Posted by: granny1947 | February 13, 2012

Granny plays Ketchup

Hello All.

I missed yesterday’s post.
Felt too rotten.
And slept instead.

Can’t say I felt much better today.
But work distracted me.
Had a meeting at eight thirty and a two hour training session later.
Then loads to catch up.
Still, the three and a half day break was good.
When I handed in my sick leave form one of the HR women made a comment.
Asked if I was trying to use all my sick leave before I leave?
That had not crossed my mind.
Now it has!!!!

On my way home I stopped at a chemist.
Had to hire a nebuliser.
My son needed his back.
His stepson needs it.
Inconsiderate twerp!

I spoke to the pharmacist and loaded up with vitamins.
Think I was only supposed to take them in the morning.
I might just be bouncing off the walls later on.
If I post again at three in the morning you will know why.

When I downloaded the photo I thought “Good Lord,there is a shark”
On closer scrutiny I see it is a surfer.
Imagine if it WAS a shark.
I would stop paddling.
Hopefully, tomorrow I will have the energy to go to the beach.
I am missing it like crazy.

On second thought probably not.
I have to take my car in tomorrow.
For a cam belt service.
Not that I have the faintest idea what a cam belt is.
What I DO know is they are damn expensive.
Can’t your car go without one?

Oh yes.
DIL and I went to see the Barry Hilton show on Saturday.
A local comedian who teamed up with a comedian from New Zealand.
He did a hilarious skit on having a prostate examination.
The men in the audience were squirming in their seats.




  1. Hi Granny! Yes, I can see you miss going out with Jasmine and I bet she does too. Wishing you good health very soon so you can enjoy everything like before. 🙂
    *big hugs* to you and Jasmine

    • Thanks so much Sonel…can’t wait to feel better.

  2. I’m surprised you managed to get through the comedy show without coughing, granny. They always make me cough and splutter. Definitely use up your sick leave. You’ve earned it, and now you need it. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD….I DID cough but it wasn’t too revolting!

  3. I like the photo. As for the HR, morons must be employed. The cambelt? Best explanation I can give is that when that goes you must think in four figures as far as your checkbook goes.

    • Ouch….good thing I am having it done then.

  4. better to have a cam belt service than have one snap and take off all sorts of important bits of the engine

    • Good Lord Sidey…can that happen?

  5. I would like to hear your explanation to Jasmine regarding why cambelts are more important than quality time on the beach …

    I’d say you would have cambelt and lost.

    • Hehehe Col…Jasmine is not talking to me.

  6. I hope this nasty bug passes fast now Granny and that you’re back to your old beach-walking self again soon! I never heard of a cambelt either, but I sure hope I won’t be needing one….

    • Hi Rd…apparently you have to replace the darn thing at 100,000kms.
      I am doing it a bit early….while I have the money!
      My car has to last me.
      Unless I win the lottery.
      Wait…positive thinking.
      UNTIL I win the lottery.

  7. Your cam belt must be like our timing chain or timing belt. Better to replace it BEFORE it decides to “retire” and cause mass mayhem in the motor.

    You should use up all your sick leave . . . cough, cough, sputter. 😉

    • Hehehe NR…a bit of white makeup and no lipstick.
      That should do the trick.

  8. Great post, Granny.
    I love your deadpan delivery and wild style.
    I hope you get some sleep soon!

    • Thanks Hook…am still buzzing here.

  9. I just got your comment on my blog, Granny – try unsubscribing and resubscribing to my blog, that might help you get notifications again. The same thing happened to me with a couple of blogs I subscribe to, and now I’m getting them again. Hope that works – I’d hate to miss your visits! 🙂

    • It’s ok RD…I am so far behind…found your notification!

  10. That photo is gorgeous. Use your sick leave to walk Jasmine!

    • Now there is a plan Linda…pity I have a conscience!

  11. Glad you’re getting better! I bought my own nebuliser. I see at Dis-chem they are R375.

    • Thanks for the tip Twolips…think I will buy one.

  12. Granny your cam belt service sounds like our front axel boot that shot craps right before we were leaving for Florida. We were walking a tight line on that one, we didn’t want to miss meeting Nancy and her BFF. Hope you get to feeling better pronto! You.Are.Wonderfully.Funny. I am always up at 3 in the morning~ever since menohhhhhhhhhhhpause.

    • Hi Sweetday…the only upside to waking at three in the morning is the internet!

      • Ain’t that the truth! I have found that I am not the only night owl, lots of company out there!

      • Yes Sweetday…the joys of different time zones…always someone awake…not that they all speak English!

  13. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. Hope you’re feeling much better now. Ah I see you can swim on your beach. How lovely. Do you find gorgeous shells on your beach? Every time I see a pic of your area I want to get on a plane and go there .
    Your blog is a hoot. I have such a good time reading it, wish I could meet you and have a chin wag? Is that what they call chatting? I read alot of English books and forget I’m an American. Sorry if(?) this sounds crazy. Take care and hope you get better. 71 yr. old Granny in COLORADO, U.S. By all means use up all your sick leave.

    • Hello JaneEllen…thank you so much for the kind words.
      Nice to have another Granny here.
      You SHOULD blog.
      It is great fun.
      One CAN swim on our beach.
      If you are a zombie.
      Or German.
      It is the Atlantic ocean and is freezing.
      Funnily enough, we don’t get many shells.
      Chinwag is quite correct.
      Wouldn’t that be fun!

  14. Glad you’re getting better

    • I am Sarchasm?
      That’s good to know.

  15. Hope you start feeling better real soon. Jasmine would love to go walkies on the beach with you again.
    My car has just clocked 100 000 km. Must remember to get it serviced.

    • Be prepared Optie…the cambelt service is expensive!

  16. Delightful post. Gave me a smile! I especially love your shark photo! 😉

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