Posted by: granny1947 | March 8, 2012

Granny is back to abnormal

Hello All.

So…I am back home.
Just had to show you the lovely flowers my friend sent me.
Aren’t they gorgeous?

I am typing this on my laptop.
My PC just died on me this afternoon.
Just as I was starting my blog.
Mex is going to drop it off with my IT guy in the morning.
I think it is still under guarantee.
Maybe it is fed up with my posts.

I missed the hospital last night.
No-one brought me a menu.
No-one brought me a cup of, not very nice, tea at bedtime.
No-one took my bllodpressure and asked me how I was feeling.


As soon as I walked in Mex asked me what was for supper.
So I cooked.
But he washed up.
Think I got the better deal.
However, the first thing I did was to go for a walk.
I felt great today.
The doctor booked me off for the rest of the week.
For once, I am following doctor’s orders.

This could be a long post.
If you have a short attention span…leave now.

Something happened on Tuesday that really upset me.
I told you about the lady in the bed opposite me.
The one with the mental capacity of about a ten year old.
On Tuesday her doctor walked in.
I use the word DOCTOR very loosely
He stood at the end of her bed.
Didn’t even close the curtains.
Announced they had found a cyst on her ovaries.
Said she would have to see a gynae.
Her eyes went wide and she asked(in a quavery voice) if she had to have an operation.
His reply?
“Talk to the gynae”
And he walked out without even saying goodbye.

She asked me why he had been so rude.
Mex walked in and she lay quietly for half an hour and then it was too much.
She sobbed and sobbed.
Mex left.
I comforted her as best I could.
And then the nurses took over.
And I went off and reported him to the hospital client services.
Who were very nice.

The bastard needs to have his licence revoked.
With immediate effect.
I am not a doctor but even I know he could have shown some empathy.
Dr. Letier…..shame on you.

Ok…I have much more to talk about but I will spare you today.

More to follow tomorrow.



I don’t have e-mail on my laptop so I will have to visit everyone’s blogs over the weekend.


  1. Glad to hear that you are on the mend Granny. That doctor must have skipped his bedside manner classes1

    • Jeez Optie…think he must have slept through most of his training!

  2. I’m so glad you’re home and feeling better, Granny! Mex actually made you cook?! Yikes! That wouldn’t fly well in our home.

    You were that poor woman’s guardian angel on earth. It’s so wonderful that you cared for her when that horrible doctor was so unsympathetic. Can you imagine being his patient? How does he even get patients?? It’s great that you reported him, I hope the hospital does something about his disgusting attitude.

    Your flowers are GORGEOUS. Welcome home! I missed you! πŸ˜€

    • Hello RD…thanks love….it IS good to be back(I think)

  3. Yis! You got more flowers than Kirstenbosch. Glad you’re feeling better.
    You go Gran. Kick his ass.

    • Good grief Sarchasm….how many posts do you have now?
      I can’t keep up.
      Cruelty to old grannies.

  4. Some Doctors think they are God! 😦
    Glad you a feeling better.

    • You have that right Sue…what an asshole.

  5. I am so glad to hear you are back home sweetie and I bet Jasmine really missed you a lot. Seems Mex missed his home cooked meals more! LOL!

    Oh, good for you! I would have done the same! His licence should be revoked and they should send him to some far away land where there is no water or any sexy women! The *&&%&$^#&#^!!! Sorry! πŸ˜›

    Anyways, it’s great to see you here again and see those lovely photo’s! Now I will sleep better too and not worry so much about you and Jasmine.
    *big hugs to both of you*

    • Hi Again Sonel….Jasmine is in her element…Mommy is home….think Tom is even happier.

  6. So glad you’re home and feeling better. Bet Jasmine was overjoyed to see you! Those flowers are gorgeous!

    • Aren’t they lovely Wolf…I was very spoilt.

  7. That is one very wack doctor!! My gosh, I can’t even begin to imagine what she must have felt like for such news to be carelessly tossed at her. Shame on him!

    Glad you’re back home and feeling better. Yes! Follow those orders πŸ˜‰ That way you get to enjoy those beautiful flowers.

    • Hi Yada…I spoke to her Mom last night….she has gone back to the home so she will be very happy…I am so relieved.

  8. I’m so glad you’re home and feeling better.

    • Thanks Maire…it’s good to be back.

  9. I’m glad you reported that doctor!
    Welcome back home and take it easy (also with the cooking)

    • Hehehe Twolips….don’t mess with old ladies around.

  10. Bottem line – ain’t it good to be back home.

    • Yes Newsy….always good to be home.
      Hot last night?
      Or was that just me?

  11. Happy you’re home now and taking it easy – wishing you (and your computer) a full recover py soon πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Wightrabbit….especially my computer…I might relapse without it.

  12. that doctor is a bloody, errr not printable. What an insensitive asshole!

    “As soon as I walked in Mex asked me what was for supper.” I laughed out loud. I think MEx and Mr Piglet are related!

    • HI Piglet…does Mr.Piglet also ask what is for supper the next night while he is eating supper?

  13. Lovely flowers, granny. Enjoy your time off work, and get well. Hugs xx

    • Good Mrning AD…I am looking after them so well….the are almost completely open now so I guess they won’t last too much longer.

  14. Good to hear you are back home. Grrrr at that nasty doc!

    • Thanks Dianne….yes….grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  15. Oh, Granny, thank God you reported the man. How inhumane and callous! It can’t even be said he has no bedside manners because he wasn’t even bedside present!

    I’m so glad you were there for her.

    • Hi Souldipper….I phoned her Mom last night…she says she is out of hospital and back at the home she lives in…she will be much happier.
      Am glad I foud that out…I was going to pop in and visit her on the way to the airport tomorrow.

  16. good for you Granny for reporting that old quack. Gold medal on it’s way! glad you are home and feeling better

  17. Thanks so much Ruth…and he wasn’t old!

  18. Gorgeous flowers…..and WHAT a dreadful doctor! I cannot tolerate a doctor without a good bedside manner. The two go hand in hand. Good for you granny for reporting him to client services!!I do hope they react to your complaint. So glad to hear you are back home granny. Did you get my sms? Will try chat soon…been hard to do that with the oral surgery. Much love and keep healing well. I am sure Tom and Jasmine, not to mention Mex hehe, are glad to have you home xxx

    • Yes Colleen…thanks so much….how are YOU my friend?

  19. What a horrid person! Glad you are home πŸ™‚

  20. Sad to say, it happens a lot. To doctors, patients are often their illnesses, not people. Glad you were there for her.

    I’m shocked that Mex didn’t have a takeaway for you, at least.

    • He gave me a real sense of humour failure Tilly!

  21. Glad you’re home, with gorgeous flowers. πŸ˜€

  22. Keep your feet up, Granny! So sorry to hear no one is waiting on you!

    • Hehehe Hook…I really don’t need anyone to wait on me.

  23. So good of you to help like that, poor woman. Some doctors are just asses. Glad you are home and feeling better. Happy walking.

    • Thanks so much….the walks are so soothing…am going to miss them so much.

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