Posted by: granny1947 | January 25, 2012

Granny and the tortured teenager.

Hello All.
It is official.
The days are getting shorter.
Something feels wrong.
These pics were taken at five to six in the morning.
And the sun hadn’t popped over the mountain yet.

I must say I love the early morning pinks.

Grandson went for the interview.
Something to do with web design.
They said they will call him tomorrow to arrange a training day.
See what he is capable of.
I have a sneaking feeling this could be a commission only job.
Hope I am wrong.
He needs to have a salary.
Even if it isn’t great.

I was ready to kill him by the time we finished shopping.
He ended up buying a pair of slacks.
Which he hates.
Says they are old men pants.
Which they aren’t.
I wanted to get him a pair of Chinos.
Well, I THINK that is what they are called.
But he is so used to wearing those horrible skinny jeans that he just felt the Chinos were too baggy.
He looks “normal” in the slacks.
Obviously, “normal” is not what he likes.
What happened to the sweet loving kid I brought up?
I miss him.

While on the subject of strange looking creatures….this one was on the beach this morning.
I have seen them before and posted pics but maybe not on this forum.
Looks like the fish has lost half his body.
But that is the whole deal.
Minus the eyeballs.

If he hadn’t been covered in insects I would have taken him home.
Told the grandkids it was for supper.
Revenge would have been so sweet.
Do you get the feeling I don’t much like either of them at the moment?
Good thing I love them.

I had a rotten night last night.
I was walking around the house at some godforsaken time.
Tonight my DIL and I are off to some musical show.
Which promises to be very good.
If I can stay awake.



  1. There is something beautiful and awesome about early mornings. I’m glad that I see more of them through your eyes. I struggle with mornings πŸ™‚ That fish sure looks strange.

    • I agree Yada…I love the early morning…once I am there….getting motivated is another story.

  2. The fish looks like a baby Sunfish. The adult is pretty big. Kids and pants and I just don’t agree. I try my damdest not to burn the skinny jeans and the “hang gat broek” these guys wear.

    • Hell yes Sarchasm…I don’t know which are worse…hate them both!

  3. I thought it was normal not to like your grandkids..just as long as you love them…mine drive me up the wall!

    Why not buy a new pair of jeans!

    • Hi Patrecia…didn’t really think jeans were suitable for an interview.

  4. 10/10 for standing up for unskinny pants! I’ve also seen those fishes.

    • Hi joberry….I notice he still had them on when I fetched him just now…maybe they are growing on him!!!

  5. “WAKE UP”!!! . Heh,..That fish would make a HUGE POT, and give an entirely different perspective on “Fish Heads” and rice…where’s the rest of him?

    • Hi Paul…think the Creator got bored halfway through the job!

  6. That second pic of yours is fantastic ! Should frame it and take it with you!

    • Thanks Napier….will be taking a couple of thousand photos with me!!!!

  7. Love the photos! I agree you should frame them. I do hope your grandson gets the job. Don’t worry he’ll get used to wearing old man pants. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Maiya….somehow I doubt it any time soon….men grow up soooooooooo slowly!

  8. I love early mornings, they just don’t love me. 😦 They have an incomparable peace about them, and the dewy fragrance of the oncoming day has an unparalleled freshness. I used to get up pre-dawn to do sunrise photography, sometimes I’d even go to the beach or a lake to get some really stunning photos. Now I’m happy to take sunset photos instead. πŸ˜‰

    That sure IS one weird looking fish!

    • Hi RD….just popping in…am going to try and have a nap before going out…don’t think it will work…too darn hot…again!

  9. Early mornings do look very peaceful. Usually I’m peacefully asleep at that time though. Hope the job has some decent remuneration for your grandson in chinos. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy the show tonight. hugs xx

    • Hello AD….wonder why I had to approve you again????

  10. Fascinating dead fish pic, Granny! Seriously.
    As for the rest of your post, you rock – as both a blogger and a grandmother!

    • You are too sweet Hook.

  11. I can remember looking at my older daughter when she was a teenager sitting across the dinner table from me. She made some remark that was totally dismissive of me. I wondered then where my sweet, loving daughter had gone. Fortunately, she is now a delightful almost-forty-year-old who apologizes all the time for the teenager she was. Time is sometimes on our side!

    • Hi Marjulo…I agree…even my sons eventually became human(more or less)

  12. All teenagers are horrid…just saying. πŸ™‚

    • Oh hell I know Princess…this is my second time around…there should be a law about teenagers living with their grandparents!

  13. that fish ain’t half fishy.

    • And smelly Pseu. πŸ™‚

  14. “Do you get the feeling I don’t much like either of them at the moment?
    Good thing I love them”… love them so much Granny and it comes across so beautifully . You’re such a dear, honestly> I hope you enjoyed the musical and I hope you’ll have some good news to share about your grandson’s interview..

    • Good Morning Nadira….it is so nice to have you back…no news re the interview yet.

  15. i hope you will sleep better tonight granny

    • Hi Dianne…I slept well but not enough…tonight I will be hitting the sack very early.

  16. Ghee, where is the rest of the fish? Maybe it’s a teenage fish … then again that would be sad, because he didn’t grow up to be a “real” fish … oh, I don’t know … all I know, is Excellent Post! … thanks Granny47. Blessed be. Love always, cat.

    • Awwww…thanks Cat…will have another try at getting onto your post later today.

  17. Wow, even teens can change their mind. Hopefully some girl looked at him the right way and he’s had a change of heart.

    That’s a very weird fish. I think you are on the right track…the Creator must have been distracted.

  18. Hiya Granny, glad to have found you too

    • Hi Optie…you will feel at home in no time at all…I love it here.

  19. That is a baby sunfish, one of the largest fish in the sea. Beautiful really. Love your blog granny. What can one say re teens though? *sigh*

    • Hi There Saint…super to be back in touch….I have missed so many of you guys but it just became too painful posting in two places.

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