Posted by: granny1947 | January 18, 2012

Granny says…stay out of the kitchen.

Hello All.

So I was down on the beach at a quarter to six this morning.
The sun had not even peeped over the mountain yet.
There was not another soul on the beach.
For the first ten minutes.
Everything was pink and pearly.
And beautiful.
Even at that time,however, I could feel that today was going to be stifling.
And it is.

The TV is full of warnings about heatwaves.
As are the newspapers.
And February is supposed to be our hottest month.
Our electricity provider is taking strain.
Too many people using air conditioners.
I am usually too mean to use the a/c in my car.
Not now.
I had it on at seven o’clock this morning!
I might just move into my car.


Mex likes to believe that you should keep the house all closed up to keep the heat out.
I believe you should open everything up.
Knock a couple of holes in the wall if necessary.
I had hardly sat down at my computer last night and the sweat was pouring off me.
I know ladies perspire.
I sweated.
Make of that what you will.

As soon as Mex headed for bed I opened everything I could.
It helped.
A little.
I am sure,as soon as I left for work, Mex was frantically battening down the hatches again.
And cursing me.
Tonight is going to be worse.
There is no breeze whatsoever.


I read a headline in a local paper just now.

Teenager stabbed to death thirteen times.

The bugger just wouldn’t stay dead?
Kept coming back to life?
His killers must have been completely spooked.

Now back to work.



  1. It’s funny. January is our coldest month but these past few days have been more like April and beautiful. Where is the cold? It’s great for the heating bills, though.

    • Hi Maire….I am saying the same thing…bring on the cold!

  2. 13 times? That is creepy …

    • hI cINDY….THE CALL??????

  3. How awful about the teen but how funny at the way they phrased it!

    I hate hate hate heat! Especially stifling, breezeless heat! I’m enjoying our winter – it’s been relatively mild, but even the freezing days are preferable to hot, humid days for me. As soon as April comes, I’ll start dreading the approach of summer. 😉

    • I am so with you RD…there is a tiny breeze tonight…it is making it bearable.

  4. We had a summer like that! It was awful. Right now our January is quite pleasant. I would rather deal with the cold than the heat. Everyone becomes cranky when it’s hot because they don’t sleep well. I hate sweating too. Take care of yourself!

  5. Ah Marjulo….so THAT is why I am cranky….thought I was just being normal!

  6. I adore the photos and wish I were able to stand next to you (in silence) watching the sun rise. Oh my, oh my!!

    • Thank you so much Marge….wouldn’t that be great?

  7. Don’t worry Granny I sweat too! Last summer I went almost no where as I have no air in my car!!! Love love love the pics.

    • Hi Linda….yes….thank heavens I had my a/c repaired!!!

  8. I would gladly take some of your heat off your hands…my house is freezing even with my fire blazing, it was -8 Celsius here all day, where I used to live in Chilliwack, which is about 4 hours away (including waiting for the ferry) it was -20 with the windchill factor…holy crap batman…

    • Hi Princess…we are never happy but I am MUCH happier with cold weather!

  9. Catching up with computer life…after a good dump of snow and freezing temps, the rain has now started. That is good…go away snow! The birds need a reprieve!

    I’m right in between Mex and you. When it’s scorching outside, I leave the house closed – even blinds/drapes. The minute it cools down or there’s a good breeze – open everything!

    • Hi Again Amy….it is a little cooler this morning…I have everything open!

  10. You guys sound like us: I want to open things up and he also wants to keep everything closed up – in summer to keep the heat out and in winter to keep the heat in 🙂 The more I see how people are different the more “normal” I feel 😀 (Funny newspaper headline! Wonder how many copies sold based on curiosity 😉 )

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