Posted by: granny1947 | January 20, 2012

Granny and,finally, it is Friday

Hello All.

No walk today.
My apologies to those folk who go for a virtual walk with me.
It was drizzling.
You know…that wet stuff that falls gently from the sky.
It is still overcast but the forecast is for 29degrees.
When the clouds lift the humidity is going to be something awful.
No need to be concerned about Jasmine…Grandson is about to take her for a walk.

They were chatting about a new game that has come out on the radio this morning.
It is installed in toilets.
So that men can have peeing competitions.
Games that incorporate the force of the flow.
And accuracy.
In a nutshell….therein lies the difference between men and women.
This old girl can just shake her head in amazement.
And all you guys are saying…WOW!!!!


I have just been outside.
I was right.
I usually am. πŸ™‚
We are going to cook tonight.
Talking about cooking.
I have not given supper a thought.

Talking about darn.
Do people still darn socks?
I don’t.
I used to.
When Noah was still a boy.
We used a light bulb to keep the shape.
I seem to remember that darned socks were darn uncomfortable.

I am beginning to ramble.
So I will just ramble off now.



  1. We darned socks when I was young. My mother had a wooden form that she used to keep the shape. I think she only darned my father’s socks. We grew out of ours too quickly.

    • Hi Maire…now that you mention it…I think my Mom had one too….I must ask her.

  2. Socks aren’t worth darning anymore; the fabric on most of them would just continue to shred around the spot you darned…..causing you to say “Darn!”. Maybe that’s where the term came from? LOL Good grief, I’m being silly today.

    Hope you stay cool today, Granny! And have a fun weekend! πŸ™‚

    • You are catching Silly from me RD!!!

  3. there is a reason boys have toys built in, otherwise they would get soooo bored

    • I know Sidey…also…they never grow up!!!

  4. not a drop or a drizzle on this side

    • Hi Sarchasm….us deep south okies don’t share our drizzle.

  5. I also used to darn socks, but they were made of wool then and always seemed to be wearing holes. Today’s socks seem to go on for ever. My mom still has her wooden darning thingy. Glad Jasmine got her soggy walk. Happy weekend to you. xx

    • Hi AD…most of my socks vanish so I never have to think about darning.

  6. I can’t wait for one of those flow and accuracy tests! Always out (heehee) for a wee challenge, I am.

    I darn socks. It seems a waste to turf a pair just worn in nicely just for the sake of one peeping toe. My darns are very comfortable!

    • Hi Col…I KNEW you guys would love the idea!!!

  7. Love your post! Very clever. You’re a hoot! Have a good weekend.

    • Thanks Marjulo…you have a good one too.

  8. Being of a male gender, I guess there is something new I will have to learn, then? Great post, and I love the last picture. Such a tranquil and eternal landscape with beautiful colours and light.

    • Hi There Munchow…thank you…I also enjoyed that pic…love the morning light.

  9. I like rambling. πŸ™‚

    • heheh Pseu…sometimes that is all I can do!

  10. ramble all you want ; o)
    i don’t still darn socks, in the trash they go.
    shaking my head in amazement also about that new game.. lolol
    enjoyed your photos as always

    • Thanks Dianne….I am with you…toss them!

  11. I have never actually seen anyone darn socks but I did learn from a book one time. I should do that with my husband’s socks since they wear out in the heels and toes so quickly.

    • No Linda…toss them!!!!

  12. I haven’t had socks with holes for years. Then I bought these expensive running shoes and bingo…they eat holes in the heels of every sock! There’s nothing sharp, but the soles are so danged stiff that they rub a hole through the material. Oddly enough, the rubbing doesn’t bother my heels.

    So I’m wearing socks with holes in the heels on purpose. Why fight it? The shoes will wear out soon.

    They don’t dare put one of those devices in office bathrooms. The guys would never be at their desks! πŸ˜€

    • Hi Souldipper…maybe they SHOULD install them there…the aiming would be better!

  13. Oh, but you ramble so well…Heh, so, video games in the john? And, Cindy thinks elevators should come equipped with adult diaper dispensers? Yeah, it’s been a rather humorous night around the bloggerhood. In fact…you just gave me a second elevator requirement to post on the “Hooks” site…to go along with Cindy’s suggested Adult Diaper Dispenser, and my suggested fully -stocked-mini-bar, and barcalounger…let’s go ahead and add a restroom with videos…Then I’d Never reach my floor…Heck, I’d never have to rent a room for that matter….
    Oh, geez granny…see what ya did…you rubbed off on me now…talk about rambling….
    Bless You

    • Lol Paul….you see….it is contagious!!!

  14. Juslaaik, my mom also had one of those wooden thingies. As for that game! All I can say is ‘small things’…

    • Careful Adee….you will have all the guys after your blood….size IS important. πŸ™‚

  15. You’re ALWAYS right, aren’t you Granny?

    • Hehehe…hardly ever hook…hardly ever.

  16. I guess that gives a new meaning to p.s.i. readings . . . instead of pounds of pressure per square inch . . . it’s pee (on the wall) per square inch.

    Of course, that doesn’t translate into kilograms and centimeters, does it?

    • Lol….good one NR!!!

  17. I have awarded you with the ( Reader Appreciation Flower Award ) Granny, you may pick it up on my latest post, or in the side bar whenever you would like…Well, I mean, Should you decide to receive it.
    Bless You

    • Oh Paul…thank you so much for the kind thought…I am not really into awards…I love getting them but am too dumb to know how to put them on my side bar.
      Now Dribblingpensioner is going to come in and give me hell.
      He did explain to me once but it was a couple of hundred comments ago and now I can’t find it.
      What can I say…I am technically challenged!

  18. Hello Granny, I missed seeing your piccies πŸ™‚

    • oH WOW Bibi….it is so good to see you here!!!

  19. Well Granny, the longer you ramble, the wider our mouths stretch with the smiles they bring on. So no one here is complaining.

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