Posted by: granny1947 | January 26, 2012

Granny laughs and laughs and laughs

Hello All.

A “yesterday” picture.
No walk this morning.
Because it was blowing a gale.
And I was too busy hitting the snooze button.
If I thought I was tired yesterday then today I am exhausted.

I went to fetch DIL at about twenty to seven.
The theatre is nearly an hour’s drive.
If you get lost a couple of times.
Which we did.
We had both had bad nights the night before.
Neither of us really felt like going.
But the tickets were expensive.
So we did.

Menopause the Musical.
It was brilliant.
I laughed from beginning to end.
Was very glad I had made a trip to the loo before the show.
I don’t think the woman in from of me was so lucky.

The cast consisted of four women.
Four normal women.
None of them in the first flush of youth.
Two of them quite plump.
One not so plump but with a fairly substantial butt.
And one who was stick thin.
People like you and me.
Except for the skinny one.
There is always that one!!!

The one who impressed me the most was Delia Sainsbury.
I googled her this morning.
The woman is 70 years old.
She danced and sang and had me in stitches.
God I would love to meet her.
She is my new hero.

And on that note I shall leave you.
Have a laugh filled day.




  1. Wow! I can remember Delia from when TV first started in SA. Glad you enjoyed the show

    • I am impressed can remember that far back….obviously not going through Menopause. 🙂

  2. I’m not familiar with Delia, but in my opinion you qualify as the younger Delia Sainsbury of the blogging world – funny, energetic (even when you’re physically exhausted), and you keep me in stitches. And I’m sure you dance and sing when the occasion calls for it. 😉

    Glad you had such a good time!

    • Oh my word RD….you are going to have to rethink the idea you have of me.
      I am trying to picture myself singing and dancing…I am laughing just thinking of it…no way!!!!

  3. I met Delia many years ago. She was my showbiz SiL’s friend. A very funny woman as I remember.. Glad you enjoyed the musical. it sounds like such a hoot. ps: I’m the skinny one. 😉 xxx

    • Hi AD…I’ll try not to hold it against you. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a fun show. I shall have to see it if it comes round.

    • Hi Maire….really worth seeing!

  5. I remember Delia too …

    • I don’t Cindy….must be the menopause!

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    • Thanks for the head’s up darkjade…have voted.

  7. Love you and your posts, Granny47 … Love from cat (Skinny Cat55 :))

  8. I’ve heard it’s a fantastic show – bet you glad you went now, you enjoyed it so much!

    • Hi Barb….it was fun from the minute it started!

  9. My sister, niece and I saw Menopause the Musical last year . . . great show! Lots of FUN!

    • Hi NR…loved it when the plump,matronly one tries on a some sexy underwear obviously 10 sizes too small.

  10. The same show was here as well – I don’t know if it was the same women, but it was the show. Fabulous being able to see, on stage, the very thing we promise God we’ll never do in front of another human being.

    • Hi souldipper…am sure not the same women but very,very funny.

  11. She’s 70?!?!? wow! That show sounds fantastic

    • Hi Saint…I think it has already been up in the Tvl but,if not, you should see it…great fun.

  12. The musical sounds like fun. That pic looks so inviting:)

  13. You’re such a “happening” granny. Can’t believe you can’t dance. Glad you had a nice evening.:-)


  15. I remember Delia too…

  16. Delia has certainly been around – but at first I mixed her up mentally with Delia Smith cooking for Sainsbury’s!

    • She looks FANTASTIC for her age Col…and so darn active!

  17. I love going to the theater. I can’t remember the last time I went 😦 That woman sounds like a real inspiration; people who live till they die.

    • As i said Yada…my new hero…I was so impressed!

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