Posted by: granny1947 | February 4, 2012

Granny and the busy day

Hello All.

It is nearly seven.
Seven in the EVENING.
It is still 28 degrees in the lounge.
It is cooler outside.
But then I couldn’t blog.

I have done one paragraph.
And made about six mistakes.
The heat causes me to be braindead.
And bodydead.
And if those aren’t real words…they should be.
Don’t argue with me tonight.
I might just combust.
Or implode.
Just my shoes left behind.
Which would be strange.
I’m not wearing any shoes.
I wish I wasn’t wearing any clothes.
But I don’t want my grandson to go blind.

I picked up my friends at the airport.
Well I hadn’t met the daughter before.
But I like her.
So now she is a friend.
Hell, she slept in my bed last night.
With me.
I don’t sleep with strangers.
Despite rumours to the contrary.

From the airport we went to the Waterfront.

The red dude is made of coke crates.
Why would anyone do that?
HOW did they do that?
I think he was giving me the finger.
Or is it a peace sign?
I can never remember when I am consumed with road rage.
There are probably some taxi drivers under the impression I am a sweet old lady.

We had lunch at a German restuarant.
My friend is German.
This is what she ate.
I can’t remember what it was called.
The foodies amongst us will rush to inform me.

She seemed to enjoy it.
Her daughter ate this for dessert.

Ok…that is NOT a pic of the dessert.
I see I didn’t download it.
Bit it was a huge slice of chocolate mousse.
Don’t know how she got it all down.

From the Waterfront we went to the lecture.
Which was at the German club.
We went into the pub for something cold to drink.
The pub was full of Germans.
How strange.

The lecture started late.
They couldn’t get the projector to work.
And there was no air conditioning.
And it was hot.
And I was not happy.

Basically it was all about letting out all the negative stuff in your body.
Replacing it with good thoughts.
Letting a higher power heal you.
It is not easy to think happy thoughts when sweat is dripping down your neck.
And you feel you just want to get the hell out.
On the upside I think I might just try the meditation.
If I can get 15 minutes all to myself.

Then, today I got some wonderful news.
My Mom phoned me.
My Stepdad is going to build on a flat.
For Mex and me.
I am so happy.
We will have our own space.
They are going to convert the garage and storeroom into a flat.
Mex and I will pay to have a fence and electric gate installed.
So the cars will be reasonably secure.
Mex is very,very happy.
Me too.
Oh, I said that already.
Well I am.

Damn it is hot and uncomfortable.
That was worth repeating too.




  1. Love the red dude. How creative is that and certainly gives a new meaning to upcycling!

  2. Hi PIP…am not sure I like the red dude…he is out of place in those beautiful surroundings.

  3. What a busy time you’ve been having. Certainly not much time for meditation. So happy you had wonderful news about the granny+Mex flat. 😉 Hope it cools down for you soon. xxx

    • Hope a bit harder AD….stifling here.

  4. It has been equally hot and humid at the KZN coast.
    Cool news about the flat for you.

    • Hi Twolips….all I can say is roll on winter!

  5. I wish i could say its damned hot over here, its bloody freezing.

    • It is not damned hot Harry….it is bloody hot!

  6. busy busy granny

    • Not today Sidey….not today.

  7. 1. Do try meditation. It’s good for what ails you.

    And . . . you’ll be able to persuade yourself that you are cool no matter how much sweat is dripping down the back of your neck.

    2. Yay about the FLAT for you and Mex! That is GRAND!

    3. I love the Red Dude flashing the peace sign . . . but don’t think that he belongs where he’s been planted.

    4. Is that Spaetzel?

    5. Chocolate Mousse . . . yes, please!

    • Aha NR….it is indeed Spaetzel.

  8. I put this meditation thingy in my blog. Set the time first, click on the musical note icon, pick music you like, and voila ! It’s downloadable through via goggle seach engine. Had this widget for years, but just dicovered it again. Nice ! Be well, Granny 47 … stay cool … Love, always, cat.

    • Thanks Cat…I’ll pop over just now….wanted to start early this morning but my music was in Grandson’s room.

  9. Hi Granny, I have attributed a Liebster Award to your blog. Feel free to collect and pass it on.
    I enjoy reading the way you write, almost poetic, quite funny.

    • Thank you so much Sami.
      I am very touched.

  10. You make me laugh so much!

  11. Good Tilly….laughing is good…too hot to laugh here at the moment.

  12. What a full day you had Granny. I liked near the end you wrote “I am so happy”. That’s wonderful.

    The picture of the beach is STUNNING, and I love the dog 🙂

    • Hi there Words…I love my dog too…more than a lot of people I know…and a couple of my kids!!!

  13. The flat idea seems great!

    The waterfront is lovely, but we found the prices and quality too high and too low, respectively.

  14. The coke case man is amazing!

    • He was massive Maire.

      • and blerrie uggers!

  15. What good news about the flat, Gran. I am so happy for you and Mex! 😀

    • Thanks Adee…me too.

  16. Beautiful pics Gran!

    • Thanks Desire…welcome.

  17. I am so happy for you and Mex about the flat and at the same time so jealous – I would love to live in PE – close to my skin and blister – I miss her and her family hugely!!

    When is the ‘groot trek’? I will be in PE in mid May for a bit!

    • Hi MissChris…we move up at the end of April…I would love to meet up with you!

  18. that red thing is a bloody blot on the landscape! how absolutely awful! who the hell authorised it? Who is Mex?

    Where is this flat?

    What was that german food?

    i hate being hot. have you leapt into the sea as yet?

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