Posted by: granny1947 | December 26, 2011

Granny and the day after Christmas

Hello All.

This is a “yesterday” photo.
I haven’t walked today.
I feel so damn guilty.
Jasmine can do that to me with her soulful looks.
I have had an incredibly lazy day.
I only got up at lunchtime!!!!
Lazy,lazy Granny.
Mind you I felt I should keep Mex company.
Very noble of me.
Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

I DID go off to the shopping centre to get Mex some medication.
I got there just as they were closing their doors.
He has a dreadful cough.
I think he has bronchitis and will have to pay my sexy doc a visit.
I wonder if I can go with him?

Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas yesterday.
Because I didn’t cook a darn thing.
And granddaughter wrapped all my presents.
Even her own.
Because she chose it.
Tonight I am making up for it.
Roast lamb(sorry vegetarians),roast potatoes,cauliflower and white sauce,butternut,and rice.
Mex has taken himself off to bed again but I think he will crawl out for food.
Or maybe I will give him supper in bed.
I suppose I will have to wash the dishes.

Actually, Mex is in my good books.
He is looking at buying me a Kindle.
I am very excited.
I don’t think it is the same as having a book in one’s hand but I will adapt.
I think he is hoping I will get rid of all my books before we move.
It isn’t going to happen.
I have nearly all of Terry Pratchett’s books.
And I am keeping them.
Also, all my Douglas Adams books.
Yep…they stay too.

Oh dear…have just looked at the time.
Supper is going to be very late.
It doesn’t matter to me.
That is what holidays are all about.
Breaking the routine.
Plenty of time for that in two weeks time.
What a lovely thought.
Two more glorious weeks of no work.

And on that note I shall end.
Not that blogging is work.
I love chatting to you guys.


  1. I have had my Kindle for about 8 weeks and it is wonderful. No bookmarks needed and no turning the page..are you having a real posh coloured on?

    Do hope that Mex will make a speedy recovery

    • Hi Patrecia….I didn’t know you got colour ones…have no idea.

  2. the bliss of holidays, things happen as and when………….

    • Absolutely sidey…just love it.

  3. Yip, got my kindle just two weeks ago and I have not put it down since. I’ve already read six books on it. I also love my physical books and I have a lot of it, but with travelling it has been so much easier to have digital books instead. I enjoy both, though. Nothing fully replaces the feel of the pages in your hand and, of course, you can read those lying in the bath 🙂 Hope Mex feels better soon. Enjoy your holiday break. You don’t perhaps have a job for me, Granny? I need to make some money to get my book published.

    • Hey…everyone has a kindle…hopefully,me too,soon.

      • not me!

      • Any thoughts of getting one Pseu?

  4. I had a L~O~N~G sleep too . . . 10 hours. Not a world record, but a delightful repose nonetheless.

    Enjoy every lazy~hazy~dazy moment!

    • Hello NR…can’t fault ten hours…think I will see if I can beat that tonight!

  5. I might one day do the Kindle thing, just for ease of not carrying a ton of books around. But, I will still read actual books.The digital world can pry the real books out of my cold dead hands, actually. Nothing like the feel of paper in your hands. I’m very retro that way.
    Enjoy your time off work and walk that dog already! 🙂

    • Hi Morgue…am taking her now…will probably get wet…oh well…I need to wash my hair anyway!

  6. I haven’t got a Kindle granny! But even if I did have one, I wouldn’t part with any of my physical books; call me old fashioned, but I still like to hold one when reading!
    Hope Mex feels better soon.

    • Hi Barb….he is a bit better today but now has a sore throat…sigh.

  7. Ugh, sick at Christmas time :(. Glad you went out to the shops for him.

    I don’t know what a kindle is!

    Hey granny, was searching tags “journal” because I love reading other lives & came by you! Of course I had to visit.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS (the morning sounded a bit dull, but not the night) & HAPPY NEW YEAR


    • Oh Dear Noeleen….sick on Xmas…bad timing there girl.

  8. I had a very similiar day yesterday, did zip, twas wonderful!

    • Hi Sue…am trying to do the same today!!!

  9. What a delightful blog! I was hoping for a Kindle, but didn’t get one. How much tidier my house would be without the piles of books everywhere – and I’m not counting the walls full of shelves of the things. Not that I’d get rid of any!

    That mackerel sky: yes, wind on the way. Except sometimes it is just made of spread out aircraft vapour trails. I don’t know if that has quite the same effect.

    • Thank you Viv….it has been drizzling today but has cleared a bit now…think I had better take Jasmine while I can.

  10. Granny…I hope you’ll have a good pension when you leave Cape Town! Are you thinking you’ll be missing your position?

    • My company does not have a pension scheme Souldipper…I will only have a very small widows pension…am looking to find a half day job when I get up there…or maybe to start something on my own.

  11. make sure you get a saucy coloured kindle – just right for gannies i reckon

    • Good morning Jo….now what is a saucy colour????
      I want one.

  12. You will love your Kindle and adapt quickly to it. I am on my fourth Kindle (I broke one and wore out the cords of one and needed more space than the first generation one had). It becomes just like reading a book and you can take it anywhere. I have a cover for mine that has a built-in light that can be pulled out if you’re in a dark area. Can you tell that I love it?

    • Good morning Maire…oh wow…four of them…we are so behind here…I think they have only been available here for a few months.
      Nearly all the tourists on the plane had them.
      and younger son bought one for my DIL.

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