Posted by: granny1947 | December 24, 2011

Granny is really back

Hello All.

Yesterday I never got to the beach.
So I was down there bright and early this morning.
Now I really feel that all is right in my world.
Except for the presents I haven’t bought yet.
Maybe I will wait for the January sales!!!!

Jasmine greeted me when I got home.
But not with great enthusiasm.
Having Wendy and P. here made all the difference to her.
I got the feeling she was saying “oh it’s you…have you been away?”
Tom seemed happy to see me.
Came straight over for a love.
This was strange.
I believe Wendy was giving him treats TWICE a day.
Maybe the cat doesn’t consider me a mere servant.
Or he was pleased to have a third slave to do his bidding.

It was an interesting trip back.
We had hardly taken off when the pilot came on and said we were heading into some stormy weather.
Advised us to keep our seat belts on.
That we were in for a bumpy ride.
Why don’t they tell you that BEFORE you take off?
He was right.
At one stage he took us above some really vicious looking clouds.
And I got to thinking.
Does lightening ever go upwards?
What happens if lightening hits a plane?
Is it a hair raising experience?
I,sometimes,think happy thoughts like that.

I gave the house a thorough cleaning this morning.
I have earned a nap.
When I get back I shall be catching up on all the posts I have missed.

So…to all my blogging buddies out there….
Have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas filled with love.


  1. Glad to have you back … safe and sound. Reading about your flight experience … as I’m terrified of flying … there is a book out, called “Ask The Pilot” written by Patrick Smith. I have to admit, I never finished it, because Patrick discribes in – flight – scenarios, that I didn’t even know they existed … Have a good festive season, and a very Happy New Year. Love, cat.

  2. Happy Christmas to you and your, Kathy. Enjoy the day.

  3. You’re the first blogger to wish peace on everyone; good work, Granny!
    We need more people like you in this wicked, wicked world

  4. Merry Christmas, Granny! There is no place like home 🙂 Enjoy a special time with your loved ones.

  5. Hope your holidays are Merry and Bright . . . filled with Love, Laughter and Light! 😀

  6. Merry Christmas to you, too, Granny!

    • Thanks Tilly…hope you are having a great one.

  7. Wishing you and yours all the very best over the festive season. Stay safe.

    • Thank you so much Wolf…the same to you love.

  8. I had resigned myself to your being away for at least another week. What a wonderful surprise to see you back, Gran. I wish you a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year and please include your family and friends, particularly Wendy, in this. ♥

    • Thanks so much Adee…will be phoning Wendy later and will pass on all the good wishes.

  9. Just as a matter of interest, lightning goes everywhichway, and very frequently strikes aircraft. Hardly ever known to damage people or equipment in it though, due to some funny laws of physics.
    Anyway, I hope you and Jasmine have a super Christmas! Tom will, of course. Cats are good at that.

    • Good Morning Col…I am so glad I did not know that when I was up in the air…interesting,though.

  10. Happy Christmas Granny! When I get back to normal I will catch up on your holiday. We are away at mo so PC time limited 😦

    • Happy Christmas to you too PIP. Limited internet sucks!!!

  11. This makes me wonder, Granny, will you have beach walks when you move?

    • I don’t want to even think about it Amy…there are beaches in Port Elizabeth but quite a distance from my Mom’s place. Also, I don’t think they are too safe.

      • Dang it…I wonder how you will replace this stretch of peace.

  12. A very Merry Christmas to you, Granny. I hope to be visiting more often once I get through Postaday 2011.

    • Thanks Bud…yes…I have been missing you!

  13. Merry Christmas granny to you and your family…..thank you for sharing your humor and life with us….and all the beautiful photos of the beach…..!!

    • The same to you Penny…do hope you had a wonderful day.

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