Posted by: granny1947 | January 14, 2012

Granny and the Ranger

Hello All.

My second post for the day.
As the first post was in the wee hours of the morning, it feels like my first post.
The above photo is fascinating me.
I have taken the same shot dozens of times.
You have SEEN them.
I have never noticed that there appears to be three mountains next to each other.
Is it possible that I can be THAT unobservant?
Maybe the light was different today.
Or a whole section of the mountain has fallen into the sea.
But I am sure I would have heard.

I decided to give the beach a miss today.
We went to the point.
Where the car is closer.
Just in case of a toilet emergency.
Mex bought me some tablets this morning.
They appear to be working.
However, my tummy is playing the national anthem.
In all the official languages.

I rounded the point and walked into a ranger from the Table Mountain nature reserve.
Dressed in khaki.
With a vicious young Alsatian on a lead(thank heavens).
And a gun on his hip.
The ranger not the dog.

He asked if Jasmine belonged to me.
It crossed my mind to say no.
But as there was only Jasmine and me there it seemed to be pointless.
And I think Jasmine looks like me.
And a cock might have crowed.
Anyway, he said (very nicely) that she should be on a lead.
And I agreed.(which I didn’t)
You really don’t argue with a gun toting ranger.
So we headed back to the car.
Which was just as well.
I find I am as weak as a bloody kitten.
Thank heavens there is tomorrow to recover fully.

I had BETTER be recovered tomorrow.
The house needs cleaning.
There is dogpoop to be picked up.
Jasmine needs a bath.
That is just for starters.
I need to get to the shops.
And the beach.
And have a nap.
And blog.
Damn…I had better get to bed right now.



  1. when you said you only had one vowel I thought you shpuld be glad you only had one bowel

  2. Steer clear of those armed Rangers, Granny!

  3. Sounds like you experienced my yesterday! I hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Love the picture! It is gorgeous.

    • Thanks Marjulo….Once again I am up at some ridculous hour!

  4. Jasmine looking like you and a cock crowing, literally cracked me up. I’m glad you claimed you knew her. I needed that laugh today! Always love your posts. Love, Me

    • Glad I could make you smile Reb….hope there is nothing wrong?

  5. I’m glad that there are gun toting rangers patroling the point to protect you and Jasmine from “riff raff.”

    Hope you are feeling MUCH MUCH MUCH better by tomorrow.

    • Thanks NR…have to be better tomorrow…must go to work…feel rotten still,though.

  6. Hope you’re feeling better by now xxx

    • I feel dreadful Cindy!

  7. An armed ranger now that is scary. Hope you recover really quickly. 🙂

    • Thanks Judith…yes…wonder why he was armed?
      Dangerous plants?

  8. Gun totting beware…good job Jasmine was there to guard you

    get well soon honey!!!

    • Hello Patrecia…Jasmine wanted to make friends with the other dog…no thoughs of protecting Mommy.

  9. My tummy was responding to yours today! I couldn’t find a translator. So I’m ignoring it.

    • Hehe Souldipper…good thing we are not close to each other!!!

  10. I hope you’re feeling better soon! Jen says she also has dog poop to pick up, but it’s just too darn cold.

    • Hi Rumpy….and here it is just too darn hot!

  11. Hope you are feeling better enough to do the chores, Gran, lol!

    • Hi Adee….I never feel that well!!!!!

  12. Wow, that’s one powerful bug you caught! I’m sorry you were still under the weather this weekend, but I hope you’re feeling better now (since I’m just reading this on Monday!). I hope you’re not pushing yourself too hard too soon – these bugs have a way of sticking around even longer if you do.

    That first photo mesmerized me too, and I wondered why I hadn’t noticed those stacked mountains before. What an incredible shot!

    Nice going with that ranger – you said just the right thing. Good thing he was in a good mood. 😉

    • Hi RD…yes I was lucky….he seemed to be a nice guy.

  13. […] Images: […]

  14. Love that photo. Often when we drive in from Arizona, across the desert late in the day, the mountains in the distance look like that, each almost a single shade of gray, layered against the sky. I keep threatening to to a water color or pencil drawing of it but seem forget.

    Feel better soon.

    • Hi there Bud….go for it….do a water colour….I would….if I could!

  15. I do get irritated by these officious geezers who say dogs should be put on a lead. Exactly how does one manage seven?

    • Hi Col….my question is…how the hell do you FEED seven dogs????

  16. You’ll have ample pics by which to remember this absolutely beautiful beach! We’ve been so spoiled to see them everyday. Just so you know that it is not being taken for granted 🙂

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