Posted by: granny1947 | November 18, 2011

Granny’s Friday Feelings …take two

Hello All.
It is still doing it.
I can’t see where I am typing.
I am hating this.
Every time I press enter the screen moves around.

I have tried using different ways of downloading.
This still happens.
When I look at yesterday’s post it seemed to sort itself out except that the first pic I posted is now second.

Today was a strange days.
Full of angst.
I had no sooner arrived at work and I learned one of my guys was in an accident.
Ok… everything is blue and underlined again.

WordPress…whatever you have done…..
Undo it it.
I really can’t post like this.Nope…I give up…..I am going to bed.
This sucks.

Big time!!!!!



  1. Still not wanting that exorcist tech support?

    • Damn morgue…I just can’t post like this…what the hell is up?
      I have resorted to writing to the support desk.

  2. Wow that’s really odd how WP is acting with you. I agree with Morgueticia – get those tech exorcists to help you!

    What a cliffhanger – is the guy who was in the accident okay??? I don’t like missing out on Granny posts!! 😦

    • Hi RD…I just can’t post this way…have written to support…will now wait for a reply!

  3. Hope the guy that was in the accident is ok. Have you reported your problem to WordPress? Hope it gets resolved soon!

    • I haven’t heard any more Yada…have reprted it…no reply…good thing I can handle rejection!

  4. The whole of Food24 are moving to WP just now, I was excited, now I’m worried.

    • Hi Sue…have they moved?
      Also, why didn’t I get a request for another scrabble game????

  5. I haven’t noticed any changes EXCEPT the button to upload photos and videos has merged.

    Hope you get it sorted out soon!

    We will NOT subtract from your wit and witticisms just because they are BLUE or UNDERLINED. 😉

  6. WordPress is haywire … a bunch of my email subscriptions aren’t coming through *wail*

  7. WordPress had better get their finger out. Maybe this is what they learned when they disappeared for a while a few weeks back….

    But whatever the problem Granny..your words, even jumbled words are always a pleasure to read

  8. Oh dear…

    • Yes Tilly….oh dear,oh dear, oh dear.

  9. At least you are smart enough to not fight it. It works out in the end – though it sure doesn’t look like it at the time, does it?

    The other-colour print links to a larger version of the second photo. It’s a great shot…those roofs tipped with light again as Jasmine walks along saying, “Jeez, I hate it when there’s nothin’ to roll in around here.”

    • Hi Souldipper…one would think you can post without seeing what you are typing but it is NOT easy.

  10. I am also having problems. Struggled at least 10 times to post a link to Sidey’s Weekly Challenge. Each time, it look as if I had completed it. But when I looked it was missing in action… Eventually I used the ‘short link’ and that worked. Have a good week Gran. xxx

    • Hi Adee… have never tried to link and now I won’t!!!!!

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