Posted by: granny1947 | November 23, 2011

Granny is somewhat annoyed

Hello All.

Am going to follow Cindy’s advice and do my post in Word.
Have no idea what is going to happen when I insert my photos.
Should be interesting.
Have still had no reply from WordPress.
Bad manners WordPress, bad manners.

We have just had a bit of a cloudburst.
I was upstairs when it hit.
My word but it is noisy up there when it rains.
You can’t hear yourself think.
All the bigwigs are on the top floor.
They don’t need to think.

My 18 year old grandson is moving in with us today.
He has been staying with friends while doing matric.
He finishes matric today.
Now we worry about what he is going to do with his life.
I am trying to steer him in the direction of joining the navy.
However, he is white.
That will probably count against him.

Please send positive vibes my way.
I am in for a torrid time with Mex.
Mex and teenagers are a dreadful combination.
I can see huge stress looming.
I couldn’t say no to the boy.
I have brought him up from the age of five.
I love him dearly.
Having said that, I am going to have to kick him out of the nest soon.
Chances are I will be leaving Cape Town in April.
He will have to have sorted himself out long before then.
He can’t go to his mother.
They are struggling financially.
They live in a tiny little place.
There is no opportunity for him there.
Oh dear.

A new secrecy bill was passed in Parliament,yesterday.
They are calling it Black Tuesday.
Our esteemed government is doing this for only one reason.
They are not worried about state security.
They want to be able to stop the media from reporting on the corruption that is rife.
They have excluded a public interest clause.

A message to President Zuma.
While I still have the freedom to say this.

When you have finished your term(s) as president you are going to be remembered for the following:

The corruption charges you managed to dodge by becoming president.
Your unprotected sex.
The infamous shower you took after having sex with an HIV positive woman.
The billions swindled by your pals in government….on your watch.
The Shabby Shaik debacle.
The negative impact you have had on the aids scourge in our country.(five wives…25+ kids…several of them out of wedlock)
Your tampering with the justice system….always good to have a judge in your camp.
And finally….this shameful bill.

I really wanted to respect you.
I tried.
It has not happened.

In short…you are going to be remembered as the worst president this country has had since democracy.


To my overseas friends…sorry about the rant.
I had to get it out of my system.
Wonder if men in black suits are going to come and pick me up?

Hey…that seems to work.
At least the photos are appearing where they should be.
And I can type in the correct place.
And see WHAT I am typing.
Life just got better.
It doesn’t take much to make me happy!



  1. That last picture should be titled “Study in Blue” – it’s so beautiful!

    I don’t mind your rants about the government, I learn a lot about how governments impact people from their rants! I think the only difference between your politicians misbehaviors and ours is that yours are out in the open, although some of your president’s antics do go a bit far!

    I hope things go better than you anticipate with your grandson and Mex. Maybe each will be on his best behavior for the time you’re all together. Fingers crossed. MANY positive thoughts and prayers going your way from me, and cyber hugs too!. 🙂

    • Thanks RD….am dreading it…Mex can be VERY difficult.

    • thank you my friend…Mex will get over the sulks…eventually!

  2. All I could think the whole time reading this, is oh,no the powers that be are going to come take her away for the treason of speaking her mind…Please stop being such a radical. How will you blog from a prison cell? :p
    Give ’em hell, Granny.

    • Good Morning Morgue…never fear…I will make a plan…send my blogs out by carrier pigeon.

  3. Yay for you with your blog post! (Yip, sadly, after Mandela the only thing the ‘new’ leadership had in common with him was his skin color – no heartbeat, no passion, no – dare I say it… brain – and certainly no moral character 😦 I still believe, though, that everything happens for a reason. It is no accident that those who are in leadership are there.

    • Hi Yada…no…no accident…plots and fear got them there.

  4. Rants are good for you, rant away grannie! There seem to be no good men in governement anywhere. They are all liars, cheats and crooks not to mention stupid.

    You move from CapeTown! We won’t have any more beautiful ocean pics? No more walks on the beach for Jas?

    As you know I am having the same problem with my granddog Luna. Hubby has problems with her. I have been trying to work with her to behave a little better so one day he will say ok she can stay. Men!

    • Hi Linda…yes …MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sounds like a bad president granny, glad you got the photos sorted.

    • Hi Harry…an absolute buffoon.

  6. Granny, I have followed your blog avidly for months and I now find myself compelled to comment on your absolutely freaking spot on and oh so brave comments on the current affairs in our beautiful brave country! I commend you and if your ship sinks I want to be on it!

    Re your blog – it and the photies are stunning and look forward to it immensely!

    PS I am also a granny born in 1947. How cool is that?

    • Hi there Granny Yum Yum….why don’t you blog?
      Or do you blog?
      I can’t see it from your comment.
      So…if they lock me up you will come too?????

  7. Good news you got the photo problem sorted, although I hadn’t noticed anything different about them. Maybe I’m not observant enough. 😦

    • Hi Elaine…the problem seems to be on my side while I am doing the post.

  8. Have fun with your grandson . . . and enjoy your last 6 months in Cape Town. I know you’ll miss it.

    Your Prez sounds like a dick head. Or maybe just a dick with a head.

    • Bwahaha, Nancy you hit the nail right on the head!!!

    • Hi NR…he must have an amazing dick because the woman seem to love him and he is no oil painting.

  9. Granny, injustice is crazy-making. From anyone. I’m going to join some of your other friends and send some really positive vibes your way!

    • Thank you Souldipper…it is working…it is all just floating over my head and into the distance.

  10. Good for you, Gran, in your address to our illustrious Prez. I am 100% behind you!

    I have always cut and pasted from Word into the post thingy. I add the photo’s at the end. That used to be a problem, but it has improved in that you can just drag them to where you want them if they are in the wrong place now, which you couldn’t do before. I set the thingy on ‘Visual’.

    • Hi Adee….I am really loving doing it in word…works well.

  11. I could weep for what is happening in SA; it is a return to Apartheid practice. Have we learned nothing?

    • Morning Tilly….it is amazing what they will sacrifice just for greed.

  12. Kathy,
    I enjoy your blog but I LOVE your pictures! Keep sending out your thoughts and the beautiful glimpses of the beach. I wish I were there!

    • Thanks so much Ginny….are you Robin’s friend?

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