Posted by: granny1947 | January 5, 2012

Granny’s walking Thursday

Hello All.

Yes…it has been a walking Wednesday.
I took Jasmine down quite early.
See the bottom picture.
I am not going to try and move them around.

Last night Mex suggested we go for a walk on the boardwalk today.
Somewhere I have not been before.
That is the end of it above.
Concentrate here.
I MUST go back to downloading one photo at a time.

I asked if we were taking Jasmine with us.
He said no.
She couldn’t walk that far.
The DOG can’t walk that far and he thought I could?
The man is going senile.

Anyway, he must have come to his senses because we drove part of the way.
And then we walked.
And we walked.

I must admit it was great.
Though I stopped a lot.
To take pictures.

The following was the only wild life we saw.
Besides birds.



I kept a good watch out.
Just in case there were a couple of his reptilian cousins.
There weren’t.
Not that I saw.
Thank God.
Sprinting is not one of my favourite things to do.
Oh stop it WP.
There IS a U in favourite.


Then I spotted this little family of Egyptian Geese.
Mex believes that walking should be for exercise.
Increased heart rate.
Copious amounts of sweat.
He missed the family scene.
There is a moral in here somewhere.


When we got back I had to go through to Simonstown to pick up Grandson’s report.
He passed.
Quite well.
He got 68% for Biology.
Which was brilliant as he took it for the first time in his final year.
Younger daughter can now eat her words.
She said he would never get his matric.
I told him if he didn’t he would stay at school until he did.
Even if he was the only kid in the class with a beard.
Thank heavens he took me seriously.
I recall saying that to younger son too.
He also listened.

Now comes the major problems.
What does the boy do next?
As a white male, the job opportunities are few.
Anyway, we will cross that bridge soon.
Well done my boy.
I love you.

I have had a nap.
When I dreamed I spent R1400 on a dress.
That will never happen.
It wasn’t even a very nice dress.
I don’t even own a dress.
Where does one’s mind go when you sleep?
Do I have a secret desire to own a dress?
I don’t think so.
Maybe my subconscious is aware of pending changes in my life?


  1. Change can be scary but I hope that you can manage to see it as an adventure instead; an opportunity for new experiences.

    • Hi Yada…I have never been too scared of change…just know I am going to miss Cape Town!

  2. Poor Jasmine, excluded from a WALK!

    Well done to the boy, now he needs some kind of stufy-job to get qualified while he works.

    • I know Sidey….the worrying part is I won’t be here to help him soon.

  3. Well done Grandson! I’m sure all of Granny’s loyal blog buddies are proud of you! 🙂

    I love the picture of the lizard!

    • Morning RD…there were hundreds of the things…I was sorry I never took the other camera with the better zoom…next time.

  4. I love the photo of the boardwalk. I’d like to sit on that bench and take in the scenery and crashing waves for hours.

    Congrats to the grandson!

    • Morning NR…I looked,longingly, at that bench but no luck at sitting!

  5. Such beautiful photos in the dead of winter. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life with us!

    • Morning Susie….Middle of summer here…we are expecting 27 degress…right now not a breath of wind…I should head for the beach.

  6. Hi Granny,
    Congrats to Grandson 🙂
    Little confused why is it so difficult for white male to get a job? Do people only employ black males?
    I dragged my hubby for cliftop walk today. 13km! Thought it seemed a good idea when we started. I crawled back on my knees…
    Love the boardwalks

    • Good Morning PIP…can’t remember how it works exactly…think it is black males,then black females,then white females,then people with disabilities….white males are last on the list…even if they are more qualified!

  7. I think the moral of the story is possibly found in the dream interpretation;..
    Never let your doggy drive you to the boardwalk unless your bearded baby-boy grandson has the car on a short leash…and never let Granny go dress shopping unless Mex has HER on a short leash…But, never EVER , EVER, let Granny stop taking awesome photos of those beautiful, pristine seascapes…especially the roaring ones…Bless You

  8. Beautiful, as always!!!
    Have a special day and congratulations to your grandson!!
    You showed them Granny (well, he did too)

  9. Love your blogging style and the great way you bring the reader into your thoughts and your day. So fun to read!

  10. Hi Gran! Good for your grandson! Mine also passed matric. He is fortunate to be able to turn his hobby (which took up all his school time and I had my doubt about his passing) into a career. He also got good grades (amazing!) Don’t stress about your move. Join me in trying to be cool, calm and collected. Things will fall into place. Be positive. Are you sure that’s only a lizard?

  11. I don’t have a game waiting from you. There must be more than one of me

  12. WEll done grandson!

    • Hi Tilly…did you get the joke?

  13. Maybe you are going somewhere you’ll need a dress.

    • Oh Gosh I hope not Maire!!!

  14. Beautiful photos…love the boardwalk view. Congrats to the grandson. !!! Love to read your posts..thank you for sharing your days and the awesome photos…..I see change as a challenge and new adventures…!!

    • Hi Penny…am trying to look at it the same way…think there will be a lot of venting later in the year.

  15. Once again beautiful photos. They actually make me want to walk there. I can not get up enough motivation to walk. Well part of it is that I can’t walk three dogs and I can’t just walk one of them. I had been walking each one in turn but I don’t want to anymore.

    Cute little lizzard, I like them just not other things related to them.

    That’s a good report from your grandson. I hope he will find something he likes to do. It seems that is becoming more and more difficult these days. It won’t hurt for him to give a lot of things a try though.

    • Oh dear Linda….I am sure they are missing the outings…

  16. Yay – I love hearing about kids pulling off good marks. Enough to make Granny pop out of her bra! 😀

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