Posted by: granny1947 | December 3, 2011

Granny and the visit …part two.



Hello All.


No beach picture today.
It is blowing a gale.
I am not in the mood to be sandblasted.
Though, losing a layer of my old dead skin could be good.


Mex has gone to the pub to watch rugby.
The TV is off.
My music is on.
Me time.
And I am spending it with you lot.
How cool is that?


So I saw sexy doc.
It cost me a fortune.
I have an eye infection(which I knew)
And a cyst(which I didn’t know)
He didn’t like the drops the chemist had given me.
R55 down the drain.
Anyone want them?
He gave me a script for others.
And more expensive.
Apparently, they worry when you get an infection in the eye.
It is too close to the brain.
I should be safe then.
Still woke up with a swollen eye so they had better work.


He also gave me a script for the pump for my lungs.
Damn…the thing cost R400.
And I don’t even know if I am using it properly.

I thought I had better mention another problem I have had for a while now.
I have been getting sharp pains in my upper legs.
Walking is not really a problem but starting off after sitting can be a little painful.
He made me get into all sort of weird positions.
Even told me to touch my toes.
Is the man crazy?
Then I had to lie down and he pressed my upper legs.
Shyte….I nearly jumped off the bed.
Damn it was sore.

Apparently, it is NOT my legs.
It is my hips.
And NO I don’t have to have hip replacements.
He tells me the hip joints are protected by sacs of liquid and mine are a bit deficient.
I have to go for x’rays when my medical aid kicks in next year.
Depending on the severity of the condition(which has an unpronounceable name…told him not to swear at me) I can go onto anti-inflammatories or see a bone guy and have injections into the hip joints.
Hell no.
That image is not on my wish list.
When the specialist told me I had to have surgery on my shoulder I had a chat to my body.
It listened.
I shall do the same thing now.
And, in the meantime, I shall try to refill the sacs with copious amounts of wine


  1. WD40 is the is a motor/all round oil that is very good at loosening nuts and bolts, so it would be ideal for your hippy joints….

    Sorry that you are still in pain, parcel some up and send it to Bulgaria then I can help you cope with it… otherwise just keep drinking the vino

    • Hehehe Patrecia…do you drink it or rub it in?????

  2. I’ve walked on the beach with the wind blowing before – OUCH! Not glad for the pain, but I think it is always good to at least begin with knowing what is wrong. That matters – sometimes – a LOT. I hope that the ones you have solutions for get better soon. Yes, operations can be scary. You’ve been a brave girl to do what is best instead of just being afraid. Good for you 🙂 Hope you’re having an otherwise wonderful weekend.

    • Thanks Yada…which reminds me…must go and dose myself now…always forget…am not used to taking medicine.

  3. You poor thing! I hate when it feels like your body is rebelling. No way, on the hip shot! I wish you were here in the states….I would suggest another kind of doctor. One that looks at your spine before any options for surgery…anywhere. They told Romeo he had to definitely have surgery on his shoulder. His wrists were swollen and no grip. The orthopedic guys showed him the arthritis etc….said surgery. He couldn’t even lift his arms. Went to spinal institute….they showed us the two discs in spine (?) that were pinching his nerves…..they put a shot there…..didn’t hurt. It stopped the swelling of those joints. Immediate change. Relief and not setbacks for almost six months. Do you have spinal doctors? Too much info? Sorry…just sympathizing. Love, Me

    • hi Rebecca…am sure we have spinal doctors here too but I am not at all concerned…this will pass.

  4. Tha “sexy doc” remark was fun … I call mine “Dr. Georgeous” … Be well, my friend in the, oh so, far away country. Love, cat

    • I am great thanks Cat…bed is calling. Love to you too.

  5. I think walking on the soft beach sand could hurt your hips. Maybe just walk on the firm sand at the water’s edge if you can, until they feel better. Hope the new drops sort out your eye soon. Nowadays doctors seem to pooh-pooh chemist bought meds as if none of them is any good…

    • Hi Adee…I have to walk through quite a lot of soft sand to get to the firm stuff…am not worried…it will sort itself out.

  6. Hope that your body will listen to your admonitions . . . saving you from the surgeon’s scalpel.

    In the meantime, medicinal wine sounds perfect. 😀

    • Yippee NR…another one who agrees!

  7. They never told me my eye infections were dangerous because of proximity to the brain. Of course, I got mine because I didn’t disinfect my contact lenses well enough. They took the contacts away from me since I am apparently too inept to use them without harming my self.
    I would pay for a sexy doc who is nice. Insurance paying for unsexy rude docs isn’t impressing me much. I need to see a pic of this sexy doc. Maybe Spook and I need to relocate. 😉

    • Hehehe Morgue…next time I go and see him I will ask him to pose for me!!!

  8. Sorry to hear about the eye infection, but I’m glad it was diagnosed and you have the proper drops for it now, even if they did cost a lot. I’m also sorry you’re having trouble with your hips/legs – and I don’t blame you a bit about your decision, no way in hell would I allow needles into any of my joints. My doc wanted to do that when my shoulder tendinitis was at its worst, but I told him absolutely not. He said, “when you come back for your re-check, I’m going to talk you into it.” Result? I didn’t go back for the re-check. And even though it took almost a year, it got better all by itself without eye-tearing, stomach-wrenching needles being twisted into my shoulder. So there, doc. Hmph. 😉

    • Hi RD…exactly what happened to me…the specialist said I would not get my shoulder fixed without an operation…nothing wrong with it now…but I don’t throw any sticks for Jasmine anymore.

  9. Glad you got some better drops for your eye, granny, even though they were more expensive; let’s just hope they work – and soon!
    As regards your hip joints? My recommendation would be to just keep drinking the vino!

    • Hi Barb…good that someone else believes in my cure!

  10. It never rains, eh? Feel better soon xx

    • I feel great thanks Tilly.

  11. Why is healthcare so damn expensive? Regardless, hope you’re back to good real soon!

    • Hi Dave…in this country we are subsidising the millions who do not contribute.

  12. Hi Granny – a bottle of wine a day keeps the doctor away. so go ahead. Fill those sacs with wine and enjoy doing it.

    • Morning Judith…good grief…a bottle a day….I will be constantly sloshed…think I will stick to my two glasses. 🙂

  13. Sorry to hear you are all a mess so to speak. I know that I am right now. When you say pump for your lungs do you mean an inhaler? If so give it a good little shake, breathe out from your mouth and as you inhale through your mouth squeeze it. Hold it your breathe for as long as you can. Well not until you pass out! It can take a little practice. Sounds easy but it doesn’t always happen like you think it should. Make sure you rinse your mouth well afterwards or you can get thrush.

    • Good Morning Linda…this inhaler is a fancy one with a top that slides…think I am getting the hang of it now.
      Thanks for the advice about the thrush.
      I assume you are talking about in the mouth?

  14. Seems when we ripen and have to go to a Doc for one thing, the danged tests just show a bunch of other stuff. I’m beginning to catch on to why older people quit going to doctors!

    Seriously, Granny, glad you went. Want my skipping rope? 😀

    • You have a skipping rope Souldipper?
      Uhm…I’ll pass on that one.
      Could knock myself out with my boobs!

  15. Hello, Granny. It’s been a while. I came hoping for beach pictures and I get a diagnosis. Yikes! Take care of yourself. I do know someone who had those shots you’re talking about and they helped, at least for a while. We do begin to run down as we get older, don’t we?

    • Sorry I disappointed you Bud…will post a beach shot today. 🙂

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