Posted by: granny1947 | February 8, 2012

Granny bares all

Hello All.

I have not done much today.
I had good intentions.
I promise.

I HAVE slept a bit.
I HAVE read a bit.
And I HAVE prodded my Grandson with an electric cow prodder.
Well, my voice had the same effect.
If not better.

Have you any idea how hard it is to keep a teenager focused?
And to keep them motivated?
I’ll tell you.
It is almost bloody IMPOSSIBLE.
I am sure that, by now, he dislikes me intensely.
That is alright.
The feeling is mutual.

He has to scour the net for job opportunities.
And send out his CV.
He did it once last week.
Didn’t find anything.
And gave up.

He is also trying to design a webpage for a local restuarant.
Not easy as he is just learning himself.
He has been spending a lot of time on it.
This is good.
I leave in two and half months.
He has to find something to support himself before then.
Today I had to convince him that the job is priority.
The website must be done in the evening.
Instead of visiting girlfriend.
Or chatting on Facebook.
You can imagine how well that is going down.

Anyway, something seems to have worked.
He has spent the last three hours sending out his CV.
To more than thirty companies.
He, very sheepishly, admitted I was right.
There ARE jobs out there.
He will probably get thirty rejections.
But,hell, at least he is getting some practice.

I, on the other hand, could have a frigging heart attack.

The kid has such potential.
A bit hidden at the moment.
He is a good looking boy.
But shy.
Has had a raw deal in life.
Does not know his sperm donor.
His mother lives in a village with no future for him.
With a new baby.
He is kind.
He is very bright.
He caught up two years of Biology in six months when we changed his school.
And got 68% in Matric.
I now need to build up his self esteem.
He is also a teenager.
But no-one is perfect.
Oh and don’t forget who his Gran is.
There are some good genes in there.
Anyone know of any job opportunities?

Back to my title.
For the sake of new blogging buddies…a little recap.
We live in a rented shoebox.
A NICE rented shoebox.
The house was sold last year.
The new owner lives in Johannesburg and has bought the house to retire to one day.

She is having some much needed maintenance done.
My younger son is doing the work.
He is a builder and does a lot of work for the letting agent.
Yesterday, while I was doing the doctor things, he came around and sanded and repainted all the burglar bars.

So….last night I go into my bathroom.
Please bear in mind I am the least observant person around.
It drives Mex Mad.
I can not notice a piece of paper for days on end.
I digress.
I go into the bathroom.
While I brush my teeth I start running the shower.
Then strip and get INTO the shower.
As one does.
I turn to close the shower door and I DO notice something.

The bathroom window has been opened to it’s fullest extent.
To allow the paint to dry.
It could not have been more open if it had tried.
I am in full view of the main road.
Did I mention I was naked?
I vacated the shower and grabbed a towel.
Then discovered I could not reach the window catch to close the window.
I needed a shower.
I wanted a shower.
So I gave a mental shrug.
Dropped the towel.
And had a shower.
Thank God I am leaving here soon.




  1. just as well you went ahead. let those who want to peek, peek in

    • I shall charge them entertainment tax Sidey!

      • and make a fortune? yaay!

  2. Whahahahaha! Oh Granny, you sure had a very interesting day! Big hugs to you and Jasmine. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Sonel…big hug back to you…wait…don’t come too close!!!

  3. Naked or not … your blog is one of the hi lights in my life, Granny47 … you are one cool granny … coool πŸ™‚ hope that word makes you feel better … Always, cat.

    • Awwww Cat…what a lovely thing to say…thank you my friend.
      Weather is more bearable tonight.

  4. Ah, teenage boys…eventually they do come around!
    Got a good laugh out of the naked/shower incident….I once ran naked from the bathroom to the bedroom (upstairs) and on the way back as I crossed the landing I peered down to see my best friend’s husband staring up at me with a shocked expression…everyone still laughs about; however took me a long time before I could slide past the humiliation into laughter!

    • Oh dear Suzi…are you sure it was shock and not admiration?

  5. what, naked, nude, with nothing on? Hahahaha

    • Yes Pseu…as naked as the day I was born…only wrinkly.

  6. You’re so funny, granny, with or without clothes. πŸ˜‰ xxx

  7. That’s a good one! I’m thinking–naked as a jay bird, naked as a plucked chicken… I’m sure there are more of these expressions. After a hot day, what the heck? As you say, you’re leaving soon!

    • Hi Marjulo….as I already have the turkey neck I think that is the apt bird.

  8. You did not! I think you are surely joking. That is too funny.

    I wish your handsome smart grandson all the best. I know it’s a hard time for them all right now.

    • I really did Linda…scouts honour!!!

  9. Hahahaha!

    As long as there was no screeching of tyres as people lost concentration, or ambulances to take away shocked prudes, or offers of pole-dancing jobs, I’d say that came off as well as your clothes did!

    • Now that you put it that way Col, I am a bit annoyed none of that happened!!!

  10. Drive-by peeping?
    I can just picture it πŸ˜‰
    Good luck to grandson and don’t give up (maybe the girlfriend for a few days of the week)

    • I won’t give up Twolips…it is just so damn exhausting.

  11. Hope your grandson comes right with work in the very near fuure. Jobs are not easy to come by at this stage.
    If I had to run naked from anywhere to anyplace the observers would glance up and think to themselves that I was wearing some seriously crumpled clothes!!

    • Hi There Paul….same here…sigh!

  12. You sure covered a lot of ground in this post . . . showering in “plein air” must agree with you.

    Hope your enjoying your time off . . . as you recuperate.

    • Yes…did I talk too much?
      am feeling a lot better today.
      Might venture to the beach.
      Better than any anti-biotics.

  13. Oh dear – I don’t know whether to laugh, or be embarrassed for you re the bathroom incident!

    • Oh please laugh Elaine…I did!

  14. LOL I can understand your dilemma but what a funny story!! I agree – the heck with the peeping toms – have your shower. It’ll give them something to talk about after you’ve moved. πŸ˜‰

    It’s never easy dealing with teenagers. I’m sure your grandson will end up doing just fine; he’s listening to you already (at least on one issue!), and that’s HUGE at his age!

    • I hope you are right RD…most times I just want to thump him!

  15. Tough love isn’t easy! I suspect the grandson loves you to pieces in spite of it all. Grannies have special places in the hearts of young men.

    Phew! I am so glad you didn’t find someone had come in through the window. Hopefully anyone who saw you thought it was a large screen TV! What a show you could have put on!

    • Good Morning Souldipper…A LARGE screen TV….hmmmm….I will have to give that comment some thought. πŸ™‚

  16. If you’re like the rest of us…you were wrinkly the day your were born naked too…
    Bless You

    • Hi Paul…baby wrinkles are nothing compared to my “character” lines of today.

  17. So that’s what caused the traffic jam. πŸ™‚

    • Humpff Sarcasm…not even a hoot!

  18. hi love, fantastic post – please consider having a ‘Day in the Life of a Granny ‘ book published with all your posts – I would be the first in line to buy.
    Miss you

    • Awwww my friend…I miss you too…any chance of a visit before I leave?

  19. well, at least you provided some entertainment for the street!

    • Entertainment Tandy?
      They probably went off screaming.

  20. LOL Granny the Exhibitionist πŸ˜‰

    • Hehehe Optie…have never considered myself one but hey…maybe I am!

  21. any passing full blooded male will have great memories…at least

  22. contd. your water was nice and hot

  23. Hmmmmmm Patrecia…I somehow have my doubts….I have SEEN myself in the mirror.

  24. I can just imagine it all! πŸ™‚
    We had the same problem with the Troll when she was looking for a job, I swear they expect the job to come & knock on their door!

    • Isn’t that true Sue…look once and give up…I swear I am going to kill the kid. It will be justifiable homicide…hell I might get a medal.

  25. Good for you, Gran. If you shocked them they didn’t have to look! πŸ˜†

    • I don’t think they would have had much choice Adee!

  26. Well – clean and naked. Way to go.

  27. Oh Granny, you slay me!

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