Posted by: granny1947 | November 24, 2011

Granny’s Thursday post about nothing much

Hello All.

I didn’t walk this morning.
There was a nasty wind blowing.
Oh OK….I was lazy.
But there WAS a nasty wind blowing.
First night of grandson being home.
Silent treatment from Mex.
He does that so well.
Today grandson has gone to meet friends.
He came in to work with me so will be out the house all day.
Younger son came to have coffee with me.
Said I must bring the boy in with me tomorrow.
He can work for my son until we find something more permanent.
The pay won’t be great but it will keep him out of mischief.
I don’t think he is going to be too thrilled.
Younger son is a hard task master.

Oh thank God.
Have just received an e-mail to say one of our staff members have given birth.
We have had three deaths this week.
The birth brings a bit of balance.
The first death was the 14 year old nephew of one of my guys.(did I tell you about it?)
He was attacked by two 17 year olds….died in hospital the next day…very sad.
The second was the father of my lovely IT guy(the one who lost the twins earlier this year.
He had cancer so his passing is a relief for the family.
The third was the mother of one of the guys upstairs.

Now we need two more births.
As long as it is not one of my offspring.
Elder daughter has been spayed.
Elder son’s wife has also been done.
Younger son’s wife too.
That leaves younger daughter.
If she falls pregnant she will have some explaining to do.
She became a lesbian some years back.
I really MUST write a book when I retire.

Strawberry season has started.
I am busy eating some as we speak.
I read, somewhere, that berries help prevent wrinkles.
I have left it too late.
I have been in Cape Town for ten years and every year I threaten to go strawberry picking.
I don’t think it is going to happen.
I am looking forward to January and grape season.
I buy them by the case.

Now let me get on with some work.
I am slowly clearing my desk.
It will be good to go on holiday with a clear conscience.

Oh yes….my friend phoned me this morning.
We are coming back from Swaziland on the 22nd instead of the 23rd.
I am very happy about that.
Gives me two days to shop before Xmas.
She is not happy about it.
She REALLY loves Swaziland.



  1. When the dispatches outnumber the hatches three to one, and no matches!

    Do you think your book would be believed? 🙂

    Younger daughter may yet spring a surprise. A dedicatedly lesbian friend of Elder Daughter suddenly decided to get a donor and has a bouncing boy.

    You are so lucky with the grapes. They never seem to travel well, and are a pale shadow here of the ones I have gorged on in the Cape.

    • Oh good grief Col…I never thought of that…wait…she has two sons…don’t think she will go down that road again. I remember her telling me that if she ever talked about having another baby I should stab her in the knee with a knitting needle!

  2. STRAWBERRIES ! FOR CHRISTMAS! wow! I think that I must change where I live….
    Mex will get over it , until then ignore him!

    Is that a tiger that I see on the looks very much like one as it has a long tail..maybe it is Jasmine but she does not look like a tiger, does she?

    Death and births …. all come naturally and there is nothing we can do about it…

    Have a great day Granny ..lots of love

    • Hi Patrecia…am going home to tell Jasmine she looks like a tiger!!!
      Love to you too!

  3. loved the post, oh I must tell you, a good friend of mine had a baby by a donor 😉

    • Stop it Napier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • love you too 😉

      • a friend of mine has had a second child…. by donor.

      • Hi Pseu…you are all determined to stress me out aren’t you?

  4. Shame, I feel sorry for all of them who lost someone dear, but a little more for the guy who has also lost the twins. He might think back on 2011 as the year that people died in his life 😦

    Ooh, I love strawberries and grapes too! It is just sometimes harder to find a variety of fruit here and sometimes I wonder which ones are treated with growth hormones and just how much nutrition is left in the fruit you hold in your hand. Nowadays it is harder to know. With grapes in Cape Town I’m sure you don’t have much reason for concern there 😉 Yum! I like the seedless Hanepoot one the best.

    • Hi Yada….hmmmm…those are the best grapes…can’t wait.

  5. When you get back from holiday, can we meet for some of those wine covered cornflakes? _hugs_

    • Absolutely Morgue…absolutely

  6. Jasmine will be proud to know she was mistaken for a tiger!
    Life and death – that’s the way it is – but two more births would be a nice way to balance it out at work.

    • Hi Barb…a chubby tiger!!!!

  7. Nothing much? Not to me!

    • Awwwwwww Thanks Hook…don’t read todays post…it is going to be anti men.

  8. Oh my gosh grannie that is a most stunning photo of Jasmine. So very beautiful. Sorry to hear about all of the deaths. It is so sad. Glad there was at least one birth. Babies are the best.

    • Good Morning Linda…babies are great….as long as they aren’t mine!

  9. Does Jasmine know that seagull has a crush on her. He’s always hanging around!

    You must have sent the wind to us. We’re having a helluva blow. The tide is very high, it’s pouring with rain, beaches have disappeared, and not a boat in sight. Duc who killed a rat and left it, legless, beneath my bedroom window, is outside thinking he’s guarding us. Go figure! Rat’s feet…ewww.

    • Oh wow Souldipper…a legless rat…as you say….euwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  10. Oh Granny. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Brilliant post. That poor murdered boy.

    • Thanks Tilly…laugh rather…it is better for you.

  11. you make me so envious when I think of the fresh fruit down there, Gran, you lucky devil! I could eat grapes by the truckload – except that the last time I overate them I got gout, lol!

    • I know Adee…very,very lucky…getting expensive though.

      • So’s everything else too!

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