Posted by: granny1947 | November 25, 2011

Granny’s fed-up Friday

Hello All.

Not a long post.
I am a miserable granny.
However, it is almost the weekend(and it is payday) so I am sure I will cheer up.

This was in my spam mail today.

Am I Pregnant? Unprotected sex 3 days before ovulation.?

No Love….you are just an idiot.
Or one of our president’s lovers.
Actually,that would class you as an idiot too.

Grandson went off to work with younger son this morning.
Do hope he has survived.
A lot better than spending the day with  miserable Mex.
That he might not have survived.
Hmmmmm…if I don’t stay away from sharp objects this weekend we could be Mexless too.

Wendy arrives on Sunday.
I can’t wait to see her.
I do hope the chemo is not going to make her feel too bad.
She just has one treatment every three weeks.
This is one mother of a dosage.

Now if I hang around much longer I will start venting.
And I am not in the mood.
I want to store it all up.
So, when I DO explode, I make a really good job of it.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. seems that you have been down in the dumps a lot lately..I do hope that things will soon be better for you.

    • I didn’t think I had Patrecia but thank you!

  2. Hope you find a little sunshine this weekend – unexpected, surprizing, wonderful! Don’t spend all your money in one day OK? 😉

    • I promise I won’t Yada…hanging onto some of it for my holiday!

  3. Well I am sending out best wishes for Mex…sounds like he might need ’em 🙂

    • Humpfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  4. Sometimes spam comments can be quite entertaining!

  5. Sorry you’re miserable. Wendy arriving on Sunday should cheer you up though.

  6. I love it, if you are gonna explode make it big. Just like me.

  7. Don’t stress it dear friend – it will soon be 2 against 1….

    • Love you so much my friend.

  8. Thinking of you guys… ♥

  9. Yes, you seem a little more stressed than we’re used to from you, Granny. Hope you feel better soon. xx

    • Thanks Tilly…am a little stressed…it will pass.

  10. Sending you a hug granny. sorry the weather is not playing up too nicely. The wind is positively thumping again this side and it has totally clouded over! Also so sorry I missed your call last evening. Will try chat to you in the week. Love you xxx

    • Thanks Colleen…a big hug back at you!

  11. A friend and I are in talks to create a liquor,chocolate,and nicotine truffle. Might keep the need for sharp objects at bay. You in?

    • Definitely Morgue!!!!

  12. Will Wendy’s presence help the Grandson situation? Will Mex’s heart soften to include a young man who needs his strong male presence? Will Granny resist those sharp objects?

    Stay tuned!! She may even invite the President for dinner…

    • Hehehe Souldipper…so far so good….no sharp objects.
      Think it helps with Wendy here.
      He can vent and tell her what a terrible person I am to take grandson in!
      The president for dinner????
      Only if I can cook him.

  13. Spam rocks, right Granny?
    Boy, were they barking up the wrong tree!

    • Hehehe…that is for sure Hook!

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