Posted by: granny1947 | January 2, 2012

Granny goes to the birds.

Hello All.

I am late today.
The day has flashed by.
That happens when you nap a lot.
I feel sick that this is the final week of my holiday.
On the other hand….if I stop work in April….it is only four months of work.
Until I find another job in PE.
Hopefully, that is going to be a morning only job.

This whole move is scary.
So much to do.
So many plans to make.
It is also quite exciting.
Maybe a whole new career.
I would like to try selling.
I know it is not easy but you get to meet people.
And I like people.
Most of them.
Well, some of them.

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning.
Actually,that is not true.
I woke up to the sound of water dripping from our broken gutter.
It was a light drizzle so I couldn’t actually hear it on the roof.

I went off to the shops.
By the time I got back the sun was shining and it was quite humid.
The shops were wonderful.
People have either run out of money or they have gone back to work.
I hate shopping but it was almost a pleasure.

Jasmine and I went down to the rocks just now.
I spent ages watching this bird.

He was running around in tight circles and then spreading his wings.
It looked,for all the world,as if he was showing off.
The only spectators were two puzzled looking Egyptian Geese.
And me.
A bit of a wasted performance.

Then I caught sight of this ship.

If you take into account I was on full zoom and the ship was on the horizon…..that is one mother of a ship.

And now…I am going to play a couple of hands of scrabble.
Which reminds me.
Why can’t folk in the USA and Canada play scrabble on facebook?
One of life’s little mysteries.



  1. where’s my scrabble game?

    • I was going to ask you the same thing Sidey…when I came back from Swaziland they had gone…also the three way one.

  2. What is PE? I hope you will still be at the beach, I sure will miss this beautiful pics if won’t be.

    • Sorry Linda…PE stands for Port Elizabeth and yes they have beaches but no mountains worth talking about!

  3. This is the first time I visited your blog. I believe you are a follower of Older Eyes, which is where I picked up the link. Since I am a “Granny” and was born in 1947, I thought we would have some things in common. I love how you wrote this post. It is unique, interesting and intriguing. I don’t live near the ocean, I live near the Rocky Mountains, in Denver, CO USA. I do love the ocean, just as I love the mountains. Happy New Year to you!

    • Lovely to see you here Marjulo.
      Yes, I love the way Bud writes.
      So…we are the same age….when is your birthday?
      What aches and pains do you have. 🙂

  4. You are going to SO miss that beach!
    I think the ship is the modern Flying Dutchman.
    The USA is the Land of the Free, and they show how free they are by freely having these little restrictions placed on them …

    • I am going to miss the beach and the mountains Col…I love the combination.
      PE has beaches but I don’t think it will be the same.

    • I think Americans can play SCRABBLE . . . but only with people who spell like we do! 😉

      Color . . . not colour.
      Favor . . . not favour.

      • Lol NR…..and honor not honour!!!!

      • Exactly!

  5. My spelling is a little dodgy at the best of time but add color and favor and z’s instead of s’s and no chance!
    I bet you will miss the beach when you move.
    Good idea re PT sales job. Bet you’d be good at it!

    • Good Morning PIP…are you back home?

  6. I have never found how you play scrabble on Fb…? That looks like a ghost ship, don’t you think? I’m still waiting for my camera… patience…

    • Good Morning Adee…I do hope your camera comes soon…you are going to have so much fun.
      Scrabble on Facebook is easy.
      Click on the icon and it will load.
      Then press the invite friend button.
      Look for a friend and click and the game will begin.
      I’ll see if I can find you and we can start a game.

  7. granny, I will miss your photos,,,,but I am sure you will find something just as good or if not better– to somehow manage to take amazing photos. Where you are now is so beautiful…but making :”new beginnings”: can bring many life experience challenges…but the amazing thing I have found in making changes is that it is so intriguing as well as enlightening to our mind with what these new adventures bring…that I would have never known…if I had not made the changes..wish you the best..just always stay in touch !!!! 🙂

    • Good heavens Penny…you are not going to get rid of me that easily!!!

  8. A New Year full of new challenges..with you usual gusto Granny you will rise to the occasion and all will be well

    Happy Days

    • Oh Lord…I hope so Patrecia.

  9. So PE is a definate then (just did a major catchup on all your posts!)?
    In a way I am jealous – would love to live by the sea
    And I would be closer to my skin and blister – and actually my girls too
    But I have a Schatzi with his own business so no damn chance of that happening – and he is not a huge sea fan either!!
    Enjoy your last few days of holiday – some of us are back at work!! *sighs and rolls eyes*

    • I feel for you MissChris…just remember to feel the same for me next week.

  10. Thanks, Granny – you answered a bunch of questions that were piling up. I did a fair stint as a Personnel Planner – maybe you know it as Human Resources – and you seem to have the chutzpah for sales! You roll with the punches instead of lambasting with a left hook and can laugh about it.

    Four months…hmmmm. Wonder if it go by too quickly.

    • Sigh Amy….it is going to fly by…and then we face the unknown….exciting stuff.

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