Posted by: granny1947 | February 14, 2012

Granny gives the LOOK.

Hello All.

So….I leave nice and early this morning.
Am at the garage at 7:20AM.
There is a queue right out to the street.(of cars)
Eventually get inside.
Another queue.
And no coffee in the coffee machine.

I get to the counter.
Nice young man attends to me.
Says brightly “oh you are having a cambelt service,that is a day and a half service”
He saw the look on my face.
Or it might have been the muttered oath.
He said (not so brightly) “didn’t they tell you?”
I think my NO froze the blood in his veins.

He informed me he would see what they could do.
In a very sweet and grannylike manner I said that would be nice.
He wasn’t fooled.
Then they give me a lift back to work and tell me they,no longer, fetch one.
Bloody hell.

Anyway, they phoned me just now.
My car WILL be ready today.
Someone WILL fetch me.
The car needs new brakes.
And three bulbs.
I asked what the hell the bulbs were for.
Apparently, I have been driving with no brake lights.
And only one indicator.
The latter will explain some of the dirty looks I have been receiving.
The have added on an extra R1000 to the price.
I wonder if this is mechanic revenge?

The view from the balcony upstairs.
I am really going to miss the scenery here.

I wandered around my post this morning.
There is a button that says …manage comments.
Do you know what happens when you press it?

Now I have a meeting.


  1. I had such a giggle about your “Nothing” and wandering about the blog! one word, and it was so funny.
    when you moving?

    • Hi Ruth…at the end of April.

      • wow, not long, hope it goes smoothly, although I will be following you moving on WP!

      • And you WILL hear all about it Ruth!

  2. Nice view.
    Pity about the poor service at the garage. They are not supposed to do anything else to your car without first clearing it with you. The quoted price is what you have allowed for and they must’nt think we all walk around with an extra thousand in our back pocket. And the bulbs wont come close to pushing it up so high.

    • Hi Paul…the extra grand was for the brakes and the bulbs…they did phone me first…ouch

  3. Have a great day Granny

  4. Manage comments should take you to the Comments screen which displays all the comments where you can add/delete etc. You can get there from the Dashboard or from using the dropdown onthe right side of the screen.
    Hope that helps.

    • Oh Ok Paul…I was expecting a bit more than just seeing the comments!

  5. I hope your car is well very soon. I know that is so aggravating.

  6. Hi Maire…my car is doing great….am just doing all the preventative stuff.

  7. Sorry about the extra grand…..there is always extras hey?! I can just imagine ‘the look’ πŸ™‚

    • Hehehe Sue…I have practiced that look!

  8. Hope the garage did a good job with the car. We have had so much in the way of medical expenses lately that my car’s service will just have to wait a month or two more.

    • Oh Dear Optie….I am sure it will last out(the car)

  9. oh well, cars just keep on costing more and more and more

    • No more cars for me Sidey…this one has to last.

      • i keep saying that!

      • But I mean it Sidey…unless I make a lot of money somewhere.

  10. What a lovely view Granny! I am glad to hear that the car would be fixed today. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Big hugs to you and Jasmine. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Sonel…hugs are always good.
      How did my comment end up there?

  11. I wouldn’t like to be within range of your “look.” If looks could kill, hey? Sorry about the extra expense. Nothing is ever as it seems at first glance. Hope they did a good job on the car and you have no more trouble. xxx

    • It wasn’t as bad as they said AD…and I am safely home…all is good.

  12. For me ‘the look’ would have got it’s start after no coffee…brutal. Beautiful view! It will be hard to leave that behind.

    • No coffee set the tone Grandmalin. πŸ™‚

  13. It was confirmed this afternoon that my car’s rear wheel bearings need replacing! Just when you think you’re out of the woods with expenses, the next round comes along.
    The fridge gave up as well and I can’t find a new one to my liking.
    Murphy is very busy!

    • Oh wow Twolips…kick Murphy in the butt…I have a spare fridge!!!

  14. Love the LOOK you started with. I guess it worked, at least as far getting the work done in a day. Doesn’t it always cost more than you expect when it comes to fixing cars. I can see why you’ll miss that beautiful view!

    • Hi marjulo…wherever you go in Cape Town there is beauty…in Port elizabeth I am going to have to look for it!
      Glad you caught the “look”!!!

  15. I keep forgetting that I have an indicator light out also! Your look and your no remind of the time I was pregnant and went for an ultra-sound. You know the drill, dranks gallons upon gallons of water for and this was towards the end so there was no room for that much water. I get there and the guy says we have rescheduled it for later today. He quickly said no I was just joking. The man didn’t realize he was taking his life into hands with that one.

    • Oh Boy Linda…I can just picture your face. πŸ™‚

  16. So now you can not only stop, but people can tell you are in the process of doing so!

    • And I bet they will be pleased Col!

  17. Great view! But OUCH on the car expenses! Those mechanics knew a scary Granny look when they saw one – a look is worth a thousand curses! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi RD…I shall be posting more about the look just now.

  18. Bet you’re glad it was 1,000 rand and not $1,000! πŸ˜‰

    $1,000 = 7,711.05 rand

    I’m glad you’ve never given ME one of those looks.

    • Hi NR…it is all relative…we get paid in rands not dollars!

  19. You’re going to miss the scenery? Boy I am too. I was telling my husband how pretty the moutains are and the beach. He asked if I wanted to move there? I have a very spontaneous habit of wanting to move places never been and don’t think about it, just do it. He refuses to move anymore and says we’re too old. I said “who’s too old?” I’m older than he is and I’m ready to go.
    Sorry about your car needing more work. Know how you feel. When I was still single mechanics would tell me something was wrong and I’d question them ruthlessly. Sometimes I had to find a new mechanic. lol Good luck with your car.

    • Hi JaneEllen…tell him you are NEVER too old!
      Don’t worry…I shall find some scenery in Port Elizabeth.
      I hope!

  20. Granny…I’ve not been neglecting you. I’ve just been doing some of my volunteer stuff AND just went through the trauma of a b-b-b-birthday. By Thursday the lunches will be done and I may get back to normal with my blogosphere. Whatever that is…

    How’s Wendy?

    • My word Souldipper…how many lunches do you have for one birthday?
      I am jealous.

      • Ssssh! It’s love tank fillin’ season, Granny.

  21. Sorry about the car expenses Granny! Our boot thingie made it under the warranty by one day! One day! Now we are on our own. That vehicle had better behave πŸ™‚ It may be kicked out of the garage! Sometimes I think it would be nice to go down to one vehicle, just doesn’t work right now. I am reading here and learning. I see you are going to move. You have a lovely view now!

    • Yes….am moving at the end of April…don’t even want to think about it…I just LOVE this part of the world.

  22. Oh my word – that seagull has “The Look” down pat πŸ™‚
    I don’t want to think about you moving either – where am I going to get my seascape fix from. Even Kragenhai is not taking as many pics any more 😦
    Blog has been named and set up- but haven’t written anything yet – baby steps! Will leave a link when inspiration has given me a good kick.

    • That is great Wolf….I am so pleased.
      You don’t have to wait for inspiration.
      Just chat away!

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