didn’t belong to Mex.
His hair is silver.
So I studied myself in the mirror.
Couldn’t see anything amiss.
All my hair appeared to be accounted for.
Then I had another look.
It was lighter than mine.
Grandson is shedding.
Told him he was probably going bald.
I can be evil.

Got my new sunglasses from ML yesterday.
My Tom Ford glasses.
I am now so classy.
Right now I don’t know where they are.
They aren’t in my bag.
Could I have lost them already?
Mental note…look for them as soon as I get home.

Supper went well on Saturday night.
The stew was good.
The company better.
I felt a bit sad after they had left.
I will only be seeing them once more before I leave.(also I had to do the dishes)
We go to them for a farewell supper on the 20th.
Then I remembered.
A whole load of friends are coming with me.
You lot.
You will be sharing all my new adventures.
Or my trials and tribulations.
Nah…..we will stick to adventures.

On a more sombre note there was another accident outside our house on Saturday night.
I didn’t hear the crash but was woken up by the sound of the motor running on a huge fire engine.
Apparently, it was a young policeman.
He had just dropped his wife off at hospital.
She was in labour.
And he didn’t make it.
The road just there is straight.
When are people going to realise that speed kills.
So sad.

The last photo didn’t go where I wanted.
But it doesn’t matter.

What else did I do this weekend.
I cleaned toilets.
But you don’t want to know about that.
I sorted out a couple of old photo albums.
I find I just cannot throw away photos.
Of places, yes.
Of people,no.
Even if they are old and faded.
It is almost as if one is throwing away a bit of that person.
Does anyone else feel that way?
Or am I going senile?

I got in contact with an old school friend via facebook over the weekend.
It turns out she has been following my blog for two years.
And she didn’t know it was me.
Internet has sure made the world a much smaller place.

And now it is time to go home.

Will try to visit some of you tonight.


  1. I scanned in all of my old faded photos and had great fun trying to revive them on picassa

    • Hi Roly….have Picassa on my memory stick right now….so ok….the photos come with me!!!

  2. OMG what a heart-wrenching story about that poor policeman and his poor wife. I don’t even know what to say; it’s beyond words.

    Yes, we’re all coming along with you on your move! That’s one of the great things about internet buddies – they’re always with you – no matter where you go, you’re never alone! 😀

    • Hi RD…you have no idea what a comfort that is to me….you guys will keep me occupied.

  3. I can never throw away photos of people.

    • I am glad I am not the only one inzwakazi….thought I was nuts!

  4. That was very sad about the young man, I keep thinking of the child who will never know him

    You can’t get rid of us, we are like toffee, sticky, but you like us.

    • I know Sidey….felt quite sick about it when I heard.

  5. Whahahahha Granny! Bet he wasn’t thrilled to hear that! hee hee
    Oh, you are so naughty! LOL!
    Are you Mrs Ford now? Classy indeed! hehehehe
    Yeah, I know what you mean about old photo’s. I have stacks of them as well. You can throw away my clothes but not my photo’s. 🙂
    Thanks for the update hon and the lovely photo’s as usual.
    *big hugs and smooches* to you and Jasmine. xxx

    • Hi Sonel…think he will be standing staring into the mirror for hours!!!

      • Whahahahahha! Oh, I can just see him..worrying…LOL!
        You are so naughty! hehehehe

  6. I’ve just been going though old photos at my late parents’ house. I was looking for the ones of when I was a kid in Harare and the ones I took when I was in Cape Town. Don’t know where I put the CT ones but of all the others not one went in the bin. I’m going to scan them all, like Roly.did.

    • A scanner is on my to buy list Mara….think that is a brilliant idea.

  7. Your poor grandson. Maybe you’re just stressing him out. Great photos. I’ll miss them, but I’m sure we’ll get pics from your new habitat. So sad about that policeman. ;( Amazing about your old school friend. I saw my hometown in England pop up on my globe a few times, and wondered if it was someone I knew. Take care. Hugs xx

    • Of course I am stressing him out AD….revenge is sweet.

  8. Hello from the old school friend! Told you I follow your blog! I am so worried about your beach walking when you get to PE – where will you ever find the tranquillity and beauty you have now? Will Jasmine cope? Look forward to having a reunion soon!

    • Hi Dawn…so great to have you here. Do you often come down to PE?
      It doesn’t matter…I will be going up to EL quite often to visit Wendy….we will make a plan!!!

  9. Amusing about the heir (maybe) ‘s hair! The bald truth …
    And about the school friend.
    So sad about that accident. How on earth and when did they break it to her? If there is any chance she might have a propensity towards post-natal depression anyway … hoo, boy.

    • I know Col….dreadful.

  10. Oh that is the saddest thing about the poor woman in labor. I can just imagine her their waiting and waiting counting the seconds until her husband came back to be by her side. And too find that out in the middle of labor. I can’t imagine. My prayers go out to her.

    Yeah I hate to throw photos of people out also.

    Maybe someone washed Jasmine and didn’t tell you 🙂

    • Hi Linda…yes there can’t be a worse time to lose your husband.

  11. Dont know how I got on to you but sure am glad about it.
    Let me in on your news.
    Lots and lots of luv from me.Dee

    • Dee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I am so glad you did stumble across me….would love to know how.
      Now you can see what I have been up to for the last two years. 🙂
      Love you lots

  12. That is sooo funny – your friend didn’t know this was you! See how well we can hide while we blatantly put our lives out here?

    I can’t throw away people photos either, Granny. Nor letters – now. I cart around the love letters from my first husband for goodness sake – they’re 40 years old?! I have some from my mom that I adore…but the bulk of hers are gone from my many moves. Who knew I’d move heaven and earth to see my mom’s handwriting?! I’d move the universe for a video or even an audio of her voice! None exist. Isn’t that amazing with us running around recording everything?

    • I agree Souldipper…have letters going back to the ark.

      Yes, I was amazed as I didn’t even know she had been following me.

      Now today an old friend has found me too!!!!

  13. I had 80 photo albums before moving here.

    I condensed them into 20, by getting rid of duplicate and blurred shots, as well as shots of people whose names I no longer recalled.

    I could NOT toss photos of people into the trash.

    So I shredded them.
    One my one.

    Sad about the policeman.
    Funny your grandson and his premature baldness.

    Life is a Mixed Bag, isn’t it?

  14. How dreadfully sad for the policeman, his wife and brand new baby. His life story will forever be, “your daddy died on your birthday” :*( Didn’t really grow up with pictures but I’m trying to do it different now. Sadly I’ve done most things alone, so I have more pictures of things than I do people. Let’s not cry – on to more positive things: Hope you find those new spiffy shades!

    • Hi Yada….really a case of speed and alcohol kills…when will people learn?
      I found the shades though I haven’t worn them yet!

      • People keep telling me to let my hair down and get drunk for once. For what?!! (Don’t they hear how ridiculous they sound…) It is one of those things that ‘sorry’ just doesn’t solve 😦

      • I so agree with you Yada!!!

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