Posted by: granny1947 | November 29, 2011

Granny talks of shoes and ships etc

Hello All.
So I have missed a whole two days of blogging.
Sunday was hectic and yesterday pretty busy too.
Also, have had a bit of a blogging vacuum.

Todays pictures are taken with the small camera.
The batteries went flat on the other one.
I must say I am impressed with the colour.
I think it more true than the more expensive camera.

Thank you for the offer of help with my posts Dribbling Pensioner.
I shall try to e-mail you today sometime.

Now what is my news?
After two days I should have some.

First….Wendy had her first chemo yesterday.
It took nearly all day.
Not the chemo but all the preparation.
She had to piddle out TWO litres of water.
For reasons unknown.
When they eventually put her on the second drip(the first one was only ten minutes) she slept through most of the procedure.
So far so good.
She has had no nausea whatsoever though she has been warned this might occur on day three.
Some of the people vomited while they were on the drip.
She seems to have been very fortunate.
Touch wood.

I made a big pot of lovely stew for supper and she polished off a huge plateful.
I think tonight might be steak and kidney pie.
However, I might change my mind.
It is very hot here today.
I might not feel like slaving over a hot stove.

It is wonderful having Wendy with me.
Even under the circumstances.
We are up at five in the morning.
Jabbering away.
I love it.

I have just received my e-ticket for our trip.

I have gone up two dress sizes.
If I wore dresses.
Which I don’t.
Not so yippee!!!!

I have just come back from lunch.
It is a corker outside.
I am glad I walked this morning.
Though I didn’t feel like it at the time.

This was in our papers yesterday.

Hundreds of delegates from about 200 countries were kept waiting for the start of UN climate talks on Monday for more than 40 minutes because the president of host South Africa, Jacob Zuma, arrived late.

Why am I not surprised.
Way to go Mr.Pres.
He was probably working on his service delivery.
But we won’t go into that.

Oh good grief.
Haven’t I finished this post yet?
I had better get it off now or it will never go.




  1. Our Thanksgiving holiday weekend threw me off, I’ve barely been online at all – it was kind of a nice break, actually! Except that I missed my blogosphere friends. 🙂

    I’m so glad the chemo went well for Wendy. I hope Day Three goes as well as Day One did.

    I agree, there’s nothing better than having someone special to chat with from morning ’til night. That’s how DD and I are; I dread the day when she moves out. No plans for that yet, but it’s inevitable at some point; all kiddies must fly from the nest eventually. 😦 Ah well, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

    • Hi There RD…I have been off too…glad you had a good thanksgiving…I will be over later.

  2. I love the pictures and I love your words, and I am so pleased that Wendy may be making progress, but please dear dear Granny don’t tell me how hot it is..I am freezing! How about bottling a bit of proper heat and posting it over!

    Love to you all

    • Shame man Patrecia…heat coming your way.
      Have to tell you…it is 6:30pm and we are sitting here in shirt sleeves…sorry.

  3. Love the colours … not sure about the climate conference, think it’s a load of piddle … xxx

    • I agree Cindy…you would have thought showerhead could have made it in time seeing he was the host.

  4. Your pictures are simply divine, granny! It’s been too long since I’ve seen a beach (for real) 😦

    I’m glad it is going well so far for your friend. How many treatments (or for how long) will she have to endure?

    I’m not much of a morning person myself, but I do prefer the mornings to the afternoons. The air seems cleaner, it is more quiet and not so hot (if it’s summer), as well as the crispness of a new day – priceless!

    A while ago I had a friend living with me for a bit and we used to talk for hours too. At first I wasn’t sure how I would fare sharing my home, but in the end those long chats in pajamas turned out to be some of my favorite memories!

    P.s. this post seems to be fine…

    By the way, let me tell you – in case you go looking for yadayada… I’ve changed the blog and the name a little – well, actually a LOT! 😀 I have updated my wordpress profile also, but it is now When you’ve had a chance to check it out, please let me know your thoughts on the new setup. I’d like to hear what you think.

    • Don’t worry Yada…have confirmed the subscription.
      She has one treatment every three weeks…very strong doses…am not too sure how many in total.

  5. It is raining and blowing sideways here once again…embrace the heat, or send it to me 🙂 Glad Wendy is feeling good so far, having you there is probably totally helping her 🙂

    • Hi Princess…we have some rain and wind on the way too but it shouldn’t be cold…am going to try and drag Wendy down to the beach tomorrow.

  6. It’s been warm here too, and rain intermittently during the nights. Perfect, Gran. All my best wishes & love to Wendy… wouldn’t it be wonderful if she doesn’t get ill! Don’t talk yourselves hoarse now and lose your voices, lol!

    • Good evening Adee…I will tell her tomorrow…thanks so much.

  7. Glad you’re enjoying having Wendy back with you again. Sorry about the dress sizes moving in the wrong direction. 😦

    • Hi NR…am pushing the weight back again…will probably go to my toes now!

  8. I just had to ask my Brit friend Becca what steak and kidney pie is. Needless to say, my appetite has vanished. I should move to your country or hers, I predict I would get skinny in no time rather than eat some of these dishes.
    I have a pedestrian taste in food, I am told.

    • You don’t know what you are missing girl…steak and kidney…yummy.

  9. If she can make it a walk on that lovely beach would be a healing trip for Wendy. I am sending warm hugs and good wishes to her from New Zealand.
    And I agree with your comment above – yummy steak and kidney pie – a winter favourite here in my house.

    • Thank you Judith…I will tell her when I get home.
      didn’t get her to walk this morning!

  10. Yah, Peter Kent is our man from Canada is in that delegation and I understand Canada may get a thumbs down on our distrust of the Kyotoa Accord. We’re told we have jolly good reason to distrust it…but the reason is still not clear to those of us who had no say in the whole matter in the first place.

    I listened to an excellent 20 minute interview with your Kathy (someone) who is with Eyewitness News in S. Africa. She was talking about the media’s concerns re this new bill your gov’t is entertaining. She spoke so well and was very careful with her wording.

    Honest to Everything, I’m praying that there is no retrograde move allowed to take place. South Africa does not need any such condition! I was happy to hear that Tutu and the Mandela people have been vocal.

    Granny, if this is inappropriate for posting, just delete it. I would have a fit if my words created a problem for you!

    • P.S. I have a huge healthy bubble around your house!

    • Don’t worry Souldipper…I THINK we are still allowed to have our opinions or I would have been locked up a long time ago.
      The secrecy bill is simply to cover up the rampant corruption by the people in power.
      What annoys me the most is that they think we are too stupid to see it.
      Thank you so much for the bubble…it is working.

  11. My Dad didn’t have nausea but the chemo did make him really grumpy. I suppose everyone is different.

    • Hi Tilly…yes I agree…I heard of one woman who started to vomit when they walked towards her with the needle.

  12. Fantastic title!

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