Posted by: granny1947 | December 23, 2011

Granny and the countdown

Hello All.

So…what can I tell you about my holiday?
Day one was a bit embarrassing.
We go out to the car.
We were off to the glass factory.
The car was a BMW.
Wait…I can show you a picture.

Quite nice hey?
Well, I thought so.
I drive an Atos.
A manual.
You put the thingy in a slot.
Then you press the start button.
Only it didn’t start.
I tried everything.
Then ML suggested I put my foot on the brake.
I thought that was daft but I did it.
And the bloody car started.
The damn thing was an automatic.
Why would you have to put your foot on the brake?
Anyway, apparently, nothing works if you don’t.
You are never too old to learn.

The we were off to the glass factory.
I don’t know why they call it a factory.
It is just a huge shop selling all sorts of glass.
I bought some as Xmas presents.
Small pieces.
I knew I would have to carry the stuff on the plane.
And the bigger pieces weighed a ton.
I saw the place in July.
So the novelty had worn off.

Mex loves chilli.
I found a shop that just sold chilli sauce.
Bought him a bottle called “Kingdom Cobra”
It looks as if it is made from the venom of a cobra.
I wouldn’t eat it if you paid me.
Well, maybe if you paid me a LOT!!!
I reckon that stuff is going to burn going in.
And coming out.

I had visions of sitting around the pool on loungers.
Soaking up the sunshine.
It didn’t happen.
It was just too damn hot.
I found myself lounging on my bed.
A lot.
With the airconditioner going.
Full blast.
Until I was freezing.

Our room was upstairs.
And the lift didn’t work.
Apparently, it hasn’t worked for quite some time.
Several years, in fact.
However, if you talk to the staff, they give you a charming smile and say it will be fixed next week.
Every time I went up the stairs I would be gasping for breath.
I have come to the conclusion that I can never go upcountry again.
It was so wonderful to get back to sea level.
And to breathe normally.
And Cape Town is quite chilly.

Now…I have had a busy day.
Took Wendy to the airport to fly back home.
She is doing quite well.
A little bit tired.
But I guess that is to be expected.
On the way we stopped to visit my very good friend.
She lost her brother while I was away.
Then it was off to the shops.
Absolute madness.

So,now I am off to bed.
MY bed.

Next “exciting” episode tomorrow.




  1. It looks lovely granny, sorry it was not a 100% holiday, well at least you had the bouncy castle at the pool to play in 🙂

    i can see your reflection in the glass taking the pool photo 🙂

    • Yes Harry…I had a lot of fun on that castle!!!!

  2. Not a great start to your holiday then . . .
    I see your reflection in the glass too, granny! Shame you didn’t get to use the pool, it looks very inviting.

    • Hehe Barb…and it went downhill from there too!

  3. Hi Love, have missed you….. Thanks for the update.

    • Hi Napier….what are you doing for Christmas?

  4. I thought that it was hot in Cape Town not chilly or maybe it was chilly compared to the heat of up country….
    Its a funny old world! Always good to be home tho

  5. Glad to hear Wendy is doing well. She is in my prayers.

  6. We spent the afternoon yesterday in the pool with my nieces. Tis the season to go swimming . . . fa la la la la la la la la la.

  7. When I saw such a gorgeous pool, completely people-less, I thought, “Snakes!” But it was too blessedly hot. Gawd, I’ve forgotten that feeling – but I’d better be quiet. It’s been a warm winter.

    I was on the back of Santa’s sleigh when we landed on Table Mountain and delivered your love. Wow…so cool seeing Capetown from that satellite.

    • Hi Souldipper…to be honest…that pic of the pool was taken early in the morning…lots of people were probably in it later…young people…without wrinkly bodies!!!

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