Posted by: granny1947 | December 31, 2011

Granny and the last day of 2011

Hello All.

I must be sick.
Two posts in one day.
It won’t help in the postaday challenge.
I failed that miserably.

Jasmine and I have just come back from the rocks.
She prefers the beach but she also enjoys the rocks.
Interesting smells there.
No sleeping/dead people today.
Also a bit breezy but it cleared a few of the cobwebs.

Mex and I are going to have a quiet little braaivleis (bbq) just now.
Then there are a couple of things I would like to watch on the telly.
I am going to see in the New Year as befits a grandmother of seven.
Fast asleep.

DIL gave me a beautiful Granny memories album.
To put in the reports she sends me.
The ones from the seven year old.
Damn, was I supposed to keep them?

There is an advert on TV right now.
They keep airing the damn thing.
Send in a SMS.
And you will get a new ringtone.
Of a fart.
What sort of idiot responds to these ads?
What idiot thought it up?
They have been running it for ages.
So they must be getting a response.
Hopefully, the ones who respond can’t vote.

I have seven games of scrabble on the go.
No-one is playing.
I think other people have a life.

Jasmine is in the proverbial dogbox.
She pushed a potplant off the edge of the verandah.
I think it was a herb of some sort.
Wendy planted it.
It was doing quite well.
Sometimes I wonder about that dog.

And now my dear bloggers.
Have a good evening.
May 2012 bring you nothing but good.
Peace, love and good health.
And…for me….the lottery.


  1. Happy New Year Granny!!

    • The same to you Princess….have a great one.

  2. Perhaps the herb was just crying out for a new pot 😀 Have an absolutely FAB year, granny!

    • Hi Yada…the herb is history….shame.

  3. What did you used to use that herb for granny??? Hehe….Happy New Year my friend. Love you xx

    • No col…I never smoked it…I promise!

  4. night night, see you next year

  5. you can keep the lottery..I’ll just have a peaceful New Year and I hope that yours will be the same love P

    • Yes Patrecia…you are probably right…don’t think the lottery will come my way…while I can still work I don’t need it.

  6. hApPy NeW yEaR gRaNNy
    So glad I stumbled across your blog, your simple uncomplicatated posts brighten my day!

    • What a lovely thing to say PIP…thank you,love.

  7. Delightful post, as per your norm, Granny.

    Happy New Year.

    • Thanks NR…you too my friend.

  8. I hope you willl toast the New Year in with something a bit more alcoholic than Jasmine on the rocks! (Unless she’s been imbibing, of course.)

    • Hi Col….you said the word alcohol….having a coke zero as we speak…and I intend being asleep when the new year comes in.

      • Well, after last night wouldn’t a Jasmine on the Rocks be the hairy dog that bit you? I mean hair of the or course.

  9. Your posts always brighten my day granny!
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    • Glad I do that to someone Barb…don’t think mex feels like that!!!!

  10. wishing you all the best in the new year granny. i’ve closed my wordpress blog awhile ago but i have never stop reading your every post and looking at your wonderful photos as an email subscriber. you always make my day a better one, wouldn’t be the same without you. may love, peace and joy follow you always.. 🙂

    • Awwwwwwwww thanks Dianne….what a lovely thing to say.
      Why did you stop blogging?

      • at the time i let it go it had become too overwhelming for me. i was recovering from a sudden illness at that time, just couldn’t deal with keeping it up any longer. it was a photoblog with quotes on my own photographs called life as i see it. i still have an estimated 6 months to fully recover, i feel much better now, but not up to blogging again. i shall enjoy yours instead, you have kept me in very good company throughout my illness and kept me comming back. my illness is graves disease, and im nearing the end of it.. 🙂

      • Good Morning Dianne…I have heard of Graves…one of my friend’s twin girls had it…I don’t know the ins and out of it but I believe it is not pleasant.
        So glad I could help you along the way!

  11. I hope you have a very happy start to your New Year! I am glad to have met you this last year. I love your humor and your gorgeous photos.

    • Thank you so much Linda….ditto from me!

  12. Health, properity, and winning the lottery to you, Kathy, in 2012.

    • And the same to you Maire.

  13. Good grief, i managed to party until 11:30, then I came home and watched a movie until 1:30. It was called 50/50 – it’s a new movie and, Granny, I know you’d like it. For a few reasons.

    Then a 4 mile hike with a good friend. We straightened out a couple of the world’s problems, but politicians just keep making up more!

    Many blessings to all your loved ones and you, Granny. Let’s hope that 2012 is a crackerjack year for turning the world into a peacepot! 😀

    • Oh my word Amy…you have more energy than me…well done.

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