Posted by: granny1947 | March 17, 2012

Granny has a grrrrrrrrrrrr Saturday

Hello All.

I have mentioned before that I don’t like teenagers.
Today more than ever.
Today was supposed to be Grandson’s first day at work as a waiter at the Spur.
He was due to go on duty at twelve.
At ten o’clock I went to his room.
He was on the frigging laptop.
I told him to start getting ready.
To shower etc.
Should one have to tell an eighteen year old to get ready on his first day of work?
I don’t think so.

At twenty to twelve he was still in the bathroom.
Now….I don’t own a helicopter.
You would think he was aware of that fact.
Apparently not.
It is only about seven kms away but there are traffic lights.
And traffic.
And I was not amused.

In the end his manager was not at work.
So they told him to come back tomorrow.
Which annoyed me too.
That is just so slack.
I did not know about this because I went through to ML to pick up my old computer.
But,thanks to cellphones, he asked if I would fetch him from my other grandson’s place.

I got to Simonstown only to discover that it was Navy day.
Whatever that means.
But the whole of Cape Town seemed to be there.
I sat in back to back traffic for 25 minutes just to get through the village.
A journey that usually takes five minutes.
It is not a big place.

Yes there is more.
My granddaughter spent last night at a friend.
It was on my way from Simonstown.
Well, a couple of kilometres detour.
The arrangement was I would pick her up after I had loaded the computer.
I phoned her to tell her what time.
Her phone went onto voicemail.
Why have a damn mobile if you are not going to answer the damn thing?
Luckily for her I was still there when she phoned me.
Or she could have phoned he Dad to fetch her.
On the upside she is making us supper.
Stir fry…..and it smells good.

Oh yes….before all this happened Jasmine suddenly got under my desk.
And sat on all the plugs.
Disconnecting my internet.
The school, along the road,had a sports day.
And Jasmine freaked out.
I tried giving her Rescue Remedy.
It didn’t work.
So I took her for a long walk on the beach.
But,eventually, we had to come home.
Where it all started again.
By the way….Rescue Remedy didn’t appear to do a damn thing.
And Tom is still ignoring his fancy new box.

To crown it all, when I got home, Mex had made a countdown calender.
A not too subtle hint to get my butt into gear.
And to start packing.
I hate packing.

I do hope your weekend it going better.

Think I should just go to bed.



  1. My daughter does the same thing. Leaves the house with only a few minutes to spare or so it seems to me. I hate that.

    Bed is always the answer.

  2. I can feel your irritation! Why is it that young people nowadays don’t have the same respect for things as we do (or would have done at their age)? It makes me so cross. It’s a though the world owes them a living.

    • Absolutely Elaine…my granddaughter was talking last night.
      Said she does not see why she should have to pay her father board once she starts working!!!
      What has gone wrong with the kids of today???

  3. Now you have just made appreciate our dog Sophie’s ear operation and aftermath even better – people can be a pain in the …..

    • Hi Newsy….am not sure teenagers can be classified as people!

  4. Oh Granny, that didn’t sound like a fun day at all. I hate packing too. I do hope you and Jasmine are feeling much better by now. *big hugs to you both* xxx

    • Morning Sonel…gorgeous day here today and much quieter.

  5. What a day you had.
    Mine was much quieter.

    • Lucky you Twolips…I am jealous.

  6. Teenagers! Still they keep you on your toes 🙂

    • My toes are getting bunions Piglet!!!

  7. teenagers are the blinking limit I agree Granny! grrrrr indeed. Hope your Sunday is going better…..

    • hi Saint…it went MUCH better.
      How is your hubby doing?
      More to the point…how are YOU coping?

      • well it’s ll been a total nightmare Granny. Mike doing better but I had to have an emergency hysterectomy that was HUGE (85 STITCHES)

        Neithr of us is coping very well and we are apart.


      • I am SO sorry Colleen.
        Wow 85 stitches!
        Did they cut your from under your chin?????
        Who is helping Mike?
        If you need someone to talk to e-mail me.
        I will phone you back.

      • lol re from under my chin! hahhahaaaaa!!! his sister is helping him. they cut from about an inch above my belly button down to my groin! nagmerrie. thanks for the offer, I will email you cos it would be good to chat to you finally 🙂

  8. Granny Saturdays have NEVER been my favorite day of the week. I am always happy when they are over and Sunday is here! I am sorry you had a bad one. I do not have kids so no grandkids but my nieces and nephews, I am totally befuddled by them. Take care. I hope Tom gets his fuzzy butt in the carrier when the time comes.

    • Hi Sweet….so far he is resisting every trick I try!

  9. there comes a time in one’s life when teeanagers should be seen and not heard, maybe not seen either…I admire you for the guts to take on two teenagers… not something that I could do

    • Hi Patrecia…there is a season for everything… season for teenagers is SO over!

    • It wasn’t by choice P.

  10. I’ve always liked the t-shirt that says “Mothers of teenagers know why animals eat their young.”
    Thus I have reserved the right to eat Spook, with fava beans and a nice chianti, should she be a stereotypical demon teenager.
    Miss ya, woman!

    • Miss you too girl!
      I would eat them too if the hospital hadn’t weighed me….TWICE!!!

  11. Breathe . . . relax . . . {{PACK, PACK, PACK}} . . . repeat.

    Subliminal message brought to you by “Teens~R~Us . . . you give, we take.”

    • You made me smile NR…thank you!

  12. as i was saying earlier last week, earn or learn, the world doesn’t offer everythimg for free

    • Not according to the teenagers Sidey…gimmee,gimee,gimmee!

  13. Teenagers can be so very trying Granny, you deserve a medal for all you do for your lot.

  14. Isn’t it always the way that bad days turn even more rotten? I hate that. When those negative things start up, I always feel I should just cut my losses and head back to bed for the day. Of course, I never do, and things just continue to spiral downward from there. ::sigh:: I sympathize, Granny.

    • Thanks RD… is just lousy at the moment.

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