Posted by: granny1947 | December 8, 2011

Granny has a nervous tic.

Hello All.

The end of the year is nigh.
I am ready to hurl my stapler across my store.
I only have two female staff members.
The way I feel right now I might not have any by next week.

Female number one is the singer.
The singer with the dreadful voice.
She has now taken to wearing earphones.
And singing along to some or other music.
Unfortunately, once the music has moved from her brain to her vocal chords it is no longer music.
I am ready to ask the other staff to put their Xmas carols on.
Even if it is Boney M.
Now THAT is desperation.


Female number two is snorking.
I can’t think of a better word to describe it.
You know…those horrific sniffs that go right through one.
And make me want to retch.

Think Grandson is still shaken.
He opted to stay home today.
He prefers to stay with Mex than to venture out.
That is being VERY afraid.

Ok…Have told the sniffer to go and blow her nose.
She informs me there is nothing there.
Too much information.
I have told her to shut the hell up then.

I have just found some heavy rock music on my computer.
Don’t know where it came from.
I am not a heavy rock fan.
I have it blasting out.
If you can’t lick ’em…join ’em…and do it better…and louder.

This time next week I should be at home.
And packing for my holiday.
I now can’t wait to go on leave.
I shall miss Jasmine.
And Tom.
And the beach.
But I will try not to be homesick.
I WILL miss you lot.
Will really have to try and do one or two posts from the hotel.
Now it is time to go home.
And none too soon either.


  1. FINALLY I am getting your blogs again! I am so happy. I have missed you. How is your friend Wendy doing? I keep her in my prayers.

  2. First off….I ached for your grandson. I don’t think anyone can really imagine what he is feeling. He might need to talk to someone about it? Has he considered taking Karate? It may be good for so many emotions he has had to go through. It won’t really teach him to fight back but it may help with other issues. I’m talking too much aren’t I? Sorry…I really just wanted to tell you that we will miss you. My husband and I both enjoy reading your posts in the morning! Such a fun start to our day! Love, Me

  3. Oh gross, I hate it when people make that snorking sound – I know exactly what you mean. Yuck.

    Poor Grandson, I can understand why he’d feel afraid. He probably will for some time, but right now is the worst of it. Things like this really take a toll.

    I’ll miss you and your posts next week! But I’ll be looking forward to lots of great pics from Swaziland!

  4. I wish that I could wrap your Grandson up in a lovely warm blanket and make him feel safe and secure must have been so awful for him….

    As for her a packet of tissues
    and for the singer..confiscate her earphones

    As for you..have a great holiday, do not worry about us, we don’ really mind being left behind…we shall sit here and wait for your return

  5. Just tell her her nasal passages will collapse if she continues that snorking! Never mind, it’s almost the weekend.

    Today’s photo’s are lovely. Did you notice that bit of rainbow in the clouds in the middle one?

  6. Flipping facebook has been hiding your posts!

    Tell her she will end up looking like Justin Beeber if she carries on doing it. Show her a picture

    Poor grandson. He will need to talk and talk about it, so you’ll hear a loty i guess.

  7. Beautiful pics! … Hugs for you and your family … and wishing you Mery X-Mas and a very Happy New Year as well. Love, cat.

  8. Sitting reading your post I realised I was snorking. Oh dear. Off to clear the nasal passage – yes that’s too much information to post on somebody’s blog. Apologies.
    Love and hugs to your grandson.

  9. Having to put up with a dreadful singer and sniffling snorker can’t be good for your health! You will soon be out of there, so hang tight!
    By the way, I saw the little bit of rainbow in the second photo – thanks to adee for pointing it out, otherwise I would have missed it!

  10. Oh . . . it’s a Jolly Holiday with You Gran! 😀

  11. Have a great holiday gran and don’t let the buggers grind you down!

    • Hi PIP….they are already forgotten!!!!

  12. Just breathe in deeply and picture your hotel suite 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Cindy…I am going to walk in and say “hello room”!

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