Posted by: granny1947 | January 11, 2012

Granny goes “what now?”

Hello All.

What a stunning day.
I was down at the beach at twenty to six.
The sun hadn’t quite peeped over the mountain.
Everything was pink and pearly.
Not a breath of wind.
But cool air off the sea.
Which was a relief after the hot night.
I did NOT sleep well.
And I can tell…I keep having to correct my typing.

Fifteen minutes later all the colours had changed.

My son has just popped in to see me.
He lost his drivers licence and had to re-write the test.
He failed.
After 20 years of driving.
They have come up with some ridiculous new rules.
He lost points when he did parallel parking.
He reversed in perfectly but he did not turn his indicator on when he straightened the car out.
I never do that.
Why would one have to do that?
Just who are you indicating to?
The parked car behind you?
The one with no-one in it?
That is just crazy.
I am darn sure I would not get my licence now either.

Man that beach was lovely this morning.

My brain is turning into scrambled eggs.
Rumour has it there is a meeting scheduled for Tuesday.
The big noises getting together to discuss giving me a contract.
I have no idea what to do.
I could save a nice sum of money in a year.(the half day salary will probably be small)
I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to my beautiful beach.
Or Cape Town.
Or my friends.
Or my kids(maybe that should be a down)

My Mother will be devastated.
In a year’s time I won’t have a half day Job waiting.
I will be a year older.

What do you guys suggest?



  1. Is there any possibility of your parents moving to Cape Town instead of you moving to Port Elizabeth? If you sign the contract, can you resign on an “emergency basis” in April if you continue with your decision to move? Get vacation pay? Damn that’s a difficult situation you’re in. Wish I could be more helpful.

  2. Oh and I forgot to comment on the photos – AMAZING! Those colors and that ground mist are incredible!!

  3. If it were me, I’d take the beach and my friends and Cape Town. The other will wait. That’s just my opinion, but you seem so happy where you are.

  4. Greetings to you, Granny47 … note to your son … don’t worry … try agai, and again … you are gonna be alright eventually. And Granny47 … I would take the part time job … don’t forget, you will have to pay less taxes if you “only” work partl time … Hmmm? Love, cat.

  5. Don’t worry about what you don’t know. Their offer may suck. Your mother may be devastated but you can’t make your decisions based on what is better for other people. If it is best for you to be with your mother…then that is what is best but not just because she “wants” it. My decisions get cloudy sometimes because I base it on others needs. If you don’t protect yourself first, then you won’t be able to help others later. I sometimes want to give to others first. I am bad about that…..but it hit me one time on an airplane. For real. They talked about giving the oxygen to yourself first and then your child. I thought…that is crazy, I would save my child first! Then it hit me. You won’t be able to save your child if you pass out from lack of oxygen. What is best for you? Which choice is what makes you stronger? It may be moving. It may be staying. Good gracious….I do talk too much. I apparently am a know it all as well. You will know…..Love, Me (know it all me)

    • Hi Reb….thank you so much for all that….unfortunately….sometimes you HAVE to make a decision based on the needs of others.

  6. Put on your thinking (and feeling) cap.

    Maybe moving your parents to YOU would make sense?

  7. “Maybes” can drive you crazy. Moving can drive you crazy. Count the pluses for each option. Go with the pluses! Just my two cents…

    • You are right Marjulo…I need to re-do that list.

  8. Hi Granny. I say stay in the deep south! Although I thought it was supposed to be cooler this side of the peninsula – NOT! And yes, can’t your mom move down here?

    • Hi 40!!!! Isn’t it a stunning day?
      Traffic is going to be horrible on your side today.

  9. More and more I want to live there.

    What would make you happiest? Let’s say if your mom were not alive. Would you really like to stay? Then stay and move your mom to you like Nancy said. I know she would probably fuss but you are the one who has to work.

    • Hi Linda…it is not just them…there is my brother too….I could not find anything big enough(and affordable) down here!

  10. My guess? A money making scheme on the license… 😦 Maybe he should consider getting it in a place with no traffic lights 😉 Personally, I’d wait for the contract and see what the details are. Good luck with your decision.

    • Hi Yada….maybe he should actually sit down and read the damn book first!

  11. Wait and see. Love you xxx

    • Love you too Cindy….what is with the architect????

  12. First, I’d let them present the contract so I could see what’s in it. Maybe there’s a way of doing both. If they really want you, they’ll be open to creative solutions or approaches.

    Kath, it’s hard for me to answer because I live in a society where the elders move to residences in locations where the kids live. When the offspring still need to make a living, they would not see a benefit to giving up their career and moving to the parent. Since you are the one who earns a living and won’t be working a bunch more years, this is a critical time in your earnings life.

    So, in my situation, I’d ask my parent(s) to move to where I was settled, working, have family and know the ropes.

    In fact…that’s what my parents did, on their own. I didn’t even ask them. They moved to my tiny island and enjoyed a much more peaceful life.

    • Hi Amy….as per last night’s post….moving them is not really an option…as you say….I will wait and see what transpires on Tuesday/Wednesday….get all the figures and then decide.

  13. Things will work out, Gran, don’t stress. 😀

    • Hi Adee…I am trying not too….I promise.

  14. Wow,
    reading your psots backwards here…did the stress of this bring on the bug?
    Like IBS

  15. not literally backwards, but out of oreder LOL

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