Posted by: granny1947 | March 1, 2012

Granny goes Ouch,damnit and Fluck.


Hello All.


How long has it been since I posted?
I stay away for a couple of days and everything changes.
Why did “Hello All” appear above the photo?
Why is it in blue?
Why did they change something that was working so well.
What has happened to the drag and drop feature?
I LIKED it damnit.

Don’t WP know it is cruel to mess with old brains?
Oh well, I guess I will get used to it all.
Maybe it will even be better.
Though I have my doubts.

So I went to the Doc after work on Monday.
I have a bad kidney infection.
I ask you with tears in my eyes…what next?
By Tuesday I was battling to get in and out of bed.
The air was blue.

Mex was very good.
Mainly because I think he was scared not to be good.
He cooked.
He washed up.
He walked Jasmine.
He put hot water bottles against my back.

I dragged myself back to work today.
Not a good idea.
My back is still so frigging sore.
I am walking like a ninety year old.
My apologies to sprightly ninety year old”s.
But you know what I mean.
People are saying things to me.
Like…you need to look after yourself when you get to your age.
To hell with them.

I have a theory.
There is a God of sickness.
Like the God of lost socks.
He has a warped sense of humour.
He heard me boasting about how well I am.
How lucky I am to only have to take one pill a day.
He decided to teach me a lesson.
So..Okay already…lesson learned.
Now bugger off.

It is my younger daughter’s birthday tomorrow.
The one I don’t talk to.
She is turning….
Wait while I work it out….
Oh yes…36
There is an upside to not being on speaking terms.
I don’t have to buy her a present.
There is also a downside.
She won’t buy me one next month.

Now let me get on with some work.
And see how +add tags works.
Maybe I should save the post before I press any buttons.
OK….what did they do with the save button?


  1. Haha! I uploaded my post this morning, answered a few emails, went outside to do a bit of garden tidying and when I returned I had 32 email. ‘Golly, gosh!’I thought, loads of people must be liking my writing – then I discovered they were all from you! What a pleasure to find that it’s not just me who gets baffled by WP. Seriously, thoughI do hope you, (and your blog:)) get better soon!

    • Hi Jacqueline….I sent a mail to WP but no reply so far…I see a couple of other people had the same problem but not as bad!!

  2. Something wrong with WP I got over 30 of this post in my in-box! I just said Fluck! 🙂 Sorry about the kidneys, it must be very sore, get well soon.

    • Hi Sue…the bloody thing went crazy and I don’t even know where to go to answer comments…don’t want to delete any of the posts until WP has a look!

  3. Oh granny Im so sorry…I know ALL about kidney infection….it makes you so sick and is very painful. You went back to work faaaar too soon girl. LOL! I see you really did try and save this or send it a LOT of times….hope you have it all sorted now. Big love to you and I hope you feel better soonest. xxx

  4. Hi Colleen….kidney infections suck….think I am feeling a little better but still sore.
    I didn’t save once….didn’t know where to save.

    • Just WP having a field day with the queen of one liners hehe. Glad you are feeling better granny xx

  5. Granny get that kidney to feeling better quick! I didn’t notice the crazy making of this post until just now. I saw WTF and just burst out laughing 😀 Not about your poor kidney, about the post gone wild!

  6. I only got 10 notices of this post. What am I? Chopped Chicken? 😀

    Hope the kidney decides to stay healthy. Not nice! You know I’m pouring the healing thoughts all over you.

  7. Hi Granny – I’ve been away for a few days and when I got back had 29 – yes 29 copies of this post. But it was worth reading anyway. Sending healing thoughts over the blogosphere to you.:)

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