Posted by: granny1947 | December 9, 2011

Granny and it’s finally Friday

Hello All.

Where did this day go?
It is almost time to leave for home.
There is a glass of ice cold wine waiting for me.
It has my name on it.

I didn’t walk this morning.
Relax all you dog lovers.
Grandson promised to take Jasmine for a walk.

On Sunday I am taking the boy up to the village where his mother lives.
It is very quiet up there.
Non threatening.
And boring.
I don’t think he will mind boring for a few weeks.

I am not looking forward to about five hours on the road.
However, I shall stop and take pictures.
It is really beautiful countryside.
I believe it looks a lot like Italy.
And they grow olives in that area too.

I am looking forward to seeing number seven.
I shall be taking loads of pictures of him.
Watch out for granny’s brag book.
Hopefully, I will get to see the other two grandsons as well.
I miss them.

The snorker didn’t come to work this morning.
I got a message to say she had to take her mother to hospital.
I think that is a fib.
I have hurt her feeling.
I feel so guilty.
Come to think of it…the singer has been strangely silent today too.
All in all no unnecessary stress.

My granddaughter leaves on the bus this evening.
She is going up to East London to stay with Wendy and will fly back with Wendy on the 19th.
I am gently concerned.
For those of you who are new to my blog….I adopted my granddaughter when she was five.
I had her from thirteen months.
She went to live with my younger son(her Dad) a few years back.

She is going to be meeting her biological mother while she is in East London.
She has not seen her since she was five years old.
She spoke to her for the first time earlier this year.
The mother has never shown any interest until now.
I have no problem, whatsoever, with P. having a relationship with the woman.
I want the girl to have as much love in her life as possible.
What I AM worried about is that she lets P. down and disappoints her.
But I guess it is something the kid has to experience.

Oh dear…time to get ready to leave.
And I was just getting on a roll.
Tomorrow I shall probably be a complete blank!


  1. No matter what happens with her biological mother, you are still and always will be the one who raised her. That love and care can never be erased

    • Oh I know Sidey…she has already said I will always be her Mom.

  2. Hopefully their meeting will go better than expected; maybe her mother has had some kind of awakening and wants to have a relationship with her daughter now. Let’s hope it works out well. Fingers crossed. 🙂

    I hope you get to see your other grandkids when you take Grandson home! Have a great weekend!

    • Yes RD….I can just pray she has matured and improved.

  3. I was always under the impression that your tranquil life was always rosy, and in complete order..not like us lesser mortals…but I see that you have the same problems as the rest of us, broken homes, and broken children, , all the trials and tribulation of living….still you are smiling

    • Hehehe Patrecia….now you know!

  4. Life isn’t smooth sailing for any of us (not any that I know of). Hope granddaughter is treated OK. I missed out your blog about the mugging. I am so sorry – it can take a long time to get over it. Maybe he can get counselling. It is partly one’s self esteem that is affected too. Poor guy and that is a vulnerable age too. Thinking of you all.

    • Thanks Adee….you are quite right…it is ALL about his self esteem at the moment.

  5. I want the girl to have as much love in her life as possible….

    that comment makes you incredibly awesome, just so you know…

    • I am far from awesome Princess…I don’t like the woman!!!

  6. I say: Live and let live … Love, cat.

    • I hear you Cat…am a bit too closely involved though.

  7. Sounds rather eventful, Granny. The meeting the mother is rather risky, but she sounds like she’s up for it. What if it turns out wonderful? I hope it does! Have a safe trip and an awesome weekend 🙂

    • Thanks so much Yada…you too love.

  8. Stay safe on that drive. Glad you will get to see more family. My daughter just met her father for the first time since she was about a year old about four years ago. It was funny because they look exactly alike except my daughter is a whole lot prettier. Later she met her half brother from him and it was like looking at triplets. Yep I was there for both meetings. It was funny and weird. She was able to meet and spent quite a lot of time with his mom before she got sick and died. That was very nice. I know my daughter is happy to have had this chance. I hope it goes well for your granddaughter.

    • Hi Linda…how great that she got to know her Gran…must say I am a little anxious.

  9. Safe travels to you, your grandson, and your granddaughter.

    Enjoy the wine!

    • Hi NR…the wine was good…you will,no doubt,hear all about the journey tomorrow night!

  10. Here’s wishing you all a safe journey granny, with a positive outcome for your granddaughter.

    • Thanks Barb…am expecting a call any moment to tell me she is safely there.

  11. Here’s hoping your granddaughter’s visit turns out well. It’s such a sensitive age.

  12. Hope you enjoyed the wine. Too late to say safe travels because I have read a later blog. But good wishes anyway.

    • Hehehe…thanks Judith.

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