Posted by: granny1947 | March 27, 2012

Granny goes “Oh damn”

Hello All.

A rather strange photo.
The sky was a peculiar colour.
I think there is a cold front on the way.
The dark line in the water is a solid mass of birds.
I have no idea what they were up to.

So, after work yesterday, I went off to pick up my grandson from his waitron job.
Why are they called waitrons?
What happened to waiters?
But I digress.
He was delayed so I opted to browse through a nearby bookshop.
Such hardship!!!
And then my phone rang.
The physio.
I had completely forgotten I had an appointment.

Fortunately she was two minutes away so I rushed over there.
Sweating and smelly.
Such a sweet young girl.
Well, she was until she started the treatment.
And then I didn’t like her quite so much.
I went in with NO pain.
But she found a whole lot for me.
She said I must carry on with my exercises.
I said “of course”
If I can remember what the hell they were.
Think I will just stick to lots of beach walking.

Why is life such a darn rush?
I feel so guilty.
I have not visited anyone’s posts.
I haven’t answered my comments.
I got home tonight.
Took Jasmine to the beach.
Came back and had two games of Rummikub with Mex.
I have to humour him.
I lost 50c.
Then I made supper.
Spoke to a friend.
Had a long chat to my Mom.
Just now I have to go and fetch Grandson again.
I made Mex an omelette.
So I will have to make another one when we get back.
How the hell do you spell omelette in America?
Wordpress doesn’t like my spelling.
Made me doubt myself.
But I am right.(I Googled it)
Grandson can do the dishes.
Teenagers have to have SOME use!
I have to pick him up at ten.
By the time we have got back and I have seen to his food, it is going to be WAY past my bedtime.
Maybe I should just buy him a hamburger.
Now there is a thought.
He will be happier with a hamburger.
We had crumbed liver for supper last night.
He was underwhelmed.
But he ate it.
Think he saw the look on my face.

My good friends are coming for supper on Saturday night.
My lounge suite is going tomorrow.
We have boxes stacked up all over the place.
And the fancy new cat box on the dining room table.
Thank heavens they ARE good friends.
I have been feeding the cat in the box.
To get him used to it.
And to prevent Jasmine from trying to get into the thing.

And now let me get going.
Gran’s taxi.


  1. There must be something in the air – I’ve been hurried and I’m just catching up on reading my posts, too. I love the way you write – it’s so easy to read and the things you talk about are universal πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Wightrabbit….I can really only talk about what goes on in my life. Well, I could talk politics but I don’t have the oomph at the moment.

  2. Waitron is an uniquely South African word I think! A unisex word to cover waiter and waitress!

    • Hi Pseu…how interesting….didn’t know it was unique to SA….who would have thought.

  3. Don’t worry hon. You’ll catch up and even if you don’t, it’s okay. We still love you..hehehehe
    *big hugs* to you and Jasmine. Have fun! πŸ™‚

    • Good Morning Sonel…well, at least I am catching up with the comments…at half past four in the morning!

  4. Sit down, breathe and relax!

    • Hi Piglet…think I will only be able to relax when we are settled in our new home….so much to do before then….besides work. On the upside there are so many holidays in April…I will have plenty of time to get myself sorted out…I hope.

  5. Yeah, physio is no fun! Been there, done that….hope to never see it again.

    I haven’t heard the term “waitron” here yet; I guess it has to make its way across the seas. πŸ™‚

    • Hi RD….I thought we usually got our stuff from you guys….like McDonald’s….actually you could have kept them there!

  6. I have never heard “waitron” before either. Very strange sounding. No worries just do what you need to do. Take it easy.

    • Come to think of it Linda it is not surprising it is a SA word….with our rotten education system it is probably easier than remembering two words.

  7. Granny, I don’t know how you do it all! I’m going to just keep sending you all sorts of good energy – in thought and word. I’m too far away to jump into the car with Tom and you! That may be a good thing. We may end up in China!

    • Hmmmmmmm Souldipper…China….have never fancied a visit there.
      Too crowded.
      Think you should plan another South African visit…we would have such fun.
      Yes…please keep that energy coming.

  8. How is grandson going to get around once you move?
    Who is going to feed him?
    Whose dishes will he be washing?

    Omelette or omelet. Your choice. WP doesn’t know everything. πŸ˜€

    • My one big stress at the moment NR.
      He is thinking of moving in with some friends.
      I am going to be so worried about him…sigh

      • Maybe he will RISE to meet the challenge. πŸ˜€

  9. Sounds like the packing is coming on. Its a horrid job, but if you label every box for later reference unpacking is so much easier.

    Brilliant idea about the cat box.

    I love that pic

    • For some reason Mex refuses to label the boxes….it is going to be a lucky dip on the other side!

      • I do hope he is ready for all your comments. Do ask him how he will know if all boxes are delivered?
        in your sweetest voice of course

  10. I’ve never heard the word ‘waitron’ before. I wonder how long it will be before I hear it over here.

    Hope you don’t wear yourself out with all your rushing about.

  11. I never heard of a waitron. In the USA we call them wait staff. Or waitress or waiter.

  12. Thank goodness!! I thought I was the only one lagging behind. I really missed you though.

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