Posted by: granny1947 | December 22, 2011

Granny is home….and it is good

Hello All.
Gosh I have missed you lot.
The above pic is the view from my balcony.

It was a different sort of holiday.
It had it’s ups and downs.


I didn’t have to do a thing.
No dog poop.
No cooking.
No bed making.
Or laundry.
My bed turned down every evening.
With two sweets on my pillow.
A huge TV.
An air conditioner(thank God)
Free goodies every day.
All lovely stuff.
Fabulous breakfasts.


The heat was unbearable.
The altitude killed my lungs.
32 lovely staff members at the hotel had been retrenched.
Which was so depressing.
I lost too much money in the casino.
My friend was ill for a lot of the time.
The suppers were pretty disgusting.
Six days were just too long.
I wanted to come home.
A sneak shot of one of the guests at the hotel.
I thought he was quite a handsome fellow.
He was the only wildlife I saw.
I did contemplate going for a walk in the hotel grounds.
Which are huge.
Until I heard about the black mambas in the area.
Apparently they are seldom seen on the hotel paths.
But they ARE seen.
And I didn’t want to be the one doing the seeing.
Or the subsequent running.

Now I am off to shower.
And sleep.
In my own bed.
It is good to be back.

I will return tomorrow to tell you more about the trip.



  1. Glad you’re back. We missed you.

    • Thanks so much Maire…missed you too.

  2. welcome home Granny Happy to see you here again

    • Thanks Patrecia…am heading over to you in a minute to see how Neville is doing.

  3. Glad to have you back again.

    • Thanks so much Elaine…it is SO good to be back.

  4. So nice to see, you are safe back home … missed you … have a good festive season … Love, cat.

    • thanks Cat and the same to you love.

  5. I didn’t even miss you granny, only kidding, welcome back.

    • It’s ok Harry…I can handle rejection!

  6. Hi granny would you like to vote for me at the link below, Harry

    • Am I too late to vote Harry?

  7. The mambas are one of the local sights! Very handsome fellows, actually. And sudden bursts of exercise can be good for you.
    Pity about the suppers and heat.
    Looking forward to reading more …

    • Hi Col…sudden bursts of energy at that altitude could have been fatal.

  8. Missed you and your one-liners granny! Glad to see you back safe and sound.
    It will be heaven to sleep in your own bed tonight – enjoy and awake nice and refreshed so you can tell us more about your trip.

    • I did sleep well Barb…but really no adventures to report.

  9. Welcome back xxx

    • Thanks Cindy…love the new photos on FB.

  10. Glad to have you back, Granny. Black Mambas are not something I want to experience first hand.

    Enjoy your sleep.

    • Hi NR….two nights of excellent sleep….I feel like a new man(don’t tell Mex)

  11. Looks like a beautiful place but the mere mention of a you know what and I would not be there! I am stiffeling a scream right now. Glad you had a good time though. Funny how we can’t wait to go somewhere but then we can’t wait to get back home.

    • Hi There Linda…hehehe…I wasn’t taking a chance of meeting one.

  12. So glad you are home, Granny. Must have been hard to not have a daily walk. Black Mamba! Yike.

    • Thanks Souldipper…yes…YIKE!!!

  13. So glad to have you back! Mwah! to you too!

    • Hi Tilly…I have never been so pleased to be home!

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