Posted by: granny1947 | January 19, 2012

Granny says DAMN(or words to that effect)

Hello All.

So….I get down to the beach and spot this guy.
A fair distance from the water edge.
I, very carefully, made my way passed him.
Seals have been known to bite the nose off well meaning idiots.
Ones who go up to them and say “awwww….cute….arghhhhhhhhh”

Jasmine went up to investigate.
I wasn’t too concerned.
She is not aggressive.
And she is a bit of a coward.
She and the seal eyeballed each other but she didn’t go too close.
When I walked off she realised I was getting too far to help her if she got into trouble and she bounded after me.

I spoke to a woman higher up the beach and mentioned the seal.
Oh yes, she said casually.
They come onto the beach to die.
I felt a bit sad.
I sat on my thinking rock and wondered if seals do know they are going to die.
Like the wizards on Discworld.
The wizards know the exact time of their death.
And heaven help Death if he is late.

Walking back I couldn’t see the seal.
So I thought she was wrong and he had just come for a visit.
And I felt happier.
Then I got closer.

And he had,indeed,expired.
And I felt sad again.
Talk about an emotional rollercoaster.
At six in the morning.
Before I had even had coffee.

And the heatwave continues.
Last night was marginally more bearable.
And this morning it was positively chilly on the beach.
I reveled in the coolness.
Mother nature was just playing mind games with me.
It is another scorcher today.
And, upcountry they are having floods!

My apple farmer friend was telling me that,when the weather gets this hot,the apple trees shut down.
Go into self defence mode.
And the apples stop growing.
How interesting.

This morning I went to my boss with a strange problem that had cropped up on our system.
He got so involved he forgot the management meeting.
First time ever.
I told him he can thank me later.
I also told him the meeting probably went a lot quicker without him there.
I love the fact that I can make career limiting comments!!!

Now…I need coffee!


  1. Poor seal.
    They say elephants know….

    • Hi Pseu…yes…I have heard that about elephants but I didn’t know about seals.

  2. How interesting about the seal and the apples. I saw something similar with a dove once. He positioned himself in the middle of the road and refused to fly. I got out, walked up to him and picked the wild bird up in my hand and he didn’t even resist. I thought then that something was wrong. I took him inside, tried to give him some water, but he landed up pushing up into a corner where I found him a little later – gone. Shame. I felt so sad – I understand how you might have felt. I think they know they’re dying, which is precisely why they come out of the water.

    • Hi Yada….I think cats go off to die too…nature is quite incredible.

  3. poor seal, at least he got a friendly chat with Jasmine and wasn’t hounded by some evil dog

    • Hi Sidey…I know…I wonder what they said to each other?

      • I suspect it also has something to do with survivl of the species. if they die in home waters the body would probably attract sharks……….

      • Hmmmmm Sidey….do you think animals could use that sort of logic?

  4. Sad but well written. Glad to see you here

    • Hello Sarchasm…wonderful to see you here…I have subscribed!!!

      • That’s great. Check out my blog roll for some of the others. Encourage your old 24 friends to open wp blogs

  5. we all gotta go sooner or later and his fate was sealed!

    I have not received my parcel of sunshine yet..Have you posted it.. I am frozen and it makes me even colder reading about your lovely warm climate. I can do without apples but not the sun…..

      Sorry….not shouting…damn caplocks.

  6. My guess is that the seal knew it was time to beach itself and pass on (I could google it, but I’m too lazy today!) – kind of like the way elephants make their way to the elephant graveyards to die when they know it’s time. Still, it’s such a sad thing to witness.

    I’m glad Jasmine is cautious with her investigations – we wouldn’t want a red-nosed doggy!

  7. Stangest thing that, about the seals coming ashore to die. I wonder if anyone has worked out reasons?

    Managagment meetings, like parliament, are mostly an utter waste of time.

    • Hi Col….interesting isn’t it?
      Wish they would choose another beach!

  8. I Googled ‘seals beach die’ and got this:

    SEAL BEACH — The peace of this quiet seaside community was shattered Wednesday when eight people were killed and one was injured in a shooting at a hair salon.


    • Oh my goodness Cindy…who knew you were working in such a dangerous enviroment!

  9. The circle of life.

    • I know NR….still a bit sad!

  10. What a sad story about the seal, … at least, hopefully, no other animals were bothering him/ and or feasting on him already, so he could die in peace. Seen that happening, which is to show how cruel life/ death can be. Speaking of cruel … uhm, how about you sending me some of your scorching weather 🙂 and I’ll send you some of our freezing temps (- 29c here in Alberta this morning …) Greetings from the deep freeze, Granny 🙂 Love, cat.

    • Hi Cat…I will swap you any time…am sitting here with the sweat dripping….so draining.

  11. I think I look forward to your walks on the beach almost as much as you do….:) This touch of sadness simply added to the simple beauty of it all.

    • Hi There Lin…nice to know someone is sharing my walk…even if it is by proxy!!!

  12. Oh, that is so sad about the seal! Not a good way to start the day! My daughter just told me that both of her animals–a dog and a cat–will have to be put down before summer. That made me sad too. Good thing my youngest grandson is here to cheer us up!

    • Oh Dear Marjulo…that is so sad.
      I dread losing Jasmine or Tom!

  13. That’s so sad, granny. A good place to die though. xx

    • Hi AD….great to see you on WP…now I will be able to see your posts…great stuff.
      Yes, a good place to die but I really wish they would choose another beach.

    • Hi AD….great to see you on WP…now I will be able to see your posts…great stuff.
      Yes, a good place to die but I really wish they would choose another beach.

    • AD…I can’t get to your post from the link under your avatar????

      • Ad…did a google search…says you have deleted your blog???????

  14. How sad; I didn’t know that about seals, but I believe elephants know too. Jasmine probably knew what was happening to the seal too – animals just seem to know these things, don’t they?
    Interesting fact about the apple trees shutting down when it gets too hot.

    • Good Morning Barb…yes I didn’t know that about tree either…thank heavens it is overcast today….

  15. Poor poor seals! I have not crawled upon a beach to surrender to my demise, though it is winter and I would like to hibernate through some of this snow and cold. Tis hard to lug kid and gear and computer across town to use the wifi amidst the chaos of people and critters,so I have been opting not to do so. I am still here, fear not! Thinking as cold as it is hear, I may pour some Brandy into my corn flakes, that stuff warms you up inside!

    • Hi Mogue….was getting worried about you…thanks for clearing that up.
      Do you have a cave?
      Will Spooky be happy with that?

  16. I think animals know when they are dying. They just surrender without a fight. Sad, but that’s life.

    The weather is weird all over this country, Gran. How is Wendy?

    • Hi Adee…Wendy is doing so well. She gets back on Sunday week.

  17. Oh Granny…I went on the roller coaster with you on this one. Your walks really do contain a bit of everything! I enjoy them so much. I also didn’t know seals would do that…but animals are instinctively so wise. Who would attract predators to family – I’d like to think it’s love, but I think it’s that drive that animals have to perpetuate their species.

    Speaking of nature’s wisdom, I always wondered about birds knowing not to poop in their own nests. If chicks do, the adults get rid of it. The chicks aren’t very old before they mimic adult birds who point their butts over the top of the nest and let fly! I watched eagles do it on videocam and was amazed. Here was this little eaglet – all toilet trained in very short order!

    Made me stop standing under bird nests saying, “Awwwww…”

    • Good thinking Amy…about the bird poop…I tried to get some shots of two baby birds in a nest in our parking garage the other day. The light was too bad and I didn’t want to scare them with the flash. I didn’t stand under the nest. I did go awwwwwwwwww.

  18. You’re an adult, Granny; say WHATEVER you like, whenever you like!

    • Thanks Hook…you might be sorry you said that.

  19. I’d like to think that you, Jasmine and the seal were destined to cross paths on the day he came to die. As if it were receiving some positive affirmation before letting go of life. Or, it was, simply, life and death and you were there to witness it.
    You live in an amazing and wonderful place, I think.

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