Posted by: granny1947 | March 15, 2012

Granny is too busy…damnit

Hello All.

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, my passage is booked.
I was going to do a nice long post today.
I was going to do a whole heap of stuff.
Then work got in my way.
Lots and lots of work.
Isn’t there a law preventing employers from expecting you to work for your money?
Oh wait…it is the politicians who get paid for doing very little.
Silly me.

I went out at lunchtime and bought a cat box.
A lovely one.
With a sheepskin blanket.
I also bought a spray can of catnip.
And rescue remedy drops.
This is all in preparation for our trip.
The lovely lady at the vet shop said I should spray the catnip in the box.
Then leave it lying around so Tom gets used to it.
Damn she is a good sales person.
I came out the shop R400 poorer.
And I am sure Tom is not going to fall for this.
Not for one minute.
Jasmine will probably chew the whole lot up.

The Rescue Remedy will be for me.

She also said I must not stress about the trip.
And he won’t come home the night before we leave.
My stress went up to a whole new level.
Mex wanted to know what I will do if Tom isn’t there when we are ready to leave.
Sometimes he asks dumb questions.
I will wait.
Of course.

Oh good grief.
I got interrupted  and now it is time to go home.
Maybe I will post again later.
Before all my hospital memories fade away.


  1. Rescue definitely calms them ……. and you 🙂 Give Mex some too

    • Hi Roly…Mex won’t have an animal in his car…he won’t have any stress!!!

  2. Oh yeah, definitely post about the hospital stories! Those are usually doozies! 😀

    It’s true that animals sense our anxiety and it does affect them, but I didn’t realize that cats will leave home and not return! Talk about a control freak! LOL 😉

    • Hi RD…Tom is a complete control freak….it is going to be such fun!!!

  3. Granny if that dang cat has one brain cell firing in his little kitteh brain he will be standing there waitin’ with his bags packed!

    • I can only hope Undertheoaks…I suspect he will try to go AWOL….just to annoy me.

  4. LOL Granny! Oh, you are such a treat! I am sure all will go well. Tom is going to enjoy the catnip for sure. 🙂
    Big hugs to you, Jasmine and Tom. 🙂

    • Tom ignored the catnip Sonel!!!!

  5. Hello, Granny. Catching up. Lots of hugs and love to you.

  6. if you are driving all the way with him in the car he probably needs a harness on him so you can attach it to a lead and let him out of the box now and then for a body-break.
    a collar is useless as any cat can get out of any collar in seconds.
    you will need a flattish cardboard or plastic box, and cat sand for the job.

    • What I NEED Sidey is a brain transplant!

  7. Granny you must take it easy. The best thing is to shut Tom into a bathroom with all the comforts – don’t forget a litter box …….. And put a notice on the door : DO NOT DISTURB ON PAIN OF DEaTH …..or something similar. Only remove him when ALL the furniture is GONE and do it carefully by transferring him to a Cat box which should be withh him in the bathroom. Prepare yourself. He will be singing (to put it politely) all the way. You need to line where the basket is going in the car with a blackbag and generous newspaper on top. You would be surprised the messes that happen !!!!!

    • Hi there Meryl.
      So good to see you here.
      I feel SO much better after all that advice…NOT!!!

  8. Rescue for all of you I think, Gran! Animals always pick up your tensions. Relax and so will they…

    • I know Adee…easier said than done!

  9. Men do ask the stupidest questions.

    • Hi Linda…and then they wonder why we simply ignore them!

  10. One of my cats traveled with me on business trips where I had to be away for months. He was a trooper and knew the alternative was to go and live with untrained humans.

    I don’t know Tom – but what about doing a few trial runs? Some cats want the “cave” and others go nuts in a box. My cats generally find their own cave so I plant cushions and blankets under or near objects so they have the freedom to cave themselves or not.

    I know…folks will say the cat will get under your feet by the brake pedal. I train mine that they are not to be on the floor on the driver’s side. They know and learn fast.

    Oh…I just remembered. Mex will be in the car. Tom will want to sit on him the whole way there! He’ll want a partner in misery! 😀

    • No Souldipper…Mex will be in his own car…both animals going with me.

  11. I hope Tom will cooperate with you when the time comes to leave. Looks like you have had lots of good advice for the trip.

    • Some of the advice scares the hell out me Optie.

  12. I hope the lot of you have a smooth move. We’ve moved with Tigger. BFF drives and Tigger sits on my lap . . . the whole way. 😀

    • Hi NR…I am going to be alone in the car!!!!

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