Posted by: granny1947 | February 5, 2012

Granny’s sweltering Sunday

Hello All.

I was down on the beach before seven this morning.
And a good thing too.
It is now thirty degrees.
In our lounge.
Outside is worse.
I can’t believe how long this heatwave is lasting.

I spoke to my Stepdad just now.
I said I was a bit concerned that he was spending so much money on the new extension.
His reply?
Shrouds don’t have pockets.
Where am I going to keep my carkeys and cellphone?

And now, the photo of the dessert which I didn’t post yesterday.

There is an art to photographing food.
I don’t have it.

Received a call from Germany just now.
From a cousin of my first husband.
I love her to bits.
But her calls are exhausting.
I have to think before I talk.
Something I am not used to doing.
I need to keep it simple so she can follow me.
I could just NOT explain what a hysterectomy was.
The removal of the baby making parts didn’t work.

It is too hot to chat.
I’ll end with another pic from Friday.

I should have gone on the Ferris wheel.
Could have got some lovely photos.
Only, I don’t like those things.
Would probably have had my eyes tightly closed.
And it was expensive.



  1. Sounds hot! Love these pics especially the top one.

    • Hi HH…hugs to you too.

  2. The beach, wheel and grub all seem good to me!

    • Glad you approve Col.

  3. Hahaha @ “removal of baby making parts.” That dessert would look delicious, however one photographed it. xxx

    • Hi AD…well the pics of pud make a change from the beach!

  4. That dessert looked delicious. Your food photography skills are just fine. Nothing wrong with them at all. Did it taste as good as it looked?

    • Hi Maire…I didn’t have any but my friend finished it all so it must have been good.

  5. removal of baby making parts could be awfully misleading for both sexes

    • Hehehe Sarchasm….I guess so.

  6. I could not believe it when I saw the weather forecast for CT today! Poor you, Gran. Hope it cools down soon. When it got so hot in Durban I used to have a cold shower every hour or so, lol!

    • Oh boy…a cold shower sounds good right now.

  7. you poor things and not a drop of rain to help.

    ah well, you got some pretty mountain thingy, we got the weather

    • Hi Sidey…too hot to enjoy the mountains…I am moving to Alaska.

  8. That cake looks gorgeous *licks screen*
    Am I right in thinking your Mom lives in East London?

    • No Sous…she is in Port Elizabeth.

  9. How can you be so hot when I am so cold….

    Calories galore but by gum I could sink my teeth into that little morsel, sod the calories…..

    • Hi P….thank heavens i am not even slightly tempted…too hot to eat.

  10. We have a chocolate pie in the fridge that looks just like that dessert. We will inhale it while watching the Super Bowl.

    Love the photo of the Ferris Wheel . . . whee!

    Keep cool, Granny.

    • Hell NR…wish I could keep cool…if this is what hell feels like…I am going to be good girl from here on in.

  11. Stepdad is right there are no pockets in a shroud and you cannot take it with you so best to spend it now and get the enjoyment

    • Hi there Patrecia…now I know about the flat I am much more excited about the move.

  12. Yum! I like the looks of that dessert. I feel as you do about ferris wheels. That one looks way too big, but I like how they look looming above a city scape. Great comment: shrouds don’t have pockets. We are covered in two feet of snow right now. I would rather have snow than heat! Sorry you are sweltering!

    • I am with you Marjulo…I would much rather be cold than hot.

  13. So good to see you again Granny! Still love your photo’s. Big hugs to you and Jasmine. 🙂

    • Lovely to see you here Sonel…big welcome.

      • Thanks hon! 🙂

  14. Wow, that dessert looks to die for. So does the beach. Tho I shouldn’t complain too much as the weather here has been lovely — for Alberta in February.

    • Oh Kathy…another scorcher here today…surely it has to end soon…the hottest summer in the ten years I have been here.

  15. Granny, for some reason, your publishing notices haven’t been coming to me. I have been wondering what was possibly taking you away! Friends? Loved ones? How dare they! 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve read all the back posts now and am delighted you are willing to try the meditation. If you become a little practiced, it will come in very handy when you are in your new situation and wondering if it’s legal to conduct certain pest control measures.

    Just spoke with a friend today who returned after 2 months at a location between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. She survived family “bun fights” and endured the 42 hour return trip for which I hold great sympathy.

    Glad you are okay. Love the jokes you send…as do my friends.

    • Hi Amy…unfollow me and then follow me again…that seems to work.
      I loved the old lady and the patience!

  16. It all looks good to me…and, Oh, by the way…I have an etsy too… a little neglected to date…but, I have sold a few of my arts there…and some other’s, and nostalgic keep sakes…But, what the heck is a “Shroud”?
    Bless You

    • Hi Paul…The shroud of Turin? They used to wrap bodies in them.

  17. I don’t know about you, but my house is warmer than outdoors! This mornings very brief thunder storm was very welcome, but not long enough, she says gasping for breath

    • Hi Ruth…that storm was so brief it did zilch…we were 28degrees in the lounge at ten last night!

  18. You were down at the beach and I misread dessert and was busy looking for a desert – um, elderly brain needing a rest.
    And I do wish we could have some of your heatwave. It is supposedly summer here but I have just closed all the windows and put on a sweater.

    • You are making me jealous Judith.

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