Posted by: granny1947 | December 7, 2011

Granny’s speedy spout

Hello All.

A very speedy post.
It is bed time.
Well, it is for me anyway.

This has been an up and down day.
The up was an e-mail to say we are getting a bonus.
A good one.
My bank manager will be very happy.
If it wasn’t for him I would be very, very happy.
But I am happy.

Then there was the down.
I am still fuming.
Maybe I had better post another picture to calm down first.

Back to the down.
My grandson was mugged today.
On his way to meet me at my office.
They got his cellphone.
And his ipod.
It wasn’t the material loss.
He was so traumatised.
Why does WP think that spelling is wrong?
Am too bushed to get out the dictionary.
It is the personal violation.
He felt ashamed that he had not fought back.
Even though I assured him they could have had knives.
It could have been worse.

Did I just say that?
It could have been worse.
We hear so much about muggings and attacks.
We then think the fact that it wasn’t worse is a good thing.
Damnit….have I come to accept that mugging is a way of life?
Have I come to accept the violence in our lives?
This is so wrong.
The actual deed AND our way of thinking.
My apologies to my more sensitive readers.
FUCK the bastards who laid their hands on my grandson.
To quote NR…
Ahhhh…that’s better.

In other news I forgot to buy a lottery ticket.
Which means I shan’t win.
Or I have saved myself some money.

Now I think I should end.
Or the language might get REALLY bad.


  1. Nit-nit granny, btw you can spell it two ways, traumatized

    • Thanks Harry…thought it looked ok….but then WP queries quite a few words that I KNOW are correct!

  2. Oh Granny, how awful for your grandson. I’m so sorry this happened to him. You’re so right that we seem to have come to accept, in a way, that crime is now a part of our lives. We are grateful when a victim isn’t badly hurt, which is definitely a good thing. But nothing is being done to stop the insanity. Here in the US, our police forces are being cut instead of increased to save money. MONEY. It comes before safety, before sanity, before the quality of life itself. Greed has taken over the world and caused all these ills, from street thugs taking what isn’t theirs to politicians doing the same in a different way. We’re all being mugged every day, either violently or legally. It’s disgusting.

    I have to stop my rant now or I’ll go on forever. I hate that this happened to your family.

    • Thank you RD…yes…we are being screwed by everyone…it is so sad.

  3. I am so sorry..that is all that I can say.

    Maybe I should do a post on mugging then I can have my full rant

    Love to Grandson and to you and to Mex and to Jasmine

    • Thanks so much Patrecia….rant away…it might make me feel better.
      When I get this angry my language just goes pear shaped.

  4. I do hope he gets over the trauma soon and that it doesn’t knock his confidence.

  5. Some situations can only be covered with that word. Stubbed toes and muggings! So sorry to hear that. It’s disgusting for people to do that and get away with it! I would like to be big and strong so if that happened to me I could smash the people to bits on the ground. They have no right. Fucking bastards maybe someone will rob them.

  6. Yay for the good news and boo for the bad news.

    I am glad that it wasn’t worse . . . that your grandson is alive to tell the tale.

    That doesn’t mean that I accept muggings as a “fact” of life . . . but, for the moment, they are a facet of life. One that we would easily do without.

    Take care, Granny.

  7. Thank God that your Grandson is alive and unharmed. I’m glad he didn’t fight back, his life is worth more than the gadgets they stole. You were spot-on about the danger there. I figure he’ll never again be the same as far as feeling secure in his environment. It’s so sad. My positive thoughts go out to him. Bless his heart.

  8. I’m sorry, my friend, I share your fury 😦

  9. Your statement about the mugging really reminded me of someone whose wife and help was held up and robbed a couple of years ago. I found myself saying exactly the same as you and he actually pointed out just the same you did, “just because it wasn’t worse doesn’t make what happened ok.” How many things do we say that we don’t truly realize what we’re saying? Still glad he wasn’t hurt though.

    Good for you on the raise! (perhaps a new phone or Ipod for grandson for Christmas? or was his goodies insured?) Hope everyone had a good night’s rest.

  10. Oh, Granny, I am so sorry about your grandson. I hope he gets over the terribile trauma of his ordeal, soon. It’s a good thing he’s got you to do some swearing on his behalf. What you said about accepting that mugging is ‘normal’ is a sad comment on our society. But, unfortunately, so true. Please, be well.

    • Thanks Kathy…I think mugging is far more rife in this country.Sigh

  11. I would be furious as well, poor lad.


  12. WTF and I am so sorry is all I can say 😦

  13. I’m so sorry about the mugging but you are right – it could have been much worse. Thank goodness all he lost was material stuff.

  14. It is a very sad state when we think that the positive side of mugging is that it could have been worse.
    I feel for your grandson. Hugs and warm wishes to him from this side of the world. My sister’s grandson had the same experience a few years ago in London, so it seems to be world wide.

  15. Oh granny, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandson getting mugged like that. As you say, it’s not about the loss of material possessions, but about how something like that can affect the victim. No wonder he is traumatised; he needs to talk about it to someone.
    I feel for him, and for you; hugs all round.

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