Posted by: granny1947 | March 3, 2012

Granny is as high as a kite.

Hello All.

No photo today.
I am on a borrowed laptop.
Which is better than borrowed time.

I am in hospital.
This could lead to some fun posts.
But not tonight.

I got admitted this morning.
I have been poked,prodded and pricked.
I have had blood taken.
I have given urine.
I have been x’rayed.
And the fun isn’t over yet.

Tomorrow I go for a scan of my stomach and kidneys.
And a MRI of my spine is on the cards.
I am having a blast.

They have given me painkillers.
Wonderful,wonderful painkillers.
I still have pain but it is manageable.
Hell, I could run a marathon.
OK…I couldn’t…but it is such a relief.

So far all the tests have been fine.
I wonder how long before they cotton on to the fact that I just wanted a little break.
The nurses have been great.
The food is good.
And I have had a visit from my DIL.
With pressies.

I might not be quite so happy tomorrow.
They are doing the scan at eleven.
I can’t eat after midnight.
I will be a very hungry Granny by lunchtime tomorrow.

A lovely lady in my ward has lent me her laptop.
I don’t want to keep it too long.
Hopefully she will let me use it again tomorrow.

So ….good night from a very sleepy Granny.
I love these pills.



  1. Sounds familiar! I just got back from the hospital two days ago after a four night-three day stay. I had tests, surgery, etc. I won’t tell you the outcome–too depressing.

  2. OMW granny! That’s not good news at all. I’ll certainly be thinking of you tomorrow, and hoping for good news of your release. Sleep well. Hugs xx

  3. I have a dirty suspicion there is a Granny who is going to enjoy her Sunday lunch more than this old man.


  5. Look after yourself and LISTEN to the doctors, I know you!! Love from the other Brouwers

  6. Oh my Goodness, Gracious, Granny!!! why are you in hospital? Have a missed a post or something?

    The best of luck with all the tests and bits and bobs…come back soon.

    Get well soon… and thank that very nice lady for letting you use her laptop..there are nice people in this world xxx GET WELL SOON!!!!

  7. Oh my word Kath…..I am so sorry… praying that all will be well. Love you and look after yourself please….get well soon my dear friend. Will try call you tomorrow. Hugs xxx

  8. Now that is not good news at all Granny! Thinking of you and knowing that all will be fine and you’ll be back home soon with Jasmine. πŸ™‚
    *big hugs*

  9. xox.. be well soon please

  10. Here’s wishing you well with all of these tests, may it be something easy to fix when they pinpoint it

  11. Feel better soon.

  12. I do hope your string doesn’t break and that you come down safely!

    And that the scan tells them what is amiss and they fix it pronto! Poor Jasmine must wonder what is going on.

  13. So sorry to hear you are in the hospital Granny. Sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!!

  14. Oh dear granny hope you will feel better soon. Sorry to hear you are in pain and in hospital.

  15. Sleep well – good luck tomorrow. Hope you’re all better soon. ❀

  16. Oh, Granny, I hope they find the source of the problems soon. I’m pulling for you! I’m blown over that you were able to even get this message out!

  17. Oww Granny, fingers crossed everything is OK. You did need a break but not like this. Still on a positive note you say the food is good πŸ™‚

  18. Get well soon and take care.

  19. Wishing you well, Granny!

  20. dear granny…… thinking of you and you really are in the best place!!! dont be shy on the pain management!!!! Go for it!!! and enjoy the food, its always delicious if you did not have to prepare it or clean up!!!! Hope the scan has gone ok. Keep us posted. ❀

  21. Poor Granny! Hope it is all just a waste of your time and money and there’s nothing wrong with you. xx

  22. Sorry to hear that you are in hospital, I hope they sort you out quickly…how about sharing those drugs?!

  23. hope all is well and you are just there for precautionary tests. πŸ™‚ how was lunch?

  24. Granny do take care! Hope your lunch was wonderful and that you out of the hospital pronto and feeling all better!

  25. Enjoy the drugs! That’s the best part of any stay in the hospital. πŸ˜‰

    Hope you’re home and WELL soon!

  26. crikey! Take care.

  27. OMG Granny! I thought you were feeling better! I was so shocked to read you’re in the hospital. I hope they find it’s something very simple and you’re out soon. I think the worst thing about hospital stays is those darned pricks (and I don’t mean the doctors LOL!) – needles, always constant needles. I HATE those things!!

    Get better quick, Granny! I’ll be thinking of you! XOXO

  28. feel better soon!

  29. Sorry to see that you are in hospital. Hope you go home soon and well.

  30. Get better soon Granny!
    *big, feel better, hugs*

  31. Hmm… feel like I’ve missed something… how did you get admitted to hospital… A speedy recovery, granny – rest and yes! listen to the doctors. (Glad to hear the food’s good; that certainly helps πŸ˜‰ )

  32. So sorry to hear you’re in the Hospital…I was wondering where you went…thought you just didn’t love me anymore. From reading your past few post, sounds like the WP Editing changes etc…put you in the hospital…I can relate to that, although, my problems, or, changes as it were took place a while back when they changed the NAV bar at the top…I guess maybe they were making some other changes. Anyway, glad you’re okay, and heading home tomorrow…though I haven’t made note of the date you wrote that yet… I will have to see…and not sure what time it will be for you guys…but, I just wrote a post about a Solar Storm coming tomorrow…or, maybe they just know that granny “Light” is getting out of the Hospital…Bless YOU!!

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