Posted by: granny1947 | December 12, 2011

Granny’s Monday this and that.

Hello All.

It was a strange walk this morning.
I felt like I was walking and walking and not getting anywhere.
The light was weird too.
Wonder if I was in a parallel universe?

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to leave I walked past Mex’s security blanket(TV)
There was a local pastor giving a sermon.
He used to be very popular.
I don’t know about now.

I was just in time to hear him say “it is not a mistake if you learn from it”
What the hell was he saying?
You go out and kill someone but you learn you will now go to prison so it is not a mistake?
You cheat on your wife but it is not a mistake because you learned you are a jerk?
Then I gave it some more thought.
This particular “pastor” HAS cheated on his wife.
He has been in the press for dubious monetary acquisitions.
What makes you think he is trying to make himself feel better?
What on earth is he doing on our television screens?
Thank heavens for the remote control.
Switch channels.
Better still…switch off.

Talking about Television.
This weekend we had a choice between “Diehard”.
The FIRST one.
Bruce Willis was still a young man.
Wait for it…..


I kid you not.
The next thing they will be showing us the launching of the ark.
And for this we pay a TV licence.

Tonight we are having grilled sausage.
Mashed potato.
And green balls.
Mex can never remember Brussel Sprouts.
Maybe because he doesn’t really like them.
I like them.
I like nearly everything.
No wait…I draw the line at eating bunnies or frogs legs.
And anything that can look at me.

Half an hour to going home.
Then Monday is behind us.
The last working Monday of the year.
Thursday can’t come fast enough.
Stop it Granny.
Wishing away my life like that.
If it keeps on racing away like this I will be heading back to work before I know it.
Now THAT is a scary thought.

Those clouds looked threatening this morning but it has turned into a lovely day.
I have dropped off four of the mosaic mirrors that Mex does at a decorating shop nearby.
I do hope they sell a couple of them.
He won’t make any more until I have sold a few.
When he doesn’t make mirrors he watches a lot of TV.
Especially Dr.Phil.
I am beginning to hate Dr.Phil.
And Dr.Oz.
Those two guys just have to say something and Mex falls for it.
Hook,line and sinker.
I wish they would say something like… Housework is bad for women.
Could result in lack of sex.
Actually, that IS true.
Or cooking supper for your woman will make your hair grow back.
That could work!

Hmmmm….think I should stop now.




  1. hehe, parallel universes are a bit disconcerting, aren’t they?

    • Very much so Sidey…for all I know I have kicked the bucket and am living in another universe!

  2. Hey! I like Dr Phil! πŸ˜‰

    • Sorry Doll…I am not a fan!

  3. I know someone who watches Dr. Phil religiously but only takes away the lessons that suit her. You know, the ones that say she’s right and everyone else is wrong (with her own slight modifications on the actual lessons, of course!). The ones that she *should* learn from because they point up her faults, she ignores. Selective learning, I guess. Very frustrating for the rest of us, though, when we get preached at by someone who only recognizes the faults in others and not herself!

    You’re so lucky to have a long company holiday! DD and DH only have one day off for Christmas!

    • I agree Rd…you only hear about the advice that suits them!

  4. I have no time for Dr Phil or the Oprah from whence he came! 😦

    • I am with you Sue.
      Please put your link on my post.

  5. Lovely and lively post, Granny.

    Now, I’m going to be nosy.
    Ignore me if you want.

    I’m wondering about Mex.
    When you move to P.E., are you taking him along?
    Or leaving him behind?

    Inquiring minds want to know.
    Even if it is none of my business. πŸ˜‰

    • Oh, he’ll go along, I am sure …

    • Damn NR…I replied to your question in the missing post but forgot about it the second time around.
      Yes he will come and it is going to be hell.
      He is at his happiest when it is just the two of us.
      It is going to be very difficult with my parents AND my brother.
      On the upside he will only be a three hour drive from his daughter.
      Try to picture three sport mad men in one house and one remote.!

  6. Sounds like, overall, you had a good Monday, Gran. I did too. I had a ‘good’ visit from my daughter which are very few and far between! She is always in a rush. But not so yesterday. We spent at least two hours chatting and it was marvellous! I hate it that her generation never takes time off ‘to smell the roses’; rush, rush, rush!

    • Thank goodness I am not the only one – I make appointments to have coffee with my daughter because she is so busy. ‘What is this life if full of care we have no time to stop and stare?” Oops feel another post coming on. πŸ™‚

    • I know what you mean Adee…glad you had some quality time with her though.

  7. Granny I love reading your blogs. Look like you had a good Monday. Wonder if “Housework is bad for women and leads to lack of sex” could catch on. Hey you could have a whole heap of tee shirts printed and distribute them to your loyal readers/followers.

    • Are you placing an order Judith?

  8. You said a lot in this post, Granny…

    The two good Docs can create some pretty hot Armchair Experts! Trouble is fans sit in their comfy soft cushions and forget to look at themselves. They put their glasses on backwards and learn how to point fingers.

    I think we better get a peace chain started for all the dynamics at the new location. We’ll set up a 24 hour 1-800 for Granny! πŸ˜€

  9. R has had both Dr Phil and Dr Oz on at the shop a lot this week. In the event of zombie apocalypse, I am going to play middle man and offer those two up to the zombies in exchange for not eating my brain. It’s a principle. They irritate me. The doctors, not the zombies. I can’t begrudge a decomposing monster for wanting its supper.

  10. […] and […]

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