Posted by: granny1947 | December 6, 2011

Granny’s Tuesday Breastbits

Hello All.

Very strange cloud formations this morning.
Think it is a coldfront on it’s way.

So, I had another audit this morning.
Hopefully, the last for a while.
I asked the auditor what he thought he was doing, coming the week before shutdown.
He just gave an evil smile.
Auditors are like that.
I seem to have been bombarded by audits this year.
I guess that is what happens when you build stuff for the aircraft industry.
They want to make sure aircraft stay IN the air.
Which is just as well seeing I am going on an aircraft next week!


So our ex chief of police lost his last ditch effort to avoid going to prison.
He IS in the hospital wing but I guess that won’t make him too happy.
A far cry from five star hotels.
Business class air tickets.
Driving a Mercedes.
And hobnobbing with drug dealers.

Oooops….I am late for a meeting.

I’m back and what a waste of time that was.
Most of these meetings are for people who want to look important.

Caught sight of this on a news report.

The DoRego’s fast food chain will, as of March next year, officially fall under the Spur Corporation umbrella.

The corporation yesterday announced its plans to buy the franchise for R30 million, making it the fourth brand within the group, alongside Spur Steak Ranches, Panarottis Pizza Pasta and John Dory’s Fish & Grill.

Good grief….I really don’t think we need another fast food chain.
Not that it is going to affect me.
I very seldom use the ones we have.
They are bad for one.
Oh, ok…..I am just really mean.

It is half past three and I feel like a glass of nice cold wine.
This is not good.
Maybe I am turning into an alcoholic.
Or maybe I am just thirsty.
Hope it is the latter.
Think I will go and have a glass of nice cold water.
Pretend it is wine.

I am now talking such shyte.



  1. I love those cloud formations, they give the picture such unusual depth. It almost looks like the sky is closing in on the horizon. Very cool!

    • Hi RD…I agree…I was blown away by them.

  2. Beautiful pics! Did you lie on your stomach taking them?? They are really good.

    • Hi Napier…nope…if I lay down I probably wouldn’t be able to get up again!!!

  3. Of course, the breastbits appeals to me. 🙂
    Are you going to add udder pieces?

    • Hehehe Col…I had a feeling you would enjoy that.
      Of course…..I am going to milk it.

  4. You don’t talk sh…te Granny, rubbish maybe, but we follow every word, every syllable with baited breath…

    We wake each morning just waiting for Granny 1947 to unfold her latest escapade…the day is not the same without your golden words each day.

    Now that is shyte

    • Dear,dear Patrecia…I am not at all sure how to take that!!!!

  5. That sky is lovely and very odd-looking. I see I have skipped out a couple of posts the last day or so. Hope the eye is improving. Those are something you can’t be careless with…

    • Hi Adee….my eye is doing just great!

  6. Love that trifecta of photos! 😀

    • Thanks NR….I had to quote you in today’s post…think you might come back with some colourful language too!

  7. You had me at breastbits…

    • Hi Princess…don’t think everybody caught on!

  8. I knew the man who started Doregos, had a huge crush on his son in high school. Just sayin’. Love you xxx

    • Hi Cindy…love you too my friend…will phone you over the weekend.

  9. You could, like I did, have a nice cold glass of chocolate egg nog laced with spiced rum. It was very tasty!
    The pics are beautiful. We have a cold front moving in, too. Sigh.

    • I have never had an egg nog Kathy….one of the few things I still have to experience.

  10. You don’t look like a glass of nice cold wine. Hehehe 🙂

    Mind you, I’m guessing you don’t look like a cat with scary teeth, either 😉

    • How little you know Tilly…I look just like the cat!!!
      No wait…I don’t have that many teeth.

  11. Unacceptable. We MUST have wine on our cornflakes, not water!

    • Hi Morgue…think I will try it this weekend…will let you know!

  12. Pretend wine? PAH

  13. I just love how your politicians, police chief et al are so blatant about their ‘wrong doings’. It must make one feel very safe to be surrounded by these upholders of law and order.
    I only ever heard of one person who could change water into wine – are you related?

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