Posted by: granny1947 | March 16, 2012

Granny’s Friday feelings

Hello All.

I have a desk covered in work.
But,damnit, I feel like talking to you lot.

The rain threatening in the above photo has become reality.
I don’t think a walk is on the cards after work.
BUT…this is Cape Town.
The sun may be shining when I get home in an hour.

So I got home and put out the catbox.
Sprayed catnip into it.
And called Tom.
He strolled over.
Gave it a once over and then looked at me.
The look said it all.
“You want me to do what?”
Jasmine,on the other hand, tried to get her head into the box.
Shame…she can’t help it.
She was brought up with cats.
The lady at the vet shop said 95% of cats love catnip.
Go figure….my cat has to be in the five percent.

I am not going to help ML tomorrow.
She isn’t ready for me.
So…..I will be visiting all your posts.
I have really missed you all.

This time next week I will be getting ready to head for the Spa.
I can’t wait.

I have just phoned home to see what Mex wants for supper.
Hoping he had cooked.
No such luck.
But he suggested hotdogs.
Nice and easy.
And so nutritious…NOT!

I have just put my double bed up for sale.
I got it from my Stepmom.
She and my Dad bought it in Knysna and it is made from Blackwood.
It is very beautiful.
However, it is a double bed.
We are used to a King size bed.
Apparently Mex does not like sleeping that close to me.
I must admit I prefer the big bed too.
I can leave my book, and a whole lot more, inbetween us and he is not even aware of it.

The one thing I DO like about the double bed is that it is off the floor.
So easy to vacuum.
Mex says he is scared of falling out of it.
I told him he would only do it once.
He said he might hit his head and kill himself.
I said he would STILL only do it once.

And on that note I shall leave you.
Time to head for the shops.
And then home.
It is weekend.
What a lovely thought.




  1. I had a cat that didn’t like cat nip either. She didn’t like cat toys or cat food from a can. She was so fussy.

  2. Spray the bed with catnip it might save Mex from falling off πŸ™‚

  3. lol.
    I’m beginning to appreciate that my dogs actually like travelling by car. I just have to open the boot of my Focus, tap on the bottom and up they jump, ready for another trip to the beach or anywhere else. Well, 3 of them do, anyway. The biggest and youngest needs a bit more encouragement.
    I’m sure on the day, Tom will surprise you.

  4. Haha That’s great logic you had about Mex only falling off the bed once! πŸ˜€ Can’t beat Granny logic!

    Should be interesting trying to get Tom into that cat box. Maybe you’ll have to throw a whole fish in there as a lure….or a really pretty girl cat…. πŸ˜‰

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Have a good weekend gran.

  6. Pity to shed that bed – it must truly be a thing of beauty.

    How often does one fall off a mattress on the floor? So why should one fall off a bed one and a half metres high? Or twenty metres, for that matter. Even with a bed full of pushy cats, I have always managed to teeter on the edge.

    • I think I must put on a photo of the bed…it is really lovely.
      I have no idea why he thinks he might fall out of bed.
      It has never crossed my mind!

  7. My cat also didn’t like catnip!
    I’m still trying to decide whether I shall take my double or the spare single bed when I move to Joburg. The mattress on the double bed is newer and nicer.

  8. Cats can be so fickle can’t they! We had a cat once that didn’t come back from doing his business the morning we were all ready to leave – loaded the car and then took the other one to the cattery, came back. to find him on the doorstep carrying on like a pork chop. Wouldn’t have been so bad but it was snowing (Christmas time in England) he was rather damp and we’d left the carry basket at the cattery. Fell to me to cuddle (restrain) him on the way back down to road to drop him off (he’s all wet Mum) and get another admonshment about letting him out in the first place!
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

    • Thank you for the visit Cathy.
      Oh my word….I hope that is not going to happen to me!!!

  9. My cat wasn’t terribly enticed by the catnip that I put out either. The dog wanted it though.

    I want an entire room to be a bed. Now that would be nice. Been thinking about that since I was a child.

    Your comment to Mex is too funny.

    • Morning Linda…when we had the king size bed in the bedroom it WAS nearly wall to wall.
      I was always knocking my does when I had to squeeze past it!

  10. LOL Granny! I bet Mex didn’t like that comment at all..hee hee. Oh well, try giving him the catnip! hahahahah

    Tom seems too clever for his own good. hehehe. But all will be fine. Thanks for yet another entertaining post. You always make me smile. πŸ™‚

    *big hugs* to you, Jasmine and Tom. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Sonel…glad I made you smile!

  11. speaking of catnip, our new book *was* titled Catnipped, now it’s called CATNAPPED – how often does that come up in everyday conversation?

    • Catnap comes up in my conversation on a daily basis…always feel like one around one o’clock!

  12. Hehe of course he would only do it once

    • Hi Sidey….it didn’t go down too well!

      • he’d go down like a sack of potatoes, bump!

  13. I love your photos, Granny. That beach, oh sigh, that expansive beach…

    I love it when you talk to us too! To hear what you’re up to… I tried catnip with my cat once. He wasn’t moved at all. I sprayed it onto one of his toys, thinking he’d go nuts, but he just sniffed & wandered off. It’s weird because I saw a youtube video once and ALL the neighbourhood cats came by, & were loving it!

    Good luck with selling the bed …. I love getting a new bed though, it’s so “your space”, you know. Cheers, Granny πŸ™‚

    • Hi Words…judging by the comments, very few cats like the stuff!

  14. Good luck, Gran, in getting them both safely into the car… should be a piece of cake, lol!

    • Hmmmm….I detect a bit of sarcasm Adee!!!

  15. Tom is a very fussy cat, but aren’t they all? With a sheepskin blanket and catnip, no wonder Jasmine is taking such an interest. I’m with you on the king size bed. A double feels like a single when we visit our daughter. We don’t actually fall out of the bed, but we do fall out. πŸ˜‰ I do like my space. Hugs xx

    • I am in total agreement AD….I like my space too.

  16. Have a wonderful weekend, Granny! Falling out of bed is such a rude awakening.

    • Read my post NR…not a good start!!!

  17. I love your pragmatism!

    • Hi Tilly…why did I have to approve you again.

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