Posted by: granny1947 | December 31, 2011

Granny is a silly old girl

Hello All.

I might have mentioned it before.
I am not a party animal.
I can’t drink.
Well, I CAN drink… but not very much.
Most evenings I have one or two glasses of extra lite dry white wine.
The low alcohol stuff.
Not last night.

I was on my second glass when my DIL arrived.
Bearing gifts.
And thirsty.
She wanted red wine so I opened a bottle.
Not light stuff.
The real deal.
To be companionable I topped up my glass.
With white.
It was the polite thing to do.

She had hardly left when I got a call from a friend who lives nearby.
Could she come around for a glass of wine?
And I thought “oh shyte”
But I said no problem.
And come she did.

At this point I must tell you she is not a seasoned drinker either.
I gave her a glass of red.
And continued to sip my third glass of white.
She had a second glass of red.
At nine Mex went off to bed.
She started to tell me how unhappy she is.
And I reached for the red wine.
As one would.

Oh yes,  I hadn’t eaten.
Unless you count a couple of shortbread biscuits and two delicious chocolates as eating.(damn Christmas gifts)
Why is it bad to mix red and white wine?
I mean, they are BOTH wine.
The more she vented the more I sipped.
And muttered things like bastard.
And shame.
Supportive stuff.

She left at eleven.
There is about half a glass of red wine left.
It can stay there.
To make things worse some joker has broken the keypad to get out of our complex.
I had to sway up in the dark to remote her out.
And sway back.
Where I drank a big glass of water and took a Disprin.
So I am fine this morning.
Well, maybe a little shaky.
Which explains all the coffee I had to sweep up off the floor just now.

So, this Granny will not be seeing in the new year tonight.
Hell, no.
And it will be diet soda for me today.
And seasoned drinkers will be saying how can you get trashed on less than one bottle of wine?
It happened.


  1. Oooo, poor granny! But you did a good thing, giving your friend a shoulder to cry on!
    A ‘dry’ day for you today I presume!

    • hi Barb….I think a dry week is called for.
      I must phone her just now…she had better have a little hangover too!

  2. see in the new year asleep

    • That is a given Sidey!!!

  3. For the first time in years, Muri and I are seeing in the New Year at home … and I’m not supposed to drink too much with the new medication I’m on. So it will be a quiet night here in Socal on New years Eve, too. happy New year to you.

    • Thanks Bud…have a good one.

  4. I can’t tell you when I last had a glass of wine. Halfway through 2010 I think. One glass of ANY wine will probably set me giggling and that will be the end of me. This from someone who also used to have two glasses at night to unwind! Maybe I’ll try a teensie weensie sherry this evening. Looove the 2nd photo, Gran. Btw, how is Mex’s cough?

    • Hi Adee…His cough seems to be improving.
      Have a sherry tonight…why not.

  5. I used to drink Whisky Mac which is whisky and dry I do not like alcohol at all.
    I bought a bottle of Sherry just before Christmas, I had two small glasses and so far no more.

    I think I shall have a cup of tea instead

    Happy New Year again!

    • Let us not talk about alcohol Patrecia!!!!

  6. Oh dear……Happy New Year granny. I hope it is going to be enriched with much laughter, beach walks, happy dogs and cats, excellent health and abundant blessings and prosperity. Love you. xxx
    PS Quiet one for us….I am nursing my very sick old MIL at the moment. xx

    • Oh Dear Colleen….is she down with you or are you away?
      You really are one special person.
      I am blessed to count you as a friend.

      • What a lovely thing to say! Thank you! She flew down for Christmas to be with her daughter in Kommetjie. Took ill Christmas Day. She never should have flown and everyone knew that but some people just don’t listen….was admitted with severe dehydration from a bug and also pneumonia (she does suffer horribly from chronic obstructive airways disease and battles to breathe). Discharged into my care on Thursday. We had a dreadful night with her last night. Thank goodness Afrox delivered an oxygen cylinder late this afternoon so am hoping tonight will go better. Much love and take care my friend xx

      • Oy Colleen…someone else makes a silly decision and you end up carrying the load.something is not right here.

  7. I prefer to greet the New Year, in my dreams. I’m also a very light drinker. Half to one glass of white is my occasional tipple. 😉 Happy New Year to you, granny. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD….lovely to see you again.
      I must really pop over to LD.
      Happy new year to you too.

  8. Happy new year granny and nurse your head back to normal.

    • The head is fine Harry….the tummy is a different story!!!
      Have a great 2012.

  9. Good grief! I would be on the floor for days with that much wine, Kathy! An early New Year”s Eve for you, Young lady.

    • Hi Maire…oh…is that where I slept?
      Happy new year to you too.

  10. If you want to end the year on a high note . . . eat chocolate today/tonight. It will bring you LUCK in the New Year.

    Aah . . . that’s better!

    • Hi NR….I have had several chocolates so I am sorted!!!!

  11. “The more she vented the more I sipped.
    And muttered things like bastard.
    And shame.
    Supportive stuff.”

    ha-ha-ha Yip! have a chocolate on me; CHEERS!
    (for future reference… nibbling constantly in between sipping – preferably savory – helps to balance out the alcohol (e.g. chips, peanuts, pretzels, biltong, etc 😉 )

    • I have had more than one chocolate…new year is going to be diet time…sigh.

  12. I have learned that my drinking friends don’t care what I’m drinking as long as I have it with them in a nice glass – preferably matching theirs. I cannot drink anything alcoholic, but that leaves a helluva good selection nevertheless. AND I don’t spit on people when I talk! Drinkers spit! 😀

    A good walk with Jasmine would help the recovery…oh, it’s hot there. I take that back.

    • I didn’t need to recover Souldipper….I was fine…..just won’t do that again in a hurry.

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