Posted by: granny1947 | January 8, 2012

Granny and the end is nigh.

Hello All.

Well, the end of my holiday is here.
Tomorrow I head off to the salt mines.
In a very strange way I am looking forward to it.
It will be good to get back into a structured routine.
And the fact that it is probably only for  four months make a difference too.
Well, that is what I am telling myself.
It is almost working.

I went off to the airport to fetch Wendy at lunchtime.
She is here for her second last round of chemo.
She has been asleep for ages.
She is doing a lot of sleeping.
Think it could be a form of escapism.
Wonder why I sleep so much?

The photos are from the other day.
I only took three yesterday.
And I didn’t walk today.
Granddaughter is here for a couple of days so she took Jasmine.
And now she is making a potato salad and a green salad.
Teenagers have  their uses.
We are having a BBQ.
This means I don’t have to do a thing.
Life is good.

The 100 million birthday bash has been on TV most of the day.
Right now the presenters are raving about how wonderful it all it.
I have a confession.
What I have seen has been incredibly boring.
I am so glad I did not have to sit in that heat.
Listening to all the speakers droning on and on and on.
And on.
Oh dear…it appears I am unpatriotic.
Or too old to be swept up in the hype.
Thank God for the remote control.

And now before I bore you all to tears too…I shall end off.


  1. i wish you a great 1st day at work granny. And i wish well to wendy. well.. i’ve decided to start bloging again after being away for some time. just a simple photoblog with quotes again. i’ve posted a few older photos and i will add some new ones.. it will help past the winter away that is ahead of us here in nova scotia, canada.. ;o)

  2. Wendy may just be TIRED, chemo takes so much out of you

  3. I almost have to admit I’m glad you are returning to work – i have been rather jealous all week

  4. Sleeping is a great way to find the strength to face another day.

    Happy trails.

  5. Escapism, huh? Was wondering why I’ve been so tired lately… Have a great first day, granny!

  6. Some of us have been back all week…

  7. Wendy is healing as she sleeps – all part of the process.
    Hope you enjoy getting back to work granny – a structured routine is good, I miss it since I retired. Must work on that.

  8. Love that second picture, Granny. Have a good rest. It’s back to the salt mines for me, too, tomorrow. Sigh.

  9. Well all good things must come to an end, they say….but it’s great that you’re looking forward to going back to work. Silver lining to every cloud…. Geez, I’m full of cliches tonight!

    That’s a really nice holiday you get there – we got the day after Christmas (only because Christmas fell on a Sunday, otherwise we’d have been back to work on the 26th), and January 2. Period. It really stinks.

    Are there any job openings where you’ll be moving that you might be interested in?

  10. Granny, I hope you read my response to the comment you left on my last blog.

    Hi Ho Hi Ho…may you find the Mines in good shape and all hands reliably on deck!

    • I went and looked Souldipper…you are so kind.

  11. Sometimes I think I envy you, Gran. A half-day job is the answer…

    • Morning Adee…I still have to find someone willing to hire an old girl!!!

  12. Enjoy your first day back!

    • Thanks Tilly….it was great.

  13. Wendy is probably sleeping a lot due to the cancer and the chemo. They both sap your energy so much. Escapism is probably true too. She is in my prayers.

    • Thanks Maire…when she goes home tomorrow she will be catching up on all my posts and comments.

  14. Have fun in the salt mines, Granny!

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