Posted by: granny1947 | January 31, 2012

Granny and the great, GREAT, news

Hello All.

Damn, where has this day flown to?
I have been busy,busy,busy.

And the great news?
Wendy’s tumours are receding.
Much like Mex’s hairline.
The oncologist was very pleased.
Apparently,sometimes, after chemo the tumours keep growing.
Or they just stay the same.
But hers are leaving the building.
I am so very happy.

To all you wonderful folk who prayed for her.
And sent positive vibes.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
And don’t stop now.

Because she is responding so well she is coming for two more doses of chemo.
And I will get to see more of her.
All good stuff.
This from someone who does not have to HAVE the chemo.
Colour me selfish.
I love her.

Now I must get ready to go home.
First a stop at the supermarket to buy some icecream.
Wendy has to put on some weight.

Oh yes, Grandson had his interview today.
He phoned to tell me it went really badly.
I will hear all about it just now.

Second oh yes…Granddaughter is sick in bed with flu.
I wouldn’t mind too much but she is sick in MY bed.

I have more to gabble on about but no time.



  1. Wonderful news

    • Thanks Sar…the best.

  2. Sorry about Grandson and Granddaughter but thrilled about Wendy. She has been in my prayers every day since you told us about the cancer. She is not off the prayer list yet.

    • Thanks Maire…please keep her on you list…I am sure the prayers are all helping.

  3. Fantastic, wonderful, I am so pleased

    • thanks Napier…love you lots.

  4. good news about Wendy..we shall keep her in our prayers, but good hhappy results…

    Teenage kids all over the world are no different..all a pain in bum!

    so sorry that Grandson has probably not got job, was it what he wore

    • Hi Patrecia…you have that right…teenagers are the pits.

  5. Wonderful about wendy
    I will not comment on hairlines
    Get well to granddaughter
    Sympathy to grandson

    Where’s Jassy?

    • Hi Sidey…Jasmine not happy…wants the beach and I just haven’t had the time…maybe today.

  6. Very glad that the treatment is going well!

    Nice to read some good news today!

    • Hehehe Nosferatu…hope you aren’t saying my posts are doom and gloom? 🙂

  7. Wonderful, wonderful news!! I’m so happy. Wendy will remain in my prayers – she WILL beat this beast! 🙂

    • Thanks RD…positive thinking all the way!

  8. I was just asking the same question… Where did this day go?!
    That is amazing news! Thanks for keeping us posted. So glad to hear that she is making good progress.
    Interviews can suck! Ask me; I’m having a few now. The work place has changed a lot since a few years back… I hope he gets settled soon.

    • Thanks Yada….he is my only real worry at the moment.

  9. Very happy to hear about Wendy’s tumours and that they are receding, that is great ;o)

    • Thank you Dianne…fantastic news.

  10. So exciting to hear the good news about your beloved friend Wendy! Hugs and kisses to you both.

    • Thanks so much Linda…at last I am getting your notifications again!!!!

  11. Very happy for Wendy! 🙂

  12. That’s wonderful news, Granny! Hope she enjoys the ice cream. You too!

    • I was very strong NR…I didn’t have any…granny goes off looking smug.

  13. Fantastic news about Wendy, she must be over the moon with the results; our prayers will continue. Hope she ate some of that ice cream!
    I missed not seeing any pics of Jasmine today granny.
    Waiting to hear the grandson’s story about the interview!

    • Hi Barb…Wendy is reading all the comments and is blown away by all the support…hope one of these days she stops stalking and starts commenting…better still…imagine the blogs she could write.

  14. Yaaaayyy!!!! Great news.

    • I know Bud…am so pleased.

  15. That wonderful news just made my day!

    • Thanks Cindy….tried to phone you last night…no reply….when are you coming down and for how long?

  16. I happened onto your blog thru I don’t remember which circuitous route but I’m so glad I did. I read down quite a ways and was having such a good time reading about your life and so enjoying the gorgeous pictures of where you live I lost track of time. It is so gorgeous where you live.
    I’m a beach/water nut so it kept me enthralled. Do you rent out rooms if I ever strike it rich and can travel to CapeTown? wow is it gorgeous. I’m part gypsy, have always loved to travel at drop of a hat. My husband was a truck driver for a few years all over the U.S. and Canada. I used to be able to go with him and did many a time for weeks at a time. Who wants to stay home to clean, cook and all that other stuff? Give me half an hour and I’m ready to go. Even at 71 I’m still that way. Hubby refuses to budge. I wanted to move again to AZ (we live in western CO, U.S.) but he won’t go. We met in AZ about 44 years ago. I’ll be back to read about your life and where you live.

    • Hi JaneEllen…Welcome to my world.
      It doesn’t look like you blog?
      It sounds as if you could really write an interesting blog about your travels.

  17. Oh, Granny, this is just the BEST!! Yes! Go Wendy!

    The interview? Wonder what he learned for the next one. 🙂

    • Hi Souldipper…hmmm….think he learned he should have prepared better.

  18. wonderful news. I could hear the smile in your words!

    • Hi there Ruth…yes…am still smiling.

  19. Wonderful news about Wendy!

    Shame about the grandkids.

  20. Hey Granny, The Dark Globe February Shoot Off! Photograph Competition has Officially Begun, For More Info Head Here


  21. I am SO HAPPY about Wendy’s good news! Wonderful… God is Great!

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