Posted by: granny1947 | November 21, 2011

Granny’s Wonderful Weekend

Hello All.

Here we go again.
My page jumping around.
And me having no idea where I am typing.
I will just have to trust that WordPress knows what it is doing.

So I go down to the beach on Saturday and,immediately,notice something strange.
Gulls everywhere and black shapes in the water.
Apparently, there was a shoal of sardines in the bay.
I have never seen so many seals in our bay.
A real feeding frenzy.

Also, I think the crayfish season opened on Saturday.
I got caught in a traffic jam.

Yes, a traffic jam in out little village.
I am trying to ignore all the blue underlined writing.
The was a queue of about ten ski boats waiting their turn to get out to sea.

Also, there was a fair in the village.
Colourful stalls in every side street.
Bands playing.
All very festive.
I have tried to insert a picture of the fair but it won’t work.
Also, I see when I add a second picture it moves it to the top.
So, you will just have to try and match my post to the various photos.
Now that I have gone into edit mode the blue writing seems to have vanished.
Wordpress….this granny is getting VERY irritated.

I am going to try and insert another photo.
Wish me luck.

Well…I see the picture is there but not where it should be.

In other news…I had breakfast with the friend who took me to Swaziland in July.
It looks as though another trip in December is on the cards.
Not so many craft markets this time.
I think we are going to go to a game park for the day.
That might be a photo opportunity.
I am worried about the heat at this time of the year.
I don’t do heat.

Mex lost a tooth yesterday.
While we were having a braai with friends.
Good thing it wasn’t me.
I don’t have any teeth to spare!

I could waffle on but I am really finding this problem with the post very disconcerting.
It ruins my concentration.


  1. I think gremlins have invaded your wordpress account and are having fun with you, Granny. Fun for them, anyway.

    • They are not gremlins Morgue…they are nastly little demons.

  2. Granny funny you say about your page jusmping around, I’ve also had the same problems. My Portuguese recipe is a disaster now. The photos there moved all by themselves. the other problem I am having is once a post is published I can’t pigging update it!

    Look forward to seeing the animal pics!

    • Oh Piglet…I am so glad it is not just me….was beginning to think I had done something…unless we both have!!!!

  3. This post looked fine on my computer – no blue underlined words and the pictures appeared after every few paragraphs, right where it seemed they should be. I can understand your frustration, though, it’s impossible to concentrate when the format is totally screwing up. Have you contacted WP tech support?

    Really cool pics with all the sea life and gulls! I like the looks of the village fair too.

    Looking forward to the game park pics next month! What a wonderful friend you have! 🙂

    • HI RD….yes it looks ok when I publish but is all over the place while i am typing.
      WP have not replied to my mail!!!

  4. well it turned out ok regardless of the jinx in your computer…

    Keep going Granny do not let a jinx stop you from writing

    • I can’t bear it Patrecia…it is driving me crazy…and WordPress have not replied.

  5. Odd about what you’re experiencing . . . the only time stuff seems to do that with me is if I’m in HTML mode instead of Visual.

    I go into HTML mode to single space things, and to re-size photos, but I find that writing first drafts is better in Visual.

    You might check your setting.

    • Thanks NR…went into a new post and made sure I was in visual….still the same.
      I put in my photo and then the cursor jumps above the pic…no matter what I do.

    • What I do is right the post . . . then add the photos where I want them. That might work for you.

      • Although you might want to “write” your posts. 😆

  6. There is NOTHING as frustrating as a computer that likes to do its own thing! I am having the odd problem (very odd!), but they come and go. The fair looks interesting… Have a good week, Gran..

    • Thanks Adee…you too love.

  7. Keep persevering granny, it will probably all sort itself out in the end, although you should have heard from WP by now.
    Love the photos of the seals having a feeding frenzy.

    • Thanks Barb…had to take so many pics to get just a few of the seals…the darn things are so fast.

  8. I love it when you waffle Granny. Keep it up and keep us up to date with your waffling!

    • Hi Judith…I have some great pics today…hope the waffling will emerge as I post.

  9. Granny, the finished product is just fine so, in case you are coming close, don’t take a hammer to your poor little computer.

    The thing I love about the ocean is how I can go to the exact same spot on the beach and nothing is ever the same. Always something new to discover for me.

    Your great photos tell me the same story.

    • That is so good to hear Souldipper…I worry that people will get bored with the same beach all the time.

  10. Try typing your post in MS Word, then copying and pasting into your new post, then adding the photos?

    • Thanks cindy….it worked out very well!

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