Posted by: granny1947 | December 10, 2011

Granny’s Saturday sighting

Hello All.

I have just come back from the beach.
Just had to share this shot with you lot.
I thought I was seeing things.
I do hope you can see it clearly.

I have no idea what this whale is still doing around these parts.
I thought they all left a couple of months ago.
Maybe he does not like following the pack.
A whale with an attitude.
He was having a ball.
Made my day.

Jasmine spoiled it a little.
She ran up to a toddler and kissed her on the face.
The toddler objected.
How do you stop a furry animal so full of love from sharing that love?
She adores children.
Thinks they were invented just for her.

Talking about sharing love.
This bandy little guy raced up to me on the beach.

Smothered me with kisses and jumped up on me.
A few minutes later his owner turned to come back.
I was kissed all over again.
As though I was a long lost friend.
I now smell like a puppy.
Fortunately, it is one of my favourite perfumes.

Now I have to get dressed and head for the shops.
Another of my favourite things.

When I get back I shall answer all my comments.
I am not ignoring you.
I promise.



  1. wow a whale in that close. you are lucky!
    as for doggy kisses, they can be a teeny bit overpowering, can’t they

    • Hi Sidey…I love doggy kisses….they are so genuine…just try not to think where their tongue has been!

  2. How wonderful to see a whale. especially at this time of the year, they usually go to colder climates…maybe he stayed behind to give support to those in need and to cheer their day

    • You could be right P….he certainly put on a good show for me.

  3. Okay, which one kissed you? I see three sets of bandy legs…

    • Hehehe Tilly…the hairy one.

  4. BTW – fabulous sighting! How lucky you are.

  5. How wonderful to see a whale out there – it was your lucky day – and all that kissing too!

  6. Enjoy your shopping, Gran. Gee that’s one good thing about being incapacitated. My kids do my shopping for me, haha! Love the whale putting on a performance for all the ‘birds on the beach’, lol.

  7. Wonderful pictures as usual. It must be great to see whales so close up. I’m not a fan of doggy kisses, but if it’s your thing then what better start to the day could there be? Lovely to see ‘summery’ photos when we have a thick frost this morning.

  8. Aren’t puppies wonderful? Dog,too, for that matter.

  9. Animals and children can love with such abandon. (Is that they right way to say it?) They can teach us a thing or two 😉

  10. I believe that fragrance you’re so fond of is called Paw-fume.

  11. Puppy paw-fume is my favorite too! You are really making me want to move there with all of your fabulous interesting photos! My daughter’s dog, Luna, that we are now keeping loves to lick my husband. He can’t stand that. She just thinks he is the best thing going. I keep telling him to just calm down and accept the love.

  12. Thar she BLOWS! How exciting.

  13. It has to be your sweet charm….!!…Love your photos, its a beautiful place you live…enjoy my be able to have this view every morning to start your day…and to enjoy at night before turning in…would be so awesome!

  14. Close whales and puppy kisses, you are a lucky girl 🙂

  15. Very touching…Sorry I’ve not been active lately..
    Miss you

    • Great to see you again Paul.

  16. Great whale photo! Wish we had some of those around here!

    • Hi RD…It makes my day when I spot a whale or a seal!

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