Posted by: granny1947 | January 28, 2012

Granny needs a straitjacket

Hello All.

This was the sight that greeted me on my way home from work,yesterday.
My heart just sank.
Especially as the wind was blowing the fire towards home.
And the wind was strong.
Fortunately, there is no sign of it today.
The helicopters must have done a good job.

So….why do I need a straitjacket?
The grandkids and I cleaned house today.
I mean REALLY cleaned.
Toothebrushes in all the crevices.
I was exhausted.

It is now five o’clock and it is still 28degrees in the lounge.
The sweat is dripping off me.
I have friends coming for supper.
I am doing a roast with all the trimmings.
Someone come and take me away.
An air conditioned padded cell sounds very good right now.

Wendy arrives tomorrow.
Her last chemo treatment.
I forgot to tell my boss I might be a little late for work.
He probably won’t notice.
I will have to drop her off at the hospital before work.
Then my good friend down here will fetch her.
I will pick her up again after work.
I am looking forward to seeing her.
Love her to the sky and back.

A pic from the other morning.
I haven’t been for a beach walk today.

On a more serious note.
Why is tough love so painful?
I know I have to do it to my Grandson.
Or he will never amount to anything.
But it is killing me.

And now I must go and have a cold shower.
And cook.




  1. Oh dear! Tough decisions, tough love–sometimes the only way.

    • I know Marjulo…feel miserable.

  2. I know that feeling of cleaning on a hot, humid day.

    When I have to mete out tough love I get really tough.
    Fortunately never to my children.
    Strongs, Granny.

    • Thanks Twolips…there should be a law going through this twice.

  3. Tough love … I went through that as well with one of my kids … and was it ever tough, because at the lowest point … I didn’t know whether my son would even live long enough to be able to smarten up … well, he did, and he is a fine young man now. Best wishes with your ray of sunshine, Granny 47. Love, cat.

    • Hi Cat….I give up…I tried umpteen times to comment on your blog…no luck…have no idea what I am doing wrong!

  4. oh the joys of being a parent! One day somebody will come up with the idea of putting difficult teenagers into deep freeze..then thaw them out in their early twenties..Hey presto.. a decent person emerges.

    Stop telling me about the heat…send it here to thaw me out! and some for Chuck….its minus 8 already

    • What a brilliant idea Patrecia…wish someone had thought about it when my kids were growing up…younger daughter is 35 and still hasn’t emerged as a decent human!

  5. that’s some weird fish on your top photo – a sort of superimposed ghost effect…. is the back ground cloud and the foreground smoke?

    • The picture was taken through the windscreen,Pseu.
      The background is smoke.

      • aha!

  6. Enjoy that cold shower, Granny!

  7. Enjoy your cold shower, your dinner with friends, your clean house and your reunion with Wendy!

    And buy the straightjacket for your grandson. 😉

    • Now THERE is a thought NR….you can be the planner when we start our life of crime.

  8. Wow, Gran, I’ve been watching your temperatures and really feel for you. Ours have been quite pleasant lately and, I don’t know where it’s come from but the breeze seems to have a cold core to it. Love to you and Wendy. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Adee…I will tell Wendy.
      She has just phoned to say the plane has been delayed….I might have time for a nap!

  9. When I have to do the tough love with the beautiful women I mentor, I keep visualizing exquisite little wings that would not strengthen without a struggle.

    I agonize over it, too. But I have no right to take away their opportunity to strengthen. It empowers them.

    An old black woman in the deep South of USA said, “If the mountain was smooth, ya couldn’t climb it!”

    Love to you, Granny!

    • What a lovely mind picture Souldipper…thank you…lots of love to you too.

  10. You’re a good Granny. Sometimes grandchildren have no sense. I’m praying for Wendy.

    • Hi Maire..I am beginning to think they never have any sense.
      I will tell Wendy.

  11. We had lamb curry for lunch but that was ages ago, I could now eat some roast!

    • Oh My word Sue…the thought of curry in this heat….I had leftover roast for supper this evening!

  12. I know how you feel, Granny. Dealing with teenagers is rarely easy, and unfortunately tough love is sometimes what gets their attention. But it goes against our natures because we just want to love ’em to pieces. Good luck!

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