Posted by: granny1947 | January 23, 2012

Happy,happy Granny

Hello All.

Yes, I am a happy Granny.
It has been raining nearly all day.
Lovely heavy cool rain.
The temperature is a manageable 25 degrees.
I can do 25 degrees.
I cannot do 35 degrees.
My brain ceases to function.

It was too hot to blog on Saturday.
The above pic was taken before eight in the morning on Saturday.
It was already unpleasantly warm.
I mooched around most of the day.
And sweated.
I did manage a nap.
With the fan blowing on me.
But it didn’t help much.

Yesterday I took Mex to the airport.
Never underestimate the intelligence of cats.
Tom never sleeps on my bed when Mex is home.
Last night he was on my bed before I even got there.
The animal knew he wasn’t around.
Probably watched him packing.
And thought Uh Huh.
Jasmine also slept in my room but on the floor.

On my way back from the airport I had to go to Simonstown.
I was having lunch with the friend who took me to Swaziland.
I hit traffic.
Although it was drizzling people were flocking to the beaches.
So I took a couple of photos with the small camera.
From the car.
Something different for a change.

This is St.James.
It is usually packed.
I am sure the water is very warm.
And not from the sun.

Then I saw this church.
Well, I have often seen it but yesterday I had a good look at it.
It was built in 1859.
It is older than me.
I rather like it.

A lot of the houses in the area are built with that stone.
They must be lovely and cool in summer.
This particular area looks just like it did when I was a girl.
Some things never change.
Wish I could say the same about me.

I could carry on chatting about nothing much but I have an audit tomorrow.
Yes, ANOTHER one.


  1. lovely pics, there can’t have been much traffic

    • Hi Sidey…the traffic was backed up from St.James through to Kalk Bay…thank God for air conditioning!!

  2. You cooled down enough and I am beginning to get defrosted..that’s a bonus!

    the church was built in 1859 you were built in 1947 you would be 112 years older than you are now.. I think that even you would be a little wrinkled.

    Where has Mex gone?

    • Hello Patrecia…I am more than a little wrinkled now!!!
      Mex has gone to visit his daughter for a few weeks.

  3. I’m glad you are all better and that it’s a bit cooler. Good luck with the audit. I quite like the church.

    • Thanks Maire…not worried about the audit…am sure it will go well.

  4. Lovely cooling rain periodically 🙂

    • Hasn’t it been great Sarchasm?

  5. That was Grandy’s church.

    • Hi Cindy….so I am making you homesick again…sorry!

  6. Beautiful stone church, granny. Older than you? Gosh! Love those colourful beach huts. Wishing you a happy week. Hope the weather stays cooler for you. xxx

    • Thanks AD…will be visiting everyone’s posts after the audit in the morning…too tired tonight.

  7. I’m glad the temps cooled down a bit for you, Granny! That looks like such a charming church – an irresistible thing to me! 🙂 Good luck with the audit!

    • Hi RD….the temp is lovely tonight but I am heading for bed…really tired.

  8. Oh I missed you Granny.:-) I know that about cats. We have one at my mother’s place who knows exactly when he can plop on to the bed and when he can’t. Sure thy’re intelligent. That church looks quaint and beautiful. ..and right..a litle older than you:-) Love you Granny. Hope all went well with the audit.

    • Oh Nadira…I missed you too…so good to have you back!

  9. If you need to kill the auditor, I have some suggestions regarding disposal of the remains.
    Amazing church. I would have thought it was built quite recently!

  10. Glad it’s cooler granny, now you can begin to think again!
    Lovely church, I love that stonework.

  11. Cool temps. No one to cook for but you. Pets for roommates.

    Life is GOOD!

  12. Glad that you’re happy Granny! That is a very nice-looking church. I have a fascination with churces though only God knows why because I’m not religious in the slightest and never set foot in them except for weddings, funerals and to take pictures. Perhaps I will be smited/smote(?) for such behaviour one day. Could use one of your +35 days right about now.

  13. I was there! I was on that very road…ah the memories. Yes, I’m going to miss your Cape Town lifestyle, my friend.

  14. Hope the weather stays cool enough for you to recover, Gran.

  15. Nice shots, Granny!

    • Thanks Hook…have a great day.

  16. For me Simonstown is synonymous with penguins. I always go to see them 🙂

    • Hmmmm Yada…I haven’t been there for ages…think I must make a turn when I feel a bit better.

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