Posted by: granny1947 | January 3, 2012

Granny gets snapped

Hello All.

I have had a busy day so far.
Will have to see if I can change that.
I got up early and we headed for the beach.
Which was glorious.
No wind and a bit of a haze.

The smell of the sea was just great.
Real soul food.
As everyone keeps reminding me…I am going to miss this place SO much.
The swells were quite big.
According to the paper there have been quite a few drownings.
I am not surprised.
I have the utmost respect for the sea.

So….I checked my bank account this morning.
Just in case some kind soul had deposited a couple of million into it.
They hadn’t.
What I DID see was that a debit order had come off twice in December.
After spending more than twenty irritable minutes on the phone….waiting for a human voice….I gave up.
I went into the bank.
I wanted to open a savings account at a different bank anyway.

When I had finished at my bank(they couldn’t get an answer either) I trotted off to the new bank.
What a performance.
Lovely friendly people.
Can’t fault their customer service.
However…..they take your finger prints.
All of them.
And your photograph.
The worst picture of me I have ever seen.
If I really look like that,shoot me now.
Wait for it…..
Every time I log onto their website…there is that damn photo.
I will never be able to erase it from my memory banks.
I think I shall have to plaster on some make-up and make them take another one.
And this time I will smile.

And,now, having spent most of morning standing or sitting in various banks, I think I have earned a nap.

I hope 2012 is treating you all well…so far.



  1. definitely. Nap well earned.

    • Are we going to play scrabble again?

  2. Aren’t banks aggravating when you have a problem with them? My bank kets you select a picture of something to use as your site key, thank God, not your picture. By the way, I loved your photo of the birds today.

    • Thanks maire…I liked that shot too!

  3. Fingerprints? Whatever next. Love you xxx

  4. Yikes – a photo and fingerprints?! I was thinking of changing to a different bank; now I’m wondering if they’re doing that here too. I went to a new doctor last year and they took a photo of me too! I was NOT happy about that – all those “official” photos, like for our drivers licenses, always look like awful mug shots whether we smile or not. Ugh.

    Happy 2012 Granny!

    • Hi RD…did you have your clothes on when the Doc snapped you??????

      • Bwahahahahahahaha, Granny . . . . I am rolling with mirth. 😆

      • You are NR????
        And I don’t remember being funny!!!

  5. Anyone spending time with bureaucracy deserves a nap!

    • And I had a good one Marjulo!!!

  6. Sjoe, I’ve become more accustomed to fingerprints that I have ever been but the bank?… that is still a new idea. Sounds like your better bet is to contact the company for whom the debit order was and notify them of a double payment. Hope you get your money back 🙂

  7. Photo and fingerprints when opening an account with a new bank? Wow – it hasn’t happened Down Under yet but I guess it’s only a matter of time . . .
    The nap is well deserved after trudging round the banks.

    • Hi Barb…I spoke to my usual bank and they said they are probably going to go that way too.

  8. Yep, after all that I’d say you earned a nap. Hope you enjoyed it.

    • It was great Rumpy…I love napping.

  9. In the ‘olden days’ we would have thought that was quite over the top, but now with the criminal element increasing world-wide we have to be on the defensive ALL the time! What a world it is now! Wouldn’t it be nice if the Mayans are right…

    • Hmmmmm Adee….not sure I am ready for the end of the world.

  10. God Bless Bloody Banks!

    Remember when they treated us like a customer instead of a criminal?

    • Yes Souldipper….one even had a personal banker who sorted out all your problems.

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