Posted by: granny1947 | December 27, 2011

Granny has another productive day!!!

Hello All.

Yes…another completely lazy day.
I napped and read.
Then I read and napped.
I DID,however, take Jasmine down to the point for a short walk.
Jasmine seems depressed today.
Can dogs get depressed?

On our walk I spotted this guy.
I think he must have imbibed a bit too much.

I can’t think of any other reason one would consider rocks a comfortable sleeping place.
Unless he was dead.
I hope not.
But I wasn’t going to check.
Does that make me a bad Granny?
If he wasn’t dead he was in for a rude awakening when the tide came in.

I have just sneezed.
FOUR times.
If Mex has given me his cold he is in big trouble.
I don’t do colds.
I ate a lot of fruit today.
Just to prevent a cold.
And because I love fruit.
And because I was greedy.
And it is less fattening than chocolate.
I hope.

I think I am in Granddaughter’s bad books.
Correction…I am sure I am in her bad books.
She wants me to drive her up to my daughter.
It would be another day of my holiday wasted.
I don’t want to go.
I don’t want to come back stiff and sore.
And tired.
This is MY holiday.
Damnit…I am nearly 65.
My daughter can fetch her.
She is much younger.
And on permanent holiday.
Why do I feel guilty?

Now…having done nothing today…I really don’t have much to impart.
Nothing interesting anyway.

I am off to have a cool shower.
It is frigging muggy here today.
Then to sleep.


  1. I agree: fetch her instead and enjoy your holiday – guilt free.

    • I am fighting the guilt Yada…she has had a holiday in East London(paid for by Wendy)and a week with me….I think she has to learn the world does not revolve around her.

  2. ah, the joys of time to do NOTHING

    • Good Morning Sidey…I am loving every minute of it.
      I was thinking of going for a haircut this morning but now I don’t even feel like doing that!

  3. do you think that maybe you should have called the police..the poor man may be dead or could drown when the tide came in….

    Also stick to your guns! You are not well, you are tired , you need a rest.

    • No Patrecia….don’t think the police would have been impressed to be called out to a drunk…they have more serious stuff to attend to.
      You see people sleeping in very strange places in this country.
      Don’t think he would have drowned where he was.
      Might have woken up a trifle grumpy though.

  4. I am being L~A~Z~Y too . . . but I am NOT going to start napping on the rocks . . . just before the tide turns. 😆

    • If the tide hadn’t been about four hours away I might have stayed to watch,NR!

  5. Yes, dogs can suffer from depression granny. When our dog’s brother died, Penny went into a severe depression – she didn’t want to go for a walk and when we managed to get her out, all she wanted to do was be picked up! She went off her food, wouldn’t play with her toys and moped around the house. After 3 months we got another dog and within a day or two, she was back to normal! That dog was Poppy!
    I hope that Jasmine bounces back to her normal happy self soon.
    Enjoy having lazy days – you’ve earned it!

    • Thanks Barb….she looks a little better this morning…stole the rest of Tom’s milk.
      I think she might be missing Wendy and P.

  6. Seems I want to shoo the Season outta here! Late last night, I vacuumed and cleaned my house like the Queen was coming. Then after my walk this morning, I washed my car.

    That may have slipped by you, Granny. Most people would not believe that a Canadian would be washing a car in the middle of winter. However, we’ve only had frosts which cause the Highways Dept to load salt and sand on the roads so we don’t decimate each other with sliding cars.

    However, our cars rust from the danged salt. So before any afternoon drizzles, I did the spit and polish. Now I have to get groceries and don’t want to drive the silly thing.

    Have I laid on too much hyper-activity?!! I think it’s the new meds for my thyroid! 😀

    • Phew Souldipper…I am glad you mentioned yur thyroid…I thought you might be pregnant!!!
      Damn…you have reminded me I need to wash my car too…hmmm…think I might just take it to the car wash….their vacuum gets off all the dog hairs.

  7. Poor Jasmine, hope the sparkle is back in her eye today. Love you xxx

  8. Your day sounds very productive to me. The chocolate would have be good to stave off the cold, too. It has nutrients and antioxidants that would help prevent the cold. You should try it,

  9. Sorry I have only caught up now with your posts. Helkom cut me off again yesterday. Not funny! Their accounts dept needs someone to jack them up! Your last photo’s have been magnificent, Gran. Beautifu! Hope Mex has meds now. Lots of bronchitis doing the rounds here at the moment… hope you don’t catch what he has. ♥

  10. Sounds like a well-spent day, to me! Hope you escape that cold!
    Maybe you should tell Jasmine and granddaughter some jokes to cheer them up?

    Maybe you should have prodded the corpse with a stick, just for fun.

  11. Woman, why didn’t you call me???
    My name is Morgueticia and I enjoy walks on the beach and poking possibly dead people with sticks!
    Yes, I am a ghoul, but it would have been just as funny to disturb a drunk.

    • Welcome to South Africa Morgue….here you don’t prod sleeping drunks…liable to get a knife in your gut.

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