Posted by: granny1947 | February 6, 2012

Granny’s Monday minutes

Hello All.

If you are expecting a funny and cheerful post, you had better go somewhere else.
The heatwave continues.
With a vengeance.
Not a breath of wind.
Which is a good thing in one way.
I ventured outside just now and I can see smoke in the mountains.
At least there is no wind to fan the flames.

To make matters worse I am still sick.
Huge pills and they are doing nothing.
I am coughing.
And it is disgusting.
I am at work.
I thought that the airconditioning here would bring a bit of relief.
Guess what?
The airconditioner near my desk has packed up.
It is a conspiracy.
They are out to get me.
I have no idea who THEY are.
But I intend to find out.

This is what and hot and tired dog looks like.
My poor animals.
I feel SO sorry for them.
Jasmine spends most of her time on the tiled floor in the passage.
Tom lies on my bed.
Stretched out full length.
Making the most of the fan.
And grumbling if you go too near.

So…before I pull you all down into my bad mood, I shall leave.
No wait…misery likes company.
Maybe I will stay.
Nope….too hot to think.


  1. wishing you some cooling rain to kill the fires and cool you all down

  2. Awwwww Granny! So sorry to hear that you are not well and look at Jasmine! I wish both of you could come down here and enjoy the lovely weather we are having again today. It sure is terrible with heat like that and I feel for Jasmine. Simba doesn’t like the heat as well.

    I am sending you some cooler weather. Feel better soon hon and big hugs to you and Jasmine.

  3. Forgot to click the “Notify me of follow-up comments” … Don’t want to miss out on anything. 🙂

  4. Hope your horrid cough goes away soon, granny. You really shouldn’t be at work. Hugs xx

  5. OK, ‘bye! heehee

    May coolth and health returneth.

  6. aren’t we due some rain soon. Yis! It’s like living in Durbs 🙂

  7. Ag man – that is one hot looking doggie….. I ended up throwing two of mine in the swimmingpool to cool them down – the third one went into hiding under the staircase and I couldn’t get him out!

  8. Hope it cools down really soon! Feel better, granny . (hug)

  9. Here we have snow. 🙂
    Photo to cool you down

    tee heee

  10. shambies Granny, but I know how you feel. My doggies have collapsed on the floor by my feet and you can just tell they are not happy 😦

  11. I love warm weather, but when it’s too hot (and dogs are wilting), A/C is needed.

    Maybe you could set up a kiddie pool in the shade for Jasmine.

  12. Oh, Granny, I’m sorry to hear that you’re so miserable. Poor Jasmine looks about done in. I know I’m always clambering for more heat, but I do sympathize with you — at least when I’m too cold I can put on an extra sweater or turn up the heat — when it’s too hot, well running around naked is about the best option, and I’m sure they wouldn’t let you get away with that at work — or on the beach. Sending cool thoughts your way.

  13. I realise that your summer is our winter … Greetings from AB, Canada … We are having a “heat wave” as well as it has been only -5 to -10C for weeks now … What is going on, I wonder … Hope you feel better soon, my friend. Love, cat.

    • Hmmmm Cat…minus five…not sure I would enjoy that…mind you…am sure your homes are heated?

  14. I commiserate with you granny – it has been in the low 30’s for the past week.
    If we haven’t got the a/c on, Poppy lies in the passageway, trying to catch any breath of air that might come in under the door! We give her ice cubes to crunch on to keep her cool, she loves them and actually asks for them when she’s hot!
    We put the a/c on in desperation some days – not looking forward to the bill. Poppy loves it of course!

    • Hi Barb…I must try ice with Jasmine.
      We don’t have a/c at home.

  15. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Summer colds are brutal. I’d give you a hug but it’s too hot…

    • I shall pretend you gave me a hug anyway Grandmalin.

  16. Granny, you have my empathy. I’d rather put something on and add a pair of warm socks than be dying of heat. I’ll wish you cool breezes and refreshing temps.

    • Hi Amy…what time of the year was it when you came over?

  17. Aw, hope that heat lets up and that you feel much better soon Granny.

    • Thanks HH…no letting up with the heat today,unfortunately.

  18. Poor Granny!

    • Thanks Tilly…I will be fine.

  19. Oh ugh there’s nothing worse than stifling heat, in my opinion. I’m dreading this summer, I have a bad feeling it’s going to be brutal. We’re supposed to be in the coldest months of the year here and it’s a spring-like 50 degrees Farenheit during the day – the daffodils are pushing up already and the azaleas are popping with green leaves! It’s just not normal!!

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